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Description 1, title of the invention
Acoustic vibrator and method of manufacturing the same
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
vibrator such as a speaker, a diaphragm for a microphone, a cantilever in a pickup cartridge, and
a method of manufacturing the same. Conventionally, aluminum and titanium have been used as
materials used as such an electroacoustic transducer diaphragm. However, although these
materials are excellent in processability and the density ? is relatively small at 2.69 and 454,
respectively, it is difficult to produce a high-performance diaphragm t- because the yan type car
is not sufficient. On the other hand, materials that have high Young's weight and small density ?,
in other words beryllium and boron as materials with large specific elastic modulus E / ?, and
1C should use these materials when a high-performance diaphragm is required Among these,
beryllium has toxic gold and has the risk of causing beryllium failure during production,
requiring high cost for preventing equipment costs, and the processability is poor and the
product cost is high. there were. In addition, boro / friable materials have low mechanical
strength and poor processability, and it is difficult to obtain a large amount of high purity
material. The present invention has been made in view of the point of view, and in the place
where the purpose is to increase the specific elastic modulus, the high frequency characteristic of
the high frequency band is excellent, and the transient property is good, and the internal loss
Provides an acoustic vibrator capable of providing a large and flat frequency characteristic, low
in material cost, and low in equipment cost such as equipment, and providing an inexpensive
product, and a method of manufacturing the same. is there. Next, the manufacturing method of
the present invention will be described. FIG. 1.2 is a view showing a dome-shaped diaphragm and
a cylindrical cantilever B + 2) manufacturing apparatus. The first condition is that the furnace 1
withstands high temperatures, but it is optimally formed of alumina or the like having thermal
conductivity. Reference numeral 2 denotes a heater for heating which is wound around the
furnace 1, and 3.4 denotes a gas inlet and a gas outlet provided in the furnace 1, respectively. 5
is a part frame installed in the furnace 1, this formwork! I is formed of a heat-resistant material
such as graphite or elemental. In the embodiment of FIG. 1, it has a hemispherical shape to form
a dome diaphragm, and in the embodiment of FIG. 2, a cylindrical cantilever B is formed. In order
to do this, it has a cylindrical shape, but the point is that it has a desired shape according to the
vibrating body, B. Reference numeral 6 denotes a support for supporting the heddle frame 5.
Next, the manufacturing method will be described. First, the inside of the furnace 1 is evacuated
to remove oxygen and water adversely affecting carbon deposition, and then the inert gas such
as argon is purged from the gas introduction port 3. After the pressure exceeds the outside
pressure, the gas outlet 4t is opened and heating is started by the heater 2.
After the temperature in the furnace 1 reaches 1150 ░ C. to 1250 ░ C., gas phase
hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane, propane and acetylene are mixed into an inert gas such
as argon and the like. The mixed gas is fed so that the flow rate of the mixed gas is 2oom / min
or more. EndPage: 2 As a result, hydrocarbons in the mixed gas are thermally decomposed, and a
carbon layer is deposited on the surface of the mold 5. Then, after the thickness of the carbon
layer reaches a predetermined thickness, the introduction of hydrocarbon is stopped. Then, it is
peeled off from the carbon layer deposited on the surface of the mold 50 after the furnace 1 is
cooled, that is, from the diaphragm or cantilever Bt-m frame 5. In the above, if tantalum or an
alloy containing tantalum as a main component is used as the material of the form 5, the thermal
expansion coefficient of the form 5 made of the tantalum and the deposited carbon layer
(diaphragm, cantilever B) is large. The carbon layer can be exfoliated from the mold 5 because of
the difference and the small adhesion strength between the tantalum and the carbon layer. And,
because the flow velocity of the mixed gas is high, the 0 axis of the graphite crystal is oriented
perpendicularly to the foil surface in the diaphragm and cantilever B thus obtained, and therefore
the density jE /) is approximately 2.0-11 g / cm. ', Young's modulus is 160009 / ssi +' or more. In
addition, a graphite crystal is obtained by heat-treating the diaphragm or cantilever B obtained
above at a temperature not exceeding 2000t :: at which the graphite is not melted, for example,
2400 to 270 (l in inert gas for about 3 to 60 minutes). The C axis of is further oriented in a
straight line to the foil surface, so that the Young's modulus is 20000 / w 'or more, and a further
excellent one is obtained. As described above, according to the present invention, the graphite of
the vibrating body by the carbon layer obtained by introducing a mixed gas of gaseous hydrogen
peroxide and an inert gas or hydrogen gas at a flow rate of K 200 on / min or more in the
heating furnace. Since the 0 axis of the crystal is oriented perpendicularly to the foil surface, the
Young's modulus is 61/1/2 or more at 16000. Therefore, if the elements of the conventional
vibrator and shape, magnetic circuit etc. are made the same, the conventional vibrator Further,
the highest resonance frequency is increased, and the internal loss is also increased, so that it is
possible to reproduce flat frequency characteristics.
4 is a simplified illustration of the acoustic vibrator and its manufacturing method according to
the present invention, FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a dome-shaped
diaphragm manufacturing apparatus, FIG. 2 is an example of a cantilever manufacturing
apparatus It is sectional drawing which shows. 1 ...... furnace 2 ...... heater 3 ...... gas inlet 4 ...... gas
outlet 5 ииииии formwork 6 ....? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Cantilever Patent Applicant Pioneer Corporation ?
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