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Specification head, title of invention
Small speaker system
3. Detailed Description of the Invention 5 The present invention relates to a small speaker
system, and the object of the invention is to improve low-frequency reproduction in the case of
being disposed in a sound field space and to obtain a spreading feeling of a sound image. It is
intended to obtain a small speaker system that can Generally, when a small Spy 71 system is
inserted into a bookshelf or the like to install it, the low range can be improved by the baffle
effect, but the low range is reduced due to sound diffraction etc. only by placing it in a sound
field space such as a desk. It will In addition, the sense of expansion of the sound image and the
sense of distance in sound field reproduction are not expected. That is, the biggest problems in
the small speaker system are the reduction of the radiation impedance in the low region and the
reduction of the sound pressure in the low region due to the diffraction of sound. Conventionally,
there have been bass reflex methods, drone cone methods, and the like as methods for improving
these. However, in the case of the bass reflex system, if the size of the box is not quite large, it
will be practical, and in the case of the drone cone system, it is necessary to attach two speakers
(one Tammy) to the front of the box. Then I had to reduce the aperture of the speaker and reduce
the radiation rate. The present invention solves the above-mentioned conventional problems, and
hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 (a) (b)
shows an overall perspective view of a cylindrical or square rectangular speaker box as an
embodiment of the present invention, in which (1) is a speaker box, and the front of this speaker
box (1) The speakers (2a) and (2h) are disposed and mounted on the rear face. FIG. 2 shows a
block diagram of the small speaker system according to the present invention, and in the
diagram EndPage: 1 in (3) is a splitter, and the signal (So) is divided by (Si) and (S2) by this
splitter (3). Separate as in-phase signal. The signal (S2) passes through the gain circuit (4) and
the band limiting filter (5) and is input to the amplifier (6h). The output of this amplifier (6b) is
transmitted to the speaker (2b) of the speaker box (1) of the Qii configuration. The sound wave is
emitted. This radiated high wave travels in the forward direction and backward due to diversion.
FIG. 3 is a characteristic graph of the band limiting filter (5). The other signal (Sl) separated by
the distributor (, ()) is input to the delay circuit (7), and this output signal (S3) is amplified by the
amplifier (6a), and the speaker (2a) is Drive-emits a wave. In addition, the delay circuit (7) in riiJ
works as an adjustment between the diffracted sound of the speaker (2b) and the phase of the
forward radiation & wave (or the listening point) of the speaker (2a) and performs adjustment so
as to strengthen each other. Do.
Since the present invention adopts a configuration such as lAL, ', it is easy to improve low-pass
sound sweat characteristics at the listening point (I), and by the speaker (2b) and the gain circuit
(4) The AR value in the low range can be adjusted, and the distance can be increased, and the
diffracted sound of the spill force (2b) causes the speaker (2a) σ shoulder 像 image to have a
sense of widening that makes a person more human It has an effect. In order to increase the
spread of the sound image in 1) the 11 speakers (2a), if a diffuser (8) is attached in front of the
speakers (2b) as shown in FIG. 4 (i) (ii) The effect goes even further.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 (a) (b) is a general perspective view of a cylindrical,
square prismatic 'speaker box as an embodiment of the present invention, and Fig. 2 is a block
diagram of the small speaker system of the present invention Fig. 8 is a characteristic club
diagram of the band limiting filter used in the present invention, and Fig. 4 (a) is a schematic side
view of the A; S state in which a diffuser is disposed in the speaker box portion of the present
invention (o) Is a general perspective view of a diffuser. 1Speaker Hock 2a 2b Speaker 3 Divider
5 Band Limit Filter S0 S2 Signal Agent Principle 1 Oshima Public 20th EndPage: 2
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