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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front sectional view of the first embodiment
of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a bottom view of FIG. 1, and FIG. 3 is an exploded front view of
FIG. 5 is a plan view of the substrate, FIG. 5 is a blocking oscillation circuit diagram, FIG. 6 is an
enlarged partial front sectional view showing the bonding state of the lead wires, FIG. 7 is an
enlarged partial front sectional view of the temporary fixing portion, and FIG. FIG. 9 is a plan
view showing another embodiment of the gap portion passing through the upper surface of the
substrate, FIG. 9 is a front sectional view of the second embodiment of the present invention, FIG.
10 is a front sectional view of the third embodiment of the present invention, The figure is a
front sectional view of the fourth embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 12 is a front
sectional view of the fifth embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 13 is a front sectional
view of the sixth embodiment of the present invention = 1. ииииииии Upper case, 1a и и и и и и и и и и и и и
annular shelf portion, 1 C и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и upper case, 1 и и и annular shelf,
1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и upper case,
1a и и и и и и и Elastic ring, 3 ..... Vibrator, 4 ----- piezoelectric element, 6,7 ...... lead, 10 ...... substrate,
23, 23 ', 23 "23 /// ...... gap, 24 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Case.
[Detailed description of the invention] In this study, the piezoelectric luminaire is stuck on the
diaphragm, and the output from the photocell is inscribed. It is intended to improve the
piezoelectric buzzer that is designed to vibrate and handle the 0 handle. Piezoelectric buzzer of
stool rice is reprinted in the case of vibrational completeness, as shown in Japanese Patent
Publication No. 44-16263, No. 49-1409'i 'and No. 52-19994. On top of that, the bag is layered
with the printed edge exposed to the load and the load side of the printed door upside down. (2)
?It is difficult to arrange and assemble the lead storage unit so that it does not contact the
copying plate because it has been stacked in layers, and it is difficult to contact the piezoelectric
element or the piezoelectric element to copy It has the disadvantage of preventing movement.
This article is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. Each example
of the book 4 business which is attached to the map will be described in detail. 1 to 6 show a first
embodiment. 1 is a synthetic upper case made of synthetic resin which is fence-shaped at the top
and opened at the bottom, and has a broken shelf 61 ? ? at the middle part of the inner
surface, a sound emission hole 1b at the top and A pointed wedge-shaped pressing ridge lc
having a light end is further formed integrally with a temporary ridge-shaped projecting ridge 1d
at the opening edge. 2 is a vI concave short foot shape elastic and is placed on the iiJ capital 1?.
Jill the awakening child 4 to the large face of that one face with the kiss plate to 3! Li have ? @
A 5.6 lead earn 7 ░ 8 poor overall, so that the original 81 iii free. Place this faction 3 outskirts
on 11J bullets / guz. 9 is donated blood on history with a predetermined part of the broken ml
rectangular elastic ring (3). lO is a printed circuit board or a pattern l1O? and other l! I] lOb a
transformer which accustoms blocking oscillation @ path as shown in the fifth evil 11. A positive
wide-angle scanner 12, bias resistors 13 and 14, diodes 15 and 16, and a transistor 17 are
accommodated. The reference numeral 18 ░ 19 is an eyebrow point consisting of evennumbered even eyelets joined to a predetermined portion of the pattern area 10?, and 20 and
21.22 are terminals for plus sleep Sl, forceps, minus eye vjA terminal, and ? j wholesale
terminal, respectively. Reference numeral 23 denotes a circular notch provided in the printing
base lO, which is connected to the outer circumferential rib 23c. The pattern circumference of
the printed circuit board 1 o is raised so as to make a pair with the diaphragm 3, and is placed on
the bullet / transformer 2 in a pressure of 1 mm ldi. From this sign-de ? 7, 8 ? recut 23 ?
Match to the cutaway part 23 (ha) and print 2 provisional 4 provisional 10?
When the surface layer is scratched, the lead, from the pulse or notch portion 23 and the
vibrating plate 3 of the print holding plate 10 are placed on the upper lob which is not a pair 10].
The bases of Reed 7 and 8 are visible from the notch 23 (4). ? Do not pull on the lead 7 and 8 so
that the lead plates 7 and 8 do not touch the temporary move 3 and the piezoelectric handpiece. .
