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Specification ・ Document 1, Name of Invention
Diaphragm for audio equipment
3. Detailed Description of the Invention This invention relates to a diaphragm for acoustic
equipment O Conventional acoustic equipment diaphragms, natural fibers such as pulp 9
Synthetic fibers such as plastic foam, plastic films, etc. The body is formed or formed into any
shape. However, these products have disadvantages such as low specific elastic modulus and low
high-frequency reproduction characteristics, and loss of flatness of frequency characteristics due
to split resonance, resulting in thick distortion. On the other hand, although a metal film is used
as the high-frequency diaphragm, there is a disadvantage that the high-frequency characteristic
is lowered and the efficiency is lowered as the low-frequency diaphragm is heavy because the
density is large. In addition, although a large internal loss is obtained by using a sandpaper
structure in which a metal film is laminated on the surface of a cone paper or a foam, a specific
elastic modulus is small. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An object of the present invention is to
provide a diaphragm for an acoustic device having a low density, a large specific elastic modulus,
and a good flatness of frequency characteristics. The diaphragm for audio equipment of the
present invention is characterized in that it is made of a porous metal molding. That is, when a
metal material is used as it is as a diaphragm for an audio device, its specific elastic modulus is
slightly larger than that of paper, but 1 is too large to be efficient, and thinner makes it smaller in
bending stiffness and smaller in internal loss As a result, steep split resonance occurs and the
flatness of the frequency characteristic is impaired. Therefore, in the present invention, metal is
foamed to form a porous metal molding, which is used as a diaphragm so that it is lightweight,
has a specific modulus of elasticity, has an appropriate loss, and has a bending rigidity EndPage:
1 A large diaphragm for acoustic equipment could be obtained. As a method of expanding the
porous metal, a method of generating a gas by a chemical reaction, a method of mixing a foaming
agent, a method of mixing a foam, a method of sintering, a method of extracting a foam, and the
like can be used. Below, an Example is described. Example 1 Calcium carbonate having an
average particle diameter of 150 μm and nickel powder having a particle diameter of 1100 II
are homogeneously mixed in a volume ratio of 97: 3, and pressed into a cone shape by a high
pressure press. After molding, heat sintering is performed to 700 ° C. in a pressurized state, and
after cooling, it is removed from the mold and heated at 1 ooo ° C. for 30 minutes. After cooling,
the calcium carbonate was decomposed and removed using hydrochloric acid, and heat sintering
was further performed at 1,300 ° C. for 20 minutes in an argon atmosphere to complete a
diaphragm. In the same manner, a plate test was created. Example 2 In the same manner as in
Example 1, a porous body was produced using iron powder of the same particle size.
The sintering temperature in this case was 1500 ° C. Example 3: Kansyl carbonate having an
average particle size of 200 μm and an aluminum alloy powder having a particle size of 100
μm are mixed in a volume ratio of 95: 5, and nitrocellulose is added in a weight ratio of 2 to
perform press forming into a cone shape. Heating was performed to 700 ° C. in argon gas under
pressure. After cooling, calcium carbonate was dissolved in a nitric acid solution to obtain a
porous aluminum diaphragm. The material properties of the porous metal diaphragm thus
produced are shown in the following table. Jim Example 20.189.3x1035.1x107 Example
30.167.8x1034.8x107 Bulq Co y 10.481.5xlO'3.2xlO7 Thus, the low density and the specific
elastic modulus are larger vibrations as compared with the conventional pulp cone. It can be seen
that a board is obtained. Due to the low density, when used in a diaphragm, it is possible to
obtain a large thickness with the same weight, so that the bending rigidity is increased and it is
possible to expand the rigid vibration region. Next, the thickness 1. made according to Example 1
and Example 3. ! A loudspeaker was constituted by a usual method using a diaphragm of 5 m +
and a dome outer diameter of 250 w5, and an acoustic characteristic test was conducted
together with a loudspeaker of a valve cone. The characteristic diagram is shown in the drawing.
The curve a is obtained by using the example 1, the curve is obtained by using the example 3,
and the curve C is obtained by using pulp corn. In addition, since these metal diaphragms have
open cells, plastic film 9 was formed by vacuum forming on the surface of the diaphragm to
eliminate air permeability. Moreover, the thing of Example 2 is the same as that of Example 1p.
た。 As apparent from this characteristic diagram, in the diaphragm of the embodiment, the
change in frequency characteristics due to the divided resonance of the diaphragm is very small,
and the reproduction band is also 10 犬 z or more, which is improved compared to the
conventional valve cone. There is. In addition, although a thing with small density and a large
elastic modulus is suitable for the metal material used for an imaging board, it can produce also
by the porous body which consists of an alloy or several metals. As described above, according to
the present invention, since the porous metal molding is used, it is possible to realize a
diaphragm for an acoustic device having a low density, a large specific elastic modulus, and a
good flatness of frequency characteristics.
4, a simple illustration of the drawing is an acoustic characteristic curve diagram. Attorney
Attorney Miyai EndPage: 2
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