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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
a capacitor pick amplifier according to the present invention. 11
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electrode Record needle, 18 и и и и и и и и и и и Dan и also
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention relates to the Hundenser bincan
anoop provided on the cartridge. The cartridge contained in the record flare is to convert the
sound and groove of the sound groove of the recording board into an electrical signal, and is
required to be lightweight in order to improve its fidelity. [29] As a result, the parts used for the
cartridge are also miniaturized so that they can be reduced in size from 1 to 32 and 724 are also
used as lightweight materials. Among such cartridges, there are various mechanical-electrical
rendition types, among which there is a condenser type pickup. This capacitor type pickup is
generally used as a control signal of the capacitance between the two electrodes of the capacitor
as a control signal of the coarse oscillation FMC and [7, which detects this modulation output and
extracts it as an audio signal. is there. By the way, the capacitance change line between the two
poles of the capacitor, the capacitor is provided on the bottom of the cantilever, and the
capacitor's movable '@, the pole is attached to this cantilever, and the recording sound groove is
attached to the tip of the cantilever. It is beaten by attaching a record needle to trace. As
described above, while the pickup has a very important role in the mechanical-electrical part, it is
required to reduce the weight and simplify the structure to obtain the fidelity of seven. Moreover,
in this case, in the town moving electrode unit 1 voice in which the imaging movement of the
cantilever is transmitted, a book having a structure capable of easily obtaining a capacitor
capacity suitable for the cartridge design is nitrided. This page draft was made to address the
circumstances of + Le ', and it is intended to provide a Condenser-Binoq-Anog that is easy to pull
and obtain a performance port. Ru. An embodiment of the present invention will be deprinted in
detail with reference to the river. As shown in the table of the present invention, the contender
BIC 7 soso, as shown on the surface, the movable at the force V in the direction of the end of the
canna reva 1 main body 11) is a pole 13.14f-?(4) A cedar bowl is used as a condenser portion
12. p @ r power Tereno и one main body note 1 aluminum, beryllium noon-4 'genus ? pipe
down, pruning A piro L @ field 1 ,? , 14 is piped or cut and I (-abraded. After a while,
@@@@@@@@@@@ 13.14, the pressure spreads the examination, and it's used up. And, said
movable weir 1 and? , 14 are respectively opposed to each other L2, and the charge removing
electrode 15.16 or the fixed portion in the cartridge 5 is inserted.
A record needle 17 for tracing a record sound groove is fixed at the tip of the cantilever 1 which
is fixed. A suitable position 19 between the portion of the record needle 17 and the front one
capacitor portion 12 is supported by the tamper 18. The capacitor-pink-up process of the present
invention configured as described above achieves transmission of the vibration of the record
needle 17 to the capacitor unit 12 with a simple configuration and efficiently moves mechanical
signals efficiently. It can be transmitted to the electrode. Further, since the movable electrode
13.14n and the pipe are cut and rolled, the area is increased by an intermediate portion so that
the capacitor capacity can be increased, which is effective for obtaining accurate mechanicalelectrical conversion. Since the pivoting chambers fklJ and l4 are rolled, they are hardened,
making it unnecessary to generate unnecessary image movement due to the toughness and
resonance. Since the casing is formed by extending the movable all over the ground, the original
pipe, which is lighter in size and smaller in size than in the prior art, also facilitates capacity
design of the capacitor section. With the above effects, the performance can be improved by I + 1
+ C #. As described above, the present invention is easy to design and can scavenge condenser
pickups to obtain improved performance.
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