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Specification 1