The rear edge mark 8 may also draw the printed circuit board 10 out of the front surface notch
23 onto the printed circuit board 7-1h. Alternatively, 23 holes may be provided as indicated by f
/ C, and a light having no space on the upper surface lob of the substrate lO may cause the recess
23 to be missed in the outer periphery of the b) It is also possible to provide a split height 23
thinner than the outer periphery, or to connect to the ground from one side (8) of the holder
supporting the substrate 10 as in the past)). A test of the leader in this temporary reiteration test
is done and the test is done to make it light. In the lower case 24) / r foot position of the lower
case 24) Retract the valley Mariko 20, 21.22 in L25, 26.27, and lower case 24 collar lower s1e
lower case 24-mouth part The insult was defeated by the Buddha Buddha Kite h24? formed by
the insult by him (the valley 71 times proclivity. At this time, since the opening upper edge 24A
of the lower case 24 presses the outer periphery of the print base 10 temporarily fixed (9), the
annular pressing mlC which is lost at the tip end is as shown in FIG. The outer ring of the
follower plate 3 is pressed by the linear contact 54 even if the ring 2 or the vibrator 32 elastic
ring 9I4 has a variation in thickness because it crawls in with the ring 1 of the ring 2. Since the
suppression force changes at a relatively small 1 @, the pressure bearing force is small, and the
suppression holding force gradually becomes smaller as it goes from the tip that is pushing to
the both ridges 11, so the movable plate is deformed You can easily reduce the variation in Shiga
without being apt to deform and be disappointed. Fig. 9 shows a 2nd set of bizarre birch 1), and a
ring-shaped holter of a size that can be re-mounted on the lifting tray fine shelf l? that is smaller
than the cage 10 of the vibrator 10 or the case 1 Turn the screw 28 to 29 and screw the upper
1.111 vc of the holder 28 into the position where the C-B and C-cutter are indented and the tip
loses the machine $, the c 2 and short body of buried linder 30 are placed on the moving plate 3
and the outer shell 1 and the king ring 2 and (b) 30 are pressed by the wedge-shaped pressing
portions IC and 28 a The part 11171 side is squeezed from the opening.
In this case, it is possible to eliminate the rooted suppressing portion lc of the caged capital 1?,
and in the case where there is the nucleus-like pressing slC, the rooted suppressing portion 28?
of the ring holder 28 may be eliminated and there is no rooted suppressed portion. You may
remove the bullet and note ring of ? 1. It is sufficient that at least one 1R 11 of the ring is
suppressed and forked by a pointed root-like suppressing portion at the tip end of the bullet
which holds the diaphragm in a view. FIG. 10 shows a third embodiment of the present invention
in which a root-shaped upper case 31 is attached to a first embodiment and a colleague of our
company. Fire treatment 39 bullets 1 raw Linda 9. It is assumed that the print service 10 is
displayed, and the ridge 32 on the root-like case 31 is demarcated on the other side 32 to form a
resonance 33. FIG. 11 shows that "Hiroshi's husband of the 4th of this article", the blockingbased circuit formed on the printed circuit board of the embodiment of the 1st embodiment
without the circuit, and the 1st blocking original life of the extrapolation 34 " The other custommade type that is to be used is totally four-ball with the first embodiment. (7) FIG. 12 shows a
fifth embodiment of the present system which is a lead wire 35 instead of each of the terminals
20 and 21.22 of the first embodiment, and is connected externally when the upper case 1 and
the lower case 24 are joined. The mounting foot 24C is integrally formed on the lower case 24
and fixed with a screw 36 or the like. FIG. 13 shows a sixth embodiment 1 of the present
province system 1), a sound emission hole 37 (Z, ring 41111 in the middle portion on the inner
surface, above the synthetic side bending case 37 in which the upper part is lumped and the
lower part is opened. 37b is formed, and on the upper surface thereof, a wedge-shaped
depression 37C lost in the tip is integrally formed. 2 is a gastric ring with a rectangular crosssection, 3 is a low-pressure stick with a piezoelectric thread 4 and the practice of ? 1 = + and
rematched sequentially on a colleague's annular shelf 37b, and scooped the spit ring 9 In
addition, leave it limp enough to catch or project from the lower end 37d of the lower end of the
case 37, and place it on the lower circumference 37d of the outer peripheral portion case 37 of
the first printed circuit board 10 The plate is placed and pressed by a screw 38 or the like.
According to the Ministry of the Ministry of the Environment, the space leading to the upper
surface of the substrate is provided with the vibration lead to the upper surface of the substrate.
Since the lead wire can be soldered to the upper side after the substrate bag layer, it is possible
to easily and easily provide appropriate slack so that the lead wedge does not contact the
diaphragm and the piezoelectric element, and the substrate can be mounted. Work efficiency can
be improved. In addition, it is not intended to completely change the gist of l'1 tree design even if
imitation temporary support hunting is performed by another means or temporary fixing is not
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