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Specification 1, title of the invention speaker and manufacturing method 1 thereof, when plastic
deformation of a sheet of metal or polymer material is carried out, the expansion ratio near the
central part is made smaller than the expansion ratio of the peripheral part 5 A voice coil is
provided at the center of the diaphragm, and the voice coil is used. The spin force that is located
in the magnetic gap. 2.-Patent application using a diaphragm in which one or both of the edge
portion and the gap portion of the dia 7 ram is integrally formed with the cone portion. The
speaker according to claim 1. 3 The central part is convex and the peripheral part is ring-shaped.
A sheet of metal or high strength fl is pressed with a fluid pressure into a concave mold to form a
diaphragm by removing unnecessary portions of the outer peripheral part, 5 and a voice coil is
made to the diaphragm. A method of manufacturing a loudspeaker, comprising: attaching the
diaphragm so that the voice coil is located in the field portion (attachment).
2, the scope of claims
Detailed Description of the Invention 5 The present invention relates to a speaker for sound
reproduction. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an example of a conventional speaker (only the
left half is shown). In the figure, 1 is a center ball, 2 is a yoke blade, 3 is a magnet, and 4 is a top
play 1. Configure ??? ????????????????? It is a magnetic gap between rate
4. ??????? 6 is attached on top play 1 and 4 and is a die. Fram 8C) The outer peripheral
portion of the edge portion 13 provided on the outer periphery is pressed with an edge 7 and a
frame 6. A bobbin 10 is attached to the center of the diaphragm 8, and the voice coil 9 may not
be wound around the bobbin 10. The bobbin 10 is held by the spider 11 so that the voice coil 9
is positioned in the magnetic gear knob 5. In addition, a cap 12 is provided at a central portion
0EndPage: 1 of the diaphragm 8 and a magnetic gear. It prevents the invasion of rubbish into tub
5. In the above speaker, the diaphragm. For example, aluminum, duralumin, chita. When it is
manufactured from a sheet of polymeric material such as '4 (D metal sheet) or ut' ester, phenol 5,
etc., the material is very thin, and the precision of male and female molds is obtained. Since it is
not easy to fit or mold, a method of using a fluid (air, etc.) and pressing a sheet to one of the
molds by positive or negative pressure of the fluid is used. FIG. 2 is an example of the method
described above. In the picture. The seal is held between the upper mold 14 and the lower mold
15. Although the gauze 16 is initially at the position of the broken line 17, when the high
pressure fluid flows into the hole 18 and the fluid from the small hole 19 between the sheet
1615 and the upper mold 14 flows, the sheet 16 is pressed against the upper mold 14. ,
Plastically deformed to 20. At this time, in the portion where the distance from the first position
shown by the broken line 17 to the upper mold 14 is long, the displacement amount of the sheet
in that portion becomes large and the expansion rate 0 becomes large. As a matter of course, the
thickness of the portion where the sheet expansion ratio is high is small. FIG. 3 shows the outer
peripheral portion after molding as described above. Diaphragm made by punching out the
unnecessary part of the inner circumference and. Although it is a cross-sectional view of (cone
portion only), the thickness d2 of the central portion is small and the thickness d1 'of the
peripheral portion is large due to the above reason 5. The diaphragm of the speaker has a neck
(center). In the part where the bobbin is attached, the stress is the largest, so if the neck is thin,
the strength may be insufficient and buckling may occur.
In addition, the resonance in the high range of the playback range of the speaker is. It is decided
by the so-called "stiffness of wearing". If the neck is thin, the above-mentioned stiffness
decreases. Therefore, there is a drawback that the reproduction high frequency limit is lowered.
??? The present invention solves the above-mentioned drawbacks, accident prevention and
characteristics. Provided an improved speaker and a method of manufacturing the same. The
purpose is to
2, the scope of claims
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail based on the drawings. ?
???? FIG. 4 is a view showing an embodiment of the manufacturing method of the present
invention. . In FIG. 4, the upper mold 22 is convex at the central portion, and the same side. The
part has a ring-like concave shape. ????? The sheet 24 is inserted between the upper and
lower molds 22 and 23. When high pressure fluid is fed from the holes 26, the fluid on the upper
surface of the sheet 24 flows out from the small holes 27 of the upper die 225. , Sheet 24 from
the X first position shown by dashed line 25. Pressed against the upper mold as shown at 28
plastic deformation. ??? When an unnecessary portion of the outer peripheral portion 10 and
the central portion of the sheet 24 molded as described above is punched out (A in FIG. 4). It
becomes a diaphragm (cone part only) such as 29 ░ in FIG. . This diaphragm 29 can be seen
from FIG. In the central part, the displacement is zero or extremely small, the expansion ratio is
small at 5, the thickness d2 is large, and the peripheral area is large, since the displacement is
large, and the expansion ratio is large. The thickness d is small. As can be seen from FIGS. 4 and
5, the clamp portion of the sheet 24 by the upper mold 22 and the lower mold 23 is outside the
peripheral portion of the portion required as a diaphragm of '201 и 4 и. And from the periphery of
the upper die 22 to the clamp ( 4) point A to point 1) has an appropriate slope. ??? A bobbin
provided with an edge part, a cap part, and a voice coil on the diaphragm made as described
above. And attach it, and the voice coil gets it magnetic. Mounted on the frame and field section
to be positioned on the If you do, you can have a speaker. In the present invention as described
above, since the neck portion of the diaphragm 10 is thick, buckling occurs <<. Because the
stiffness of the horn increases, so that of the playback band. The upper limit goes up. Next, FIG. 6
shows an example of a conventional diaphragm cut. FIG. 3 is a plan view, a dia- fra in which an
edge portion and a 5 cap portion are integrally formed with a cone portion by the method of FIG.
