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Specification 1 name of the invention 2, load jff request specialization to the company tM
microphone t and at least two each have at least two elbows to the source to make the space
astounding and rearrange , Cough stone microphone /, 1: A pinaural signal recording device that
simulates the output of the pino combined to obtain a pinaural signal. 3 111 Detailed Description
of the Invention The present invention relates to a pinaural signal recording apparatus, a
microphone having a directivity kn-2 and a microphone 2 that is largely pressed to the right, and
the direction of the sound source is different from that of the sound source. Output output? ! -By
combining and making binaural bias concentrated acid, directivity characteristics result on nondirectional microphone inter-digital four and co-workers can be used as a consistent pinaural
against all frequencies of audio castle The purpose is to provide a recording device that can
obtain a bribe. Conventionally, as a method of recording the entire pinaural mark, as shown in
FIG. 1 or FIG. 2, pressure is applied from the microphones 2a and 2biC viewed from the dummy
head 1 with pinna or the dummy head 1 'without pinna. The signal of the stone, the number H, or
the ascension of the right ear of the eyebrow as shown in FIG. , I was scolded. Here, these
microphones are generally non-porous same-condenser condenser microphones, but are not
lighted at frequencies at the lamp and are not #Circle, for example, as shown in FIG. V: L
substantially non-singularity but with one frequency e (curved ■), if the finger (several 註 and 註
is remarkable, the frequency of the audio band 11 ?: elbow has large unevenness. Because of this,
even if the signal obtained by the pinoural signal recording unit of these conquerors equipped
with four microphones is not straight out, it can not be said that the ball tQ is not in the field, and
there is little sense of presence, In addition, the point of 8N ratio was bad. Although it is
conceivable to reduce the diameter of the diaphragm of the microphone EndPage: 1 in order to
make it close to the fingerless circulation vc, 10,000, this K is limited due to the deterioration of
the SN ratio. The present invention is a modification of the above-mentioned entry point, and will
be described with reference to FIG. FIG. 5 is a practical example W of the pinaural signal
recording apparatus according to the present invention, a diagram (now of the part of the right
ear). In the same figure, if you place a large angle between the right and left ears of the dummy
bed and the microphone direction 3a to 3ex sound source direction (between arrows) in the right
ear of the dummy bed, it will be approximately that. Between the base cap → existing ones, poke
between the fingers and settle, and make a combination as needed with this micro phone 3a to
3e, and make a reconnaissance and take out V. If you can buy a husband or wife, you can talk
between notes, notes B, and F.
Therefore, according to the device of the present invention, the frequency of the weight of the
conventional method is lower than that of the conventional method, and the company does not
become particularly large. It is difficult to scrape a lot of microphones in the dummy head as
shown in FIG. In the work 9 shown in FIG. 6, a large 2d single-finger, micro-micro phone 6a, 6b
and 6c, 6d, and a large scale sound W and W at a portion of the clogged ear of the dummy head
5. ) And the reaction between it and iron. In this way, as shown in the south turn 1st 7th failure v
9p <coarsely made to the microphones 6a and 6b '(6c and 6d) that have been recolored, the
response of the large microphones makes up o 0 The pattern t, and the pattern of the note
between the two fingers are busy. The signals LF, LB and uF, kLB from the microphones 6a, 6b
and 6c, 6d (rll <It's an output Kerr? a。 7b and 7c, 7d are given out as 4 channels / one bowl.
This work 9 was taken out G G 16 way LF. Lk? RBtB'Fvl headphones (not shown) or
loudspeakers are produced via glossets + ik. These 16 way LF, LB and RF. It is obvious that the Le
Bi large set is the 9th and the 9th with a nearly fingerless microphone for all frequencies as is
apparent. ! No. 1 and the central buyer. Also, microbots 6a, 6b and 6c, 6d or more? People
together, both swords, forceps 8a, 8b and 9 out, 2 channel signal, can be obtained in 0 1 1? % As
shown in Figure 8, dummy head? Do not use rate-cycling microphones 6a, 6b and 6c, 6d? + 1Even if it is possible to correct the color between the large scale f and the large scale 7 and the rL
and the anti-river space between the large scale worry d scale of the large scale 5 H and I? ! I can
make a bond. FIG. 9 is a schematic view of another embodiment of the device of the present
invention. There are 2 and 2 early, 1-pointing 1 microphone 6a. 6C6 · A portion of the ear of the
stone of the godhamma head 5 is iron layer only at an angle θ with respect to the sound source
direction, early-m same music microphone 6b, 6d 框 ear of the stone, 0 part廿 諒 10,000 Ip]
Oppositely to 3 if the angle ψ ら “ら * * * * * J * Jn. These microphones 6a to 6dJ Niji No. 1g
are shown in Fig. 6 (Fig. C and Fig. 9). The angle between two micro a, 6 b or 6 C, 6 d
corresponding to 0, one ear can be beaten is 1,2 1800, but even if the angle θ, the angle is
shifted by 実, In a cage that does not cause uneven spots, C is a j-l-place 0 father, and in FIG. 10
unshown y ++ <, without using a dummy overlay, a flat-18 identical 11 microphone 6a.
