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Description 1, title of the invention
How to use a piezoelectric body
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of using a
transmitting or receiving device made of a piezoelectric material, but since transmission and
receiving are in a reversible relationship, only the transmission will be described. Do.
Conventionally, the electrode 2 of the piezoelectric body 1 subjected to polarization processing
has been reached. However, the remanent polarization of the piezoelectric material is often not
sufficient. For this reason, there is also a piezoelectric material having a fatal defect that it is
impossible to obtain a highly sensitive transmission or tool. In order to clarify the difference
between the conventional method and the present invention, the operation principle of the
piezoelectric body is shown in FIG. Changes in size due to mechanical strain. The relationship is
known as taking the change equation on the vertical axis. -Conventionally, the remnant
polarization, in which the piezoelectric material is exposed to an electric field to complete the
polarization treatment and the external electric field becomes zero (w = o), is sufficiently low
depending on the breakdown voltage depending on the type of the piezoelectric material. It
should be applied to the near place [Reference: Toyoki Kitayama 1 ECTRON-t CCERAMIC 81972,
VOL3. It is very difficult to produce industrially for NO7P61,663. The present invention provides
the results of studies in this regard. The gist of the present invention is that in the case of a
piezoelectric body having remanent polarization, (mechanical displacement dfl) / (electrical
EndPage: 1 displacement de) is larger than the point at which the bias electric field E is zero. As
shown in FIG. 1, the method of applying the bias electric field is a well-known substance (one
which does not cause remanent polarization or which does not generate residual polarization and
the residual degree thereof is small) Electrodes 2 and 2 'are provided on both sides of the object
1 to be polarized, and an electric field E is applied between its terminals, and a signal of 10,000
yen is applied through the capacitor C. According to the present invention, even in the case
where polarization processing can not be performed sufficiently due to various conditions of the
piezoelectric body, the effect can be achieved by applying the bias electric field B = e suitable for
the piezoelectric body. And industrial (which is worth it.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 shows a state in which a bias electric field is applied to
a substance having no remanent polarization. C is a capacitor, E is a bias power supply 2, 2 'is an
electrode 1 is a polarizable substance. is there. FIG. 2 shows a state in which the electrodes 2, 2
′ ′ are provided on both sides of the piezoelectric substance 1 having remanent polarization
from the electric signal generator SG. FIG. 3 shows the operation principle of the piezoelectric
body, the vertical axis indicates mechanical displacement S, the horizontal axis indicates a
polarization electric field (bias electric field E), e indicates the appropriate electric field of the
present invention, and EO indicates an electric signal. Mg indicates the corresponding mechanical
displacement. Patent applicant 莫 1 ge 2 EndPage: 2
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