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Description 1, title of the invention
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a speaker. The speaker of the conventional device is to obtain a sound wave by obtaining
vibration of air by driving a diaphragm formed of two sheets or the like with an electromagnetic
force. At this time, the compressional waves of air generated on the @ surface of the diaphragm
and the compressional waves generated on the long surface of the diaphragm are different in
phase by 1180 °. The sound tends to disappear, especially in the bass. For this reason, even if
the speaker itself generates low tones enough, the human ear lacks low tones. Therefore, it is
called a baffle board, and a hole of diaphragm diameter is provided in a large area and thick
wooden board etc. Attach the speaker to the inside S by attaching a hole on the diameter of the
moving plate in a box of large thickness and also making a cover box with a diameter of box, also
called a closed box. The bass characteristic is improved by avoiding this interference by
preventing the outside of the In other words, with the speaker alone it is not possible to fully
exhibit the low-pitch characteristics possessed by oneself. It has the disadvantage of requiring
several auxiliary devices and therefore occupies several times the space of the loudspeaker. It is
similar to a trumpet that a diaphragm vibrates and utters analogy to an instrument as a sounding
body now. The trumpet is strong enough in the low-pitched instrument itself and is strong in
directionality, and the low-pitched one on the second side is similar to the above-mentioned cone
type speaker. However, there is no directivity in the instruments, violins, basses, guitars, etc., and
EndPage: 1 sounds well to the bass at any position in the room where you are playing. This is
because the back and front vibrate at the same time in the opposite direction because of the
resonance of the case 9 the phase of the compressional wave of the air generated is the same
phase. For this reason, there is no attenuation due to the interference even on the side. The
present invention has been made focusing on this point. The drawings will be described below. In
FIG. 1, the diaphragm (1) on the two front sides has a voice coil (2), and the a @ diaphragm (3)
has a voice coil (4). Both voice coils are connected in series and connected in such a way that
they are directed in a direction such that they move in opposite directions with the magnetic field
Φ formed by the magnet arrangement (5). Thus, when the voice-signal is pushed out, for
example, the front diaphragm (1), the moving directions of the voice coils (3) and (4) are opposite
to each other, so the back 111 m moving plate (3) is also out Move. When you move outward at
the same time. Outside air is introduced through the support device (6) from the air inflow hole
(7) provided on the bottom plate so that the air in the space surrounded by both diaphragms
causes a pressure drop and the movement of both diaphragms does not cause total braking. Ru.
In the other embodiment shown in FIG. To explain the operation, the voice coil (2) placed in the
magnet device (5) vibrates the front diaphragm (1), and the voice coil (4) placed in the magnet
device (5) I Causes the front diaphragm (3) to vibrate. The directions of movement of the voice
coil and the magnet arrangement are carried by the same signal so as to move both out
simultaneously or in a circle. The magnet device is supported by the support device (6), and the
air inflow hole (7) moves so that air does not enter and exit from the outside to restrict the
movement of the front and back diaphragms. According to the present invention, according to
the present invention, the 811 side wave emitted from the surface diaphragm is in phase with
that of the long side, so 1 both do not interfere with each other and cancel each other. The
speaker alone can provide good bass characteristics, and the occupied space can be made
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a route diagram showing a cross section of one
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a route diagram showing a cross section of
another embodiment. In the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the same or
equivalent parts, (11: Table * + peristaltic plate, (2) voice coil, (3) rear diaphragm, (4) voice coil .
(5) (5) 'is a magnet apparatus, (6) is a support apparatus, (7) is an air inflow hole. Agent Shinno(1 other) 1st '1:',? EndPage in the second two: 2
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