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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are front views of a conventional
stereo tape recorder, and FIG. 3 is a front view of a stereo tape recorder according to the present
invention. A tape recorder main body having a circuit, 10 is a built-in speaker, 11 is a speaker for
reproducing the sound of another channel, and 12 is a connection cord.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an improvement
of a stereo tape recorder. Conventional stereo tape recorders include books as shown in FIG. 1
and FIG. The tape recorder shown in FIG. 1 has left and right channels (1) on the left and right of
the main body (3) 3- / q2σ / 7J. The speaker (11, (2) is built-in, and it is possible to monitor the
stereo speaker as well as the stereo reproduction, of course. By connecting the stereo tape
recorder shown in Fig. 2 (with a lump also as a stereo amplifier 俤) and left and right speakers
161, +71, stereo bell sound can be reproduced, and a monitor can be made from a single built-in
speaker +81. is there. These things are attached to the steering wheel and the shoulder belt etc.
so that recording and reproduction outside can be performed. However, in the case of FIG. 1,
since amplifiers from the left and right channels to the speakers are built in, naturally, there is a
drawback that the shape becomes large and the weight increases. Furthermore, if you try to
increase the output and increase the size of the speakers to reproduce with good sound quality, it
will become bigger and heavier, which makes it especially inconvenient to carry outdoors. In the
second factor, the main amplifier and the speaker may be a single * C in order to reproduce from
the speaker in monaural, but in the case of reproducing in stereo, as shown in FIG. , The other
stereo amplifier (5) and the left and right speakers! 61, 171 had to be prepared and electrically
connected to each other, and there was a drawback that stereo reproduction was not easily
performed. The present invention is intended to improve the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks, and is a book which is easy to carry around in the middle of a bell ring outdoors, and
to facilitate reproduction from stereo speakers. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to the drawings. FIG. 3 is a stereo tape recorder of the present
invention. (9) is a tape recorder with a built-in stereo recording / reproduction circuit, Q · mixes
the signals of both channels when used for convenience only with a tape recorder, and one
channel when a speaker for another channel is connected A speaker for reproducing only the
sound, and an externally connected speaker for reproducing the sound of a channel different
from the speaker rod built in the tape recorder main body by being connected to the tape
recorder main body + 91 by the connection cord axis. When playing stereo Toyonaka with a
speaker (3) n 'A2-. Is possible only by connecting the tape recorder main body (with the hook and
the external connection speaker 11 by the connection cord function.
However, the sense of stereo presence which can not be obtained by the one shown in FIG. 1 can
be easily obtained by moving the position of the speaker aυ appropriately. Also, when recording
outdoors, since stereo recording can be performed while monitoring with a one-headed horn or a
built-in speaker without using the external connection speaker III, the shape is smaller and the
weight is lighter than conventional ones. In addition, when it reproduces | regenerates from a
speaker outdoors, if the purpose of use is guessed, it is thought that there is practically no
opening in monaural reproduction by one built-in speaker. Since the present invention separates
the single-channel speaker, if a conventional size is allowed for outdoor portability, a larger
speaker can be incorporated and high output becomes possible, and the sound quality is
considerably improved. Is possible. However, considering the age group using this kind of tape
recorder, it would be easier to use (4)) to make it more lightweight when recording outdoors.
Therefore, in the configuration of FIG. 3, (9) incorporates only the main amplifier of one channel,
and inserts the main amplifier of the other channel in the externally connected speaker all, and
supplies the signal and the power by the connection cord n. Furthermore, the weight of the shape
1 of the tape recorder body (9) is reduced accordingly, and the conditions of use outdoors are
improved. Although the one shown in FIG. 2 seems to be similar to the one of the present
invention, the main amplifier and the speaker built in the one shown in FIG. , The purpose is not
to connect speakers of other channels. As described above, according to the present invention,
when used outdoors, the single-channel speaker or the like is divided, and the shape of the tape
recorder to be carried is made smaller, and the amount is reduced to make it easier to use. At
stereo reproduction, stereo reproduction is possible only by connecting the speakers for other
channels with the tape recorder main body, and furthermore, the position of the speakers can be
freely moved to each other (5). 0 has the effect of being easily obtained with good sound quality,
etc. 0
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