The In the diaphragm 30 of FIG. 6, the central portion is thin and the peripheral portion is thick
because the expansion rate of the central portion is large for the same reason as that of FIG. ??
?? 1 EndPage: 2 second knob knob portion 31 becomes thinner, key) и, knob resonance
frequency. Do not tolerate the use of C or lower. 4, fixed part 33 "(Hj, j (minutes) fixed to Soleno \
and its inner eso. Since the portion 32 is thick: the stiffness of 17 increases, the minimum
resonance frequency rises, so that the limit of the regeneration band increases by 5). A speaker
with good characteristics in minutes can not be obtained.
Next, FIG. 7 shows guiano according to the manufacturing method of the present invention. FIG.
5 is a view of an embodiment of a ram, wherein the edge portion and the cap portion are
integrally grown with the cone portion by the method of FIG. 4; Shown no diaphrano. In the
diaphragm 34 of FIG. 7, since the gap 35 is thick, the gear tub resonance frequency is high, and
the cap resonance is ii3. ??????? Further, since the edge portion 36 becomes thinner, the
lowest resonance frequency 5 wave number is lowered, and the lower limit of the reproduction
band can be lowered. In addition, since the neck portion is thick, it causes buckling (it also has an
advantage of course. In FIG. 7, reference numeral 37 denotes a fixing portion. As described
above, by molding the edge portion, the knob portion and the second portion by the method of
the present invention, the performance as a die ?afra? is improved and the whole is completed.
Because it is integrally molded, processing costs and parts costs will be cheaper. In order to
realize an inexpensive and high-p 1 speaker, Z) will come out, and then, FIG. 8 is another
embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the manufacturing method of the present invention.
In Fig. 8, the iafram 38 is plastically deformed when making guianoram according to the method
shown in Fig. 4 and punched out leaving a bent (и) portion 39 after Q, and cloth II) Earth,
nonwoven fabric or edge part 40 made of Gono. It is fixed. [-As shown in the figure, the
circumference of the cone portion ?: the bending portion: 39 ░ significantly increases the
rigidity of the diaphragm. Although it is known to obtain, it has been difficult to form a 5-fold
portion by bending in the conventional method. ????? According to the method of the
present invention, as can be seen from FIG. 4, the bent portion can be made extremely easily only
by changing the punching range. l Can easily make high-performance guianoram with high
rigidity. . ? ?? Next, FIG. 9 shows an embodiment of the speaker of the present invention.
There is a cross section in the case of using guianoram in FIG. The figure (only the left half is
shown) is shown. In the figure, the third. The same reference numerals as in FIGS. 1 and 7 denote
the same items. 5 or more I-As described, the loudspeaker of the present invention causes
buckling due to the thick neck portion of guaifalum <<. Because the gear knob part is thick and
the edge part is thin, both the F1 limit and the 1: limit of the playback zone are expanded, and
the characteristic is "I", or the number of parts is less. Because it has l o cheap features and so on,
its industrial value is human. ???
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 shows an example of a conventional speaker, Fig. 2
shows an example of a conventional manufacturing method, and Fig. 3 shows a conventional
guiano. Fig. 4 shows an example of a ram, and Fig. 4 shows one example of the manufacturing
method of the present invention. FIG. 5 is a diagram according to the manufacturing method of
the present invention. One embodiment of a flannel, FIG. 6 is a conventional ditak. 7 and 8 show
an embodiment of a diaphragm according to the manufacturing method of the present invention,
respectively, at 92 ░ 1.8. The figure is a diagram of one embodiment of the speaker of the
present invention. 1-mechanic Ntabo ', - sword-2 ... Yotabure -1-3 magnet 4 top blade 1, 5 ...
magnetic gap 6, off I и - beam 7 edge presser 8, - da diaphragm and 9 ... voice Coil 1010 иии Bobbin
11 иии Spider 12 иии Key top portion 13 иии 2 [knob portion 22 ииииииииииииииииииии L shape. 23 ..... lower die
24 ...... sheet 25 .... first Kuraikubi 26 ...... hole 27 ...... small hole 01EndPage: 328 иииии и Seat after
plastic deformation и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и cap portion 36 edge portion 37 fixed portion
538 diaphragm 39 ...... bent portion 40 ...... edge portion 05G: 11 ░ 1+ view Figure 2 + 3 16 FIG
9'IF7 FIG 7418 Figure nEndPage: 419 Fig Z Seo 79-EndPage: ?
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