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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a, 1b and 1c are cross-sectional side views
showing a fixed electrode used in a conventional electrostatic transducer, and FIG. 2 is an
electrostatic transducer according to the present invention. Fig. 3a and 3b show the details of the
fixed electrode of Fig. 2; Fig. 3a and Fig. 3b are other embodiments; It is a cross-sectional side
view which shows the fixed pole part based on FIG. 21 и и и Outer case, 22 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и fixed pole , 26 ииииии Electrode plate,
27 иии Insulating support.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an electrostatic transducer particularly suitable for microphones. Conventionally, in a
microphone constituted by an electrostatic transducer, the fixed pole N is formed as shown in
FIGS. 1 (a), (b) and (el) in order to take out the electrode. That is, in the case of (-, the electrode
11 is embedded in the supporting insulator I2 and Contact with & 13 Wt--electrically contacted
by conductive adhesive 14 or the like. In the case of a light source, the company electrode 111 is
solid and integrated with the electrode 111, which is good. Furthermore, in the case of K (e), a
part of the electrode 11M is plate-shaped and the blue electrode plate IJJIKiIA of the fixed
electrode taX is fitted in 4). Here, in any case, the electrode 11.111.111 has its base end at the
center of the lj1 foot poles ZJ, IJZ, IJZ, and its tip IIM is a supporting insulator rim 11.111. It is
projected from 111. In any of the fixed poles IJ, 131 and ZJZ, the one having the electret 114
provided on the back electrode plate 133 is used. Then, such a solid 5P 'pole part extracts the
change of the electrostatic volume of the vibration system due to the interaction with the
diaphragm (bipolarizing pole) not shown in any case as an electric signal from each of the
electrodes Works. However, in either case, the base end of the electrode is located at
the center of the fixed pole, so it is at most 111! It is a disadvantage that the through hole can
not be formed at the center of the (supporting) foot body, and the conversion characteristics are
impaired. Therefore, this invention is made in view of the above point, and the formation of a
through hole at the center 11 of the solid W pole is restricted by the structural separation of the
fixed pole and the electrode. The purpose is to provide a very good transformer-like transducer
which can be eliminated or exposed and which can be converted to a ceramic material. The
general purpose of one embodiment of this invention is as follows with reference to the
drawings. @ 3? Light up. That is, a cylindrical outer case 21 whose both ends are opened in FIG.
2 is provided, and a fixed electrode portion 22 described later is disposed at the lower portion of
the outer case 21 in the figure, and A driving pole (root moving plate) 24 is disposed between the
upper end face and the spacer 23. Here, in the fixed pole 11BjJ, as in the case of copper 3 (a), (b>
99), the central back end i is a disk-shaped back electrode plate 252? 5.1. и And inward from the
fixed pole 25 formed by combining the fixed pole 25 with the electret 251 and the 11-shaped
portion 261 in contact with the peripheral edge of the back pole plate 252 of the fixed pole 25
and then bent in the central axis direction The electrode plate 26 having the projecting electrode
262, the fixed electrode 25 and the electrode plate 26 are supported on the upper portion of the
electrode plate 26 so that the electrode 262 tip ?? ? of the electrode plate 26 is penetrated
and has a small hole at the bottom to be substantially hollow And the insulating support 27
formed in FIG.
As a matter of fact, the electrostatic transducer of 1 ichon, such as -1, which has been
constructed as described above is the most 1g! Since the through hole 251 is formed at the
central portion of the fixed electrode 25 which becomes the above, it is possible to improve the
conversion characteristics as much as possible as compared with the conventional one in which
the entire through hole can not be formed at the central portion. It becomes. In this case, the
reason why the entire through hole 251 can be formed at the center 4 of the fixed electrode 25
is that the fixed electrode 25 and the electrode 2-2 are separated from the tube structurally. The
reason why the fixed pole 25 and the electrode 262 can be structurally separated in this manner
is that the ring 1! By the interposition of the electrode plate 26. Since the II-shaped electrode
plate 26 is provided with the electrode 262t formed in an extended manner along a path
avoiding the vicinity of the center of the fixed electrode 25, the electrode plate 26 is also
transparent to the central portion of the fixed electrode 16. Holes 251 can be formed. The
present invention is not limited only to the above-mentioned examples, but, for example, as
shown in FIG. 4 and FIG. 5, hollow insulating support 271t or 272 :)) + II-1 wall The fixed pole
portion 221 is structured such that the one fixed pole 25 and the electrode j 117 or 291 are
structurally separated in practice by depositing the conductor 2 a along the line or by integrally
molding the conductor 29. Gold may be formed, each deformation without departing from the
scope of this invention! ?? Of course it can be given. Therefore, as detailed above, this device!
According to the method, structural separation of the fixed electrode and the electrode (by the
formation of the entire through hole at the center of the direction electrode by the As a result, it
is possible to provide an electrostatic squeeze) acoustic transducer which can be improved,
simplified in construction, and easily assembled.
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