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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
diaphragm. Conventionally, in order to form a diaphragm for a speaker, beads formed of
synthetic resin foamable materials such as polystyrene and polyethylene are prefoamed, and
then the beads are put in a mold or the like and refoamed, and then heat molded into eight.
There were those formed in the desired shape. The conventional diaphragm obtained by this
method is weak in mechanical strength because it is formed only by heating and molding a single
foamable synthetic resin as described above, and the piston motion region during vibration is
also obtained. However, there is a drawback that the division vibration is quick. The present
invention has been made in view of the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the object of the
present invention is to impregnate an adhesive into beads formed of synthetic resin foamable
material and prefoamed, thereby enhancing mechanical strength, In addition, it is possible to
increase the internal loss and to provide a diaphragm for a speaker that can effectively exhibit
the vibration function because the divided vibration can be slow and slow. The present invention
is characterized in that a heath formed of a synthetic resin foamable material is impregnated with
an adhesive, and then the kneading beads are put in a mold or the like to be re-foamed and heatmolded EndPage: 1. In the following, referring to one embodiment, beads made of synthetic resin
foamable material such as polyethylene, polystyrene and the like are prefoamed in a reaction
kettle, and then the beads are combined with an adhesive in a vacuum chamber. The beads are
gradually impregnated from the inside of the vacuum chamber by placing the beads in the
vacuum chamber and putting in the mold and pumping high pressure steam. The speaker
diaphragm is characterized in that it is pre-foamed and heat-molded. Also, the diaphragm
obtained as described above can be used to prevent it from becoming difficult to peel off due to
the effect of the adhesive when removing the diaphragm from the mold, such as vinyl acetate,
polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylic resin, etc. Water- and adhesive-impregnated impregnated beads are
placed in the mold before the mold is wetted with water, and then the non-impregnated nonimpregnated beads are applied to the inner surface of the mold and the adhesive is impregnated.
The diaphragm can be easily removed from the mold by refoaming and heat molding so that the
beads are encased in the non-impregnated beads. In one embodiment of the present invention, a
synthetic resin foamable material (formed and prefoamed) having the constitution as described
above is impregnated with an adhesive, and then placed in a mold for refoaming. Since the
diaphragm is obtained by heating and molding as well, the adhesive strengthens the bonds
between the beads formed on the synthetic resin foamable material in general, and in general
compared with conventional products of this kind. There is an effect such as corrosion, and
further, the internal loss is large, so that the vibration can be divided slowly, slowly and slowly.
Patent Applicant Pioneer Corporation EndPage: 2
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