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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
loudspeaker according to the present invention, FIG. 2 shows a frequency characteristic diagram,
6 is a voice coil, 8 is a diaphragm, 9 is a through hole, and 10 is an elastic body. is there·.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
improved from a sharp resonance bee in a high range by a split co-image of a loudspeaker
diaphragm. Generally speaking, the top of the speaker convective plate is driven by the sound
coil of the voice coil so that it is driven at low frequency and the diaphragm vibrates at low
frequency and the entire surface vibrates integrally, but high As the frequency is reached, both Ii
characteristics are not shown, and all the songs are not vibrated as a unit, and a part of the
bending motion is caused (1)! In fact, as shown by the broken line in FIG. 2, sharp resonance bees
are generated in the high range, which adversely affects the sound quality. In order to remove
the resonance bees, conventionally, an elastic material is attached to the outer edge of the
peristaltic plate, a dumping agent is used, or a dumpling is fixed to the inside of the voice coil. In
all of the methods described above, there was a performance drawback that jXiIK of the vibration
柚 increased and the sound pressure level decreased. The present invention seeks to provide a
loudspeaker which ameliorates these drawbacks and eliminates sharp resonance peaks in the
harmonic range. The illustrated embodiment will be described in detail below. In FIG. 1, ■
indicates the yoke of the speaker, (2) indicates the center ball integrated with the yoke, (g) a
magnet, f41 ij plate, 俤) a frame fixed to this plate, (6) indicates A voice coil (0) is a spyter that
supports the voice coil to prevent sideways shake, (2) is a diaphragm fixed to the top of the voice
coil, and a rib is a rib (2) of the diaphragm. A through hole partially provided concentrically on
the bond between the repellent coil and the diaphragm, (2) an elastic body provided to close the
through hole, aIFi dustproof It is a cap. The elastic body (2) is formed of a material having high
compliance (for example, #i composition rubber). When the speaker configured in this manner is
operated, the entire diaphragm vibrates integrally in the low frequency range as in the prior art.
When the frequency is increased, bending motion is attempted to occur in part of the diaphragm
# 'i, but bending is caused by the mechanical loss of the elastic shaft provided in the through hole
e) of the diaphragm ω). The movement is suppressed, and as shown by the solid line in FIG. 2, it
is possible to remove the resonant bees in the high range by the split resonance. As described
above, according to the present invention, the diaphragm is partially provided with a through
hole, and the through hole is closed with an elastic body having high compliance fc, so that the
co-bee in the conventional high-pitch range is removed. Also, since there is no increase in the
diaphragm mass, it is possible to obtain an efficient speaker.
(3) 吃 "-r 断 1-1 In the above embodiment, although the through hole Q is provided on the
concentric circle of the diaphragm (8), the desired purpose can be achieved without providing
the concentric circle. Can.
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