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Specification 1 · name of the invention
Manufacturing method of diaphragm for speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a vibration of a free-edge type
speaker according to a conventional method of manufacturing a diaphragm for a speaker in the
prior art, as shown in FIG. Cloth and rubber plate sealed with resin. A method is employed in
which a flexible resin foam or the like is heat-pressed and extrusion-molded to form an edge 2
adhesively bonded with an adhesive 3. Because this method uses ring-shaped as 4 edge 2, the
inside of the ring is scrapped, the yield of the material is poor, and adhesive bonding using
adhesive 3 makes uniform adhesive bonding difficult. Partial resonance occurs partially due to
adhesive adhesion-it takes time for filing, laminating, bonding, drying, etc. of adhesive 3 and has
the disadvantage of poor productivity and disadvantage in cost was there. The present invention
eliminates the above-mentioned conventional disadvantages. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. First, in FIG. 2, the center EndPage fits
into the central part of the diaphragm main body 4 formed conically at the center: the cooling
part 8 which performs the cooling of the cooling body T on the F part of the edge shape part 6
Using the rotary mold 9 equipped with the “1 ‒ 10 pieces of the center of the diaphragm main
body 4 (L: I fit in), the diaphragm main body 4 is fixed, and this diaphragm main body 4 As
shown in Fig.3 and Fig.4, a hardened L film is formed by heat melting at the edge shape part 6
where the peripheral part is located, and it is gradually moved by the blowing hC cooling part 8
with the hot melt zull 11. No. J-Soji 12 C is formed. No, oh, Etsuji phase 10 and 1. If there is a Q.
1 foil-type adhesive mixed with 7-mixing, a heater is incorporated in place of the gradual
movement 1'P68, and a P.I. The heating part and 1, heating the rotary mold 9! The reaction is
promoted by -2 to form an edge 12. In the edge materials 10 and 17, some of the edge materials
10 and 17 are difficult to be attached to the rotary mold 9 and difficult to release, and the
fluorochemical agent kJ: A silicone resin is used as a mold release agent and C is desirous. Also,
when it is necessary to form a thick film edge ((1-, one-turn mold 90 rotations, number (H, l, C, 1
C)) adjustment of the film thickness is n4. Next, specific examples will be described. The green
mold 9h (/ i'-natural 2, 2, y'14Q "-# $ 4 item, 771, lfiia + & r ,, ((2. −。 閏 板 板 11 plate human
body 4 to take 1 · (f 8 190 'c temperature (K-first heating and melting n 1 j ノ 1 = viscosity 20Oc.
1), S イ ン Y ズ ホ ッ ホ ッ ホ ッ (· Melt resin is sprayed by the spray nozzle 11 and the rotary
mold 9 is rotated at room temperature by T 4A (T is this, and this) Harem mold 9 is rotated by
y5-6, C thick Oo3 dragon · formed an edge 12-. 1.、、、、。 −- 6 ε う h h 1h ′ イ ー 1 カ 1
1 1 振動 ツ −5 ツ ツ 材料 10 妹 妹 妹 妹 妹 妹 妹 妹 振 振. . The diaphragm body 4 and the edge
12 are integrated jl, and partial peeling Ug <see iq. ず、スピーカとし. ′7. In the experiment
used, even if the occurrence of the partial resonance U- is very small, it is extremely effective in
quality. From the attachment of the diaphragm body 71, the edge 12 is 1 to 2 'O seconds. ,
Conventional. Contact agent QF111i '+ bond. The production time will be shrunk for 20 minutes
and 30 minutes. '' In the embodiment of the meter i, there is one die C. (The embodiment which
rotates is described, but when the die 9 is fixed (-, the injection nozzle 11 is rotated, 1, 振動-i may
be used, and the diaphragm main body is limited to a conical shape] '1. Doo & Ai R are also at
home. As for the following "-L, water from the speaker for light" The manufacturing method of vI
plate (the work is simplified by about "the work" ° 7 [7, the working time can be reduced to the
ratio of v '1 to 11 of the conventional method by a short line to -11 of 1/1 oo Also, + utilization
efficiency is nearly 100, and (the combined state of the co-vibration plate body and the gorge is
also stable 1 and partial resonance is due to partial resonance. There are 4 things in all, quality
improvement is also said, and further,-mixing of dye in wood-optional-
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a half sectional view of the first speaker diaphragm
manufactured according to the conventional manufacturing method of the speaker diaphragm
(from C), the example table, the half of the manufacturing process shown FIG. 3 is a half sectional
view of a speaker diaphragm manufactured by a square, and FIG. 4 is an enlarged sectional view
of an essential part of the same diaphragm. · Twenty-two vibration plate body, 5 ... Pas center
guide ,, 6 ...... edge shaped portion 9 ...... die, 10 '...... edge material , 11 · · · · · · · · · spray nozzle,
12C · · Name of attorney agent Attorney Nakao Toshio other one person □ □ · · · · ·. EndPage: 2
FIG. 1 FIG. 3 FIG. 4 End Page: 3
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