6b and 6c, 6 di 9 メ ロ メ ロ 角度 c 覗 覗 覗 覗 覗 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5> 5 τ 1 same as above. Figure
11 (AI, (131 to the history of the original Myominao Nao (C and other fruits grlz bad k71 <'ro in
the figure, 9a, 9b + Yu M (early q- mixed with Mitdof Mike, Lii + Sieko microphone, a dummy
head 5 'of the pinnacle of the head of the hill stone' 'part of the hill stone' s same as · · · c c and
scrap. 10a, 106 are both 34i, which are called S (width-id) microphones, and are not
microphones, and are shifted by 90 ° in the direction of V in the direction of V in the five ears of
the dummy head 5 '. It is a scrap of iron scraps. The microphones 9a and 1Oa (9b and 10b) and t
姐 9-t) arranged in this way are circularly circulating in jr and rutJ <number gltg2 in the broken
line in FIG. t ・ A pattern to be collected? Indicated, 7 煕 finger pattern of the same sex.
Microphone 9B, 10a, j: と and V)-The output signal is supplied to the matrix circuit 113, which is
a differential □ transformer, and the EndPage: 2 is supplied to the matrix circuit 113, where the
sum signal M + 8 and the signal MS are transmitted. I am not a member of the Quadieu Funitsk t
/) 1i-rfLF. LB becomes LB, and is taken out to the output terminal 12a, 121) in the same way,
micro- / 91), 10t) is converted to 1g- 14F, j% B by 2g in matrix quotient 11b. The number n1 of
the output terminals 12c and 12d is n. These 4 channels @ LII ", L, B and 1 o) LB 會 會 斤 の の12; From the evil, · moon only q eyes め elbow around the eye 6 eyes: 'm 1-] triC microphone and
9 out 1r mosquitoes and central chicken jingji' C have 0 , In FIG. 11, both 4F '+ 10] 1 o micro
hono 10a. 10b2 rate 悄 When it is set as (j (Tel 'vi + 8-; Ms) in the common microphone, signals
from the pains 13a and 13b can be used to signal v2 as a two-channel signal of ▪. Father, in Fig.
11, early-inter-finger 1 · king micro-ho / 9a. 9b and meat circulation injection microphones 10a,
10bkHmJ times for JI! ll 'J f 鵬 鵬 し て し て d d d d d 1 1 1 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H
H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H. Furthermore, a microphone 9a as shown in FIG.
9b, 10a, 10υr Attached to a dummy head without pinna can also obtain the same Q16 as above,
and Fig. 13 ボ 叩 グ グ グ ミ ー ノ N N N マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン microphone 、 10di
)--9b, 4-0: 2 (d11 in the bottom of t ,,!
口 汲 τ 艷 艷 d d net 1 day] 1 L straight 土 土 と 謙 謙 謙)) 7) i 〇 A A 上 上 上 三 三 3 Mure + l (I
チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ チ ャOn the left '' l / jj in the IV 定 定 定
g い く つ い く つ 5 5 5 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 そ そ 7 7 グ 多 Y イ y 侶 侶 y use Even
though, 【(8. One upper part Shiba, this Shiro Ming, 7 pino pinaural (D 収録 表 直 、 + j, 給 力 司
5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 f f fallophone? At any rate of 2 'each in 14 lessons,
if any one priest is large-' = A, and hold on to one self, and come out of this one Ecrophone? Each
group 1) Sugapanorauru signal turn 4I 1 or as the one, original 1 village fishing, · ζi one single
edge 1 river injection micro inno r / T1. It is the same as the one placed in every one and the
same place, and the circulation property is considered to be any one in the same way. If it is the
same as the special one of the central purchase point 'S city injection microphone, and can obtain
an even number of elbows at every same i number of the audio fireflies, the conventional gLI is
the same. As compared with the case of the stool rice case, the circulation note sometimes
becomes extremely large with respect to the frequency of the quadruple cargo foot of the device
using only the discharge microphone. Shino: 11 瓢 丹 會 侍 で き 又 又 例 え ば チ チ チ チ チ チ
ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ばFurthermore, by
arranging the angle with respect to 21 iron-layered microphones J) juice wvC appropriately, it is
possible to make some finger iolability properly? It is possible to obtain a unique bite number,
and it is possible to beat the unique Paynople No.16.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to 5 g 3 schematic view of the valley V 0 of the
binaural No. 7 recording device according to the United States of America, and FIG. 4 is a
schematic view of the microphones of the device shown in FIG. Fig. 5 is a diagram for explaining
the principle of the bi-full signal recording apparatus according to the present invention, Fig. 6 is
a schematic view of one example of a pay-all signal recording apparatus according to the present
invention, Fig. 7 is Fig. 6 Between the finger of the microphone of the device, the characteristics
of the inter-finger characteristics of the microphone of the 8th 因 At At At 回 At 概略 個 回 回 回
回 回 回 12 ぼ ぼ ぼ 12グ ロ 丁 グ ロ 74 ホ ン の 直 同 第 第 第, 本 第 第 鉄 鉄 鉄 鉄 め る め る
め る め る め る め る め る 13) 13 13 13 13 13 丁 74 74 グ ロ グ ロ グ ロ 74 ホ ン ホ ン ホ ン
ホ ホ ホ 第 第 第 第 13 13 鉄 鉄 鉄 概略 め る. 3a to 3e, 6a to 6d, 9a, 9b @ * s single-finger spout
microho / a, 4b, lla, llb * · [stock] matrix circuit, 5.5 '-· · dummy head, 7a to 7d, 8a, 8b, 12a to
12d, 13a, 13b · · · fist output forceps, 10a, 10b · · · ◆ 両 both dimensions · 1 king microphone. Ff
Applicants Nichi-no-Bicta one-committee-resident, 1, agent 升 buried ito Tadahiko]
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