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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing a single continuous
volume combination. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing the relationship between three plates
and an axis.
[Detailed description of the invention] When the sound reproduction equipment system has
amplification sources, speakers, etc. with multiple sources, the variation in the amplitude of each
amplifier, the variation of the speaker's #: 4], the user It is necessary to adjust the balance of 1
well by the @ number position etc. The sliding force with a visual sleeve assistant so that the user
can get one '1' better ability to use this 1i position, using a ・ 6 · -1 device is more effective. Is it
possible to simultaneously cast a post-h8 at the same time? Balance controller is now Rio! It is
not P-ized. The reason for this is that it is difficult to hold the shaft to which the knob of balance
11 d or 2-14-49 O 3 -2- is attached, and this shaft serves as a shaft rotation prevention rod
structure that prevents #i surface rotation around the center line of the rod. It was because I did
not think easily. (US Patent No. 8478 298 1969 Class 338 Snow) 娩 瀉 This device is a slide
volume H, $ 7. A simple arrangement using four single-row slide polys that are available in the H
group to hold the knob and the axis, and the knob (to prevent rotation such that no rotation
occurs. It is a great idea to make it. Now, let's take a look at the example of the present study, as
in the case of H1i'a. The single polyhedron slight horium (]) and (2) are arranged symmetrically
to form a slide polyum. Attach the expansion plate (9) to the rim of (1) Ill + (5) and slide poly (1)
N (6) I こツノ1IJl! A slit (11) is provided on the force face of the central teeth t (5) and (6)
of the wedge 3 plate (9) to allow the knob mounting shaft (14) to be vulcanized. -3-In the same
way, place the stained polyium (8) and (4), and adjust the knob mounting shaft (14) in the same
manner as the Il] K connection plate (9) between each shaft (7) and (8). Attach a connecting plate
(10) with a slit (12) to make it pass through. At this time, as shown in FIG. 2, the slider plate (13),
which moves together with the hook and the knob attachment shaft (14), is moved between the
connection plates (9) and (10). Play in conjunction and play coupled (10) l1 l (? ) And connect to
(8). At the same time, in Fig. 2, the inner wall of the slits (31) and (12) of the two connection
plates (9) and (10) of the moon and the two connection plates (9) and (10) are closed. The shape
is a square or rectangular sew-like prismatic shape, and the shape of the sleeves 1 (11) (12) of
the connection plates (9) (10) is one prismatic i-pin-brick ← (14) The external use of the slit is so
sized and shaped that the inner wall of the slit (11) (12) can be transferred.
The assembly can be performed with the above-mentioned simple configuration, as shown in Fig.
1-4-4, with the knobs attached on the upper, left, upper and lower sides in the drawing-(14) knee
length, knobs attached in the upper and lower directions-! When moving (14), move the knob
mounting shaft (14). Only the distance between the squeezing plate and the squeezing plate (9) is
1 in the upper and lower direction, and 3 (fixed to both ends of the 糺 plate (9) It will move the
signs (5) and (6) of the two car engines (1) and (2) that are t. In addition, when moving 1 # (14)
with ItD, move the grip mounting shaft (14) only when the 1D (14) with ItD is moved, and the
connecting plate (10) will move 5 · l in the left / right direction. ! ! It will move the rod (7) (8) of
the two single leaf porridge (8) (4) which is -I fixed to the both ends of a tie play 4 (10). In this
tag, the knob attachment 1Th (14) can be moved up and down, left and right or in the direction
of -jh, only one bell corresponding to the movement of the knob attachment 11i (14) aL bullet
poly (1) (2) or ( 3) Move the axis (5), (6) or (7), (8) of (4), and after the control of the volume
adjustment of 4 channels, it becomes a half to adjust the balance of left and right. -5- The voice of
this invention is that the slider plate (18) which forms the base of the knob mounting shaft (14)
comprises four volumes (1) (2) and (8) (4) 17 shafts (5) (5) (5) (5) 6) and (7) (8) Hold the
mounting foot (14) by means of a table which is trapped between the two i1 wedge plates (9) and
(10), at the same time In Fig. 2, the knob mounting IQ is made into a prismatic shape by making
the knob mounting shaft into a prismatic shape and the shape dimensions of the slits (11) and
(12) match the shaft (14) To prevent the Therefore, the slide-type four-channel weight balance
adjuster can be manufactured with a simple structure in that the assembly can be performed
with the cherry 柿 t 'described in the present invention.
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