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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an essential part of
an embodiment of the present invention in a cutaway view, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along
the line A-A of FIG. 1, FIG. It is a perspective view which notches and shows the principal part in
other Examples of this. 1 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии ,.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to cone speakers and
sometimes to edge improvement. The cone speaker is obtained by fixing an external station of a
cone which is a peristaltic body to a fixed frame of a speaker body via a so-called edge. The edge
must provide mechanical support for the cone and at the same time be a 3-73 / 33 'piece that
does not inhibit the ice formation of the cone. Conventionally known edge is a plate made by
bending an elastic plate so that the shape of the # surface cut in the radial direction of the
speaker is U-shaped or n-shaped, or a suitable Jt member There is one that is bent in a folding
style to make it stretchy. However, although the above ff1it rice can achieve the intended
purpose for shooting with small amplitude as in the case of emitting high-pitched sound, it is
possible to achieve imaging with large VC amplitude as in the case of emitting mid-bass. There is
a drawback in that the linearity of the mechanical impedance is lost and the reduction of the n1
sound award is lost. That is, in the case where the cone is present at pregnancy II @ ?, due to an
attempt to occur in the circumferential direction of the edge, the edge q will have a ridge q or a
recess, or the stiffness will change significantly, so the linearity is lost. It is n. In order to
eliminate the above entry point t, for example, the edge may be formed of a soft member.
However, when a soft member is used, the mechanical supporting force is reduced, and the
weight of the cone may cause the cone to tilt or damage an edge during transportation.
Therefore, the present invention does not lose the linearity of mechanical impedance even when
the cone has a large amplitude content, can maintain good sound quality tm, has sufficient
mechanical supporting force, and generates cone VC inclination. An object of the present
invention is to provide a cone speaker with an edge that is completely unlikely to occur.
Hereinafter, the details of the present invention will be clarified by embodiments shown in the
drawings. First, the configuration of an embodiment which is not shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 will be
described. 1 is a cone lying on the front of the speaker body, and 2 is a fixed frame of the
speaker body. 30 is an edge formed of a foamable resin which joins between the outer periphery
of the earth cone 1 and the fixed frame 2 and the bait surface in the radial direction of the
speaker has a substantially circular arc shape. Illmill K on the upper y2x 3 is provided with
mounting edges 3m, 3b, and is fixed to the outer periphery of the force edge 3 * Yt cone 1, and
the other force edge Jbli fixing frame 2 It is n sandwiched by a pair of holding plates Jay 2 b. By
the way, as the above edge 3 is cut in the direction of arrows AA in FIG. 1 and the t surface is
received in the second direction, the inner thickness 1jl is substantially constant in the
circumferential direction and is formed in a wave shape n. ing.
And in the case of this implementation, the bubble density of the convex part V is made lower
than the bubble density of the recessed part W further. The spot meat 4T is sufficiently small
with respect to m @ sK of the cone 1, the edge 3 of each of the V and W pitches (the one is
sufficiently smaller than the curvature of the hand direction, A condition such as that shown in
FIG. 2 is provided at a plurality of m in the circumferential direction, and the others have uniform
thickness and moon-like height, and air bubbles. The key shall be uniform. Next, the use of the
cone speaker r [configured as above 4e will be described. When the speaker 'fe is made to sound,
the cone 1 vibrates with a predetermined amplitude according to one low of the sound generated
as shown by the arrow B-8 in FIG. Thus, the four edges 3a of the edge 3a1-force are fixed to the
outer periphery of the cone 1 and the skin edge 3b of the other force is held between the holding
plates 2m and 2bVc. Each part follows the contraction of the cone 10 to perform a VC change ?
on the speaker body. At this time, since the edge 3VCu, circumferential direction Q stretching
force, and Lf-force alternate V turbidity, distortion tends to occur inside. However, since the edge
3a is directed in the circumferential force direction-[t formed in a wavelike manner, the rigidity in
this direction is 9 in one stroke, the strain due to the extension force and the out-force force is
the elastic deformation thereof. Since the I @ ta work is absorbed by Wu's rapid elastic
deformation & C, the stiffness of edge 3 changes depending on the size of one stream of cone 1
or the fourth part does not occur. The mechanical strength of the mechanical impedance is
sufficiently 61AtIl, because there is no requirement that the edge 3 be able to deform by 1% to
11%. ! ???? In particular, the presence of one density portion of the hv portion in this actual
case ls, and a portion where there is no change portion as shown in FIG. Thus, the mechanical
strength of the edge 3 is higher. Next, an embodiment of the present invention according to FIG.
43 vc will be described. Incidentally, in FIG. 3, the same voiced number-l'll 'is attached to the
above-mentioned voice volume-lllll, and the explanation of that portion is omitted. The difference
between this embodiment and the # 1 small bundle embodiment is that the thickness and
thickness of the curved portion VC of the edge 13 of the edge 13 are changed at one time at a
time. That is, the central portion of the arc is made to be within the thickness, and the bubble
density inside the thickness is made another J: 1 degree.
Thus, n can be absorbed in the direction of the arc. The present invention is not limited to the
above-described embodiment, and various modifications can be made as described below. That is,
in the example of @d pi, m, the shape in the speaker radial direction of the edge was bent
approximately in the shape of an arc 1c1 to explain the friend spot, but even if n was bent in a
plurality of waves In addition, in the case of No. 1 in the example, the case where the density
change portion is provided in the circumferential direction of the edge portion is described, and
the skin may have a constant bubble density in the circumferential direction. In the above
embodiment, an example is shown in which the portion in the circumferential direction rc of the
edge is dotted at a plurality of places, but this n may be provided over the entire circumference.
Furthermore, although the wavy portion of the edge is formed so that the bright surface of the
concavities and convexities in the circumferential direction is curvilinear in the practical example
described above, the same applies even if the front surface of the concavities and convexities in
the circumferential direction is rectangular. You can get the effect. As described above, according
to the present invention, the edge is formed of a power generating resin, and in particular, the
internal rigidity f + approximately constant in the circumferential direction and the wave shape
to achieve circumferential rigidity tJ It is. Therefore, even if the cone is a large scale @ t = = even
if it is a residence where the cone is large, it can be absorbed by I ? V4 by its elastic deformation
in the circumferential direction of the edge, so the machine of the edge It is possible to secure the
linearity of the dynamic impedance and to prevent the deterioration of the sound quality, and
also to make the edge have sufficient mechanical strength, so that occurrence of # mark of cone
or loss of loss at the time of operation You can prevent it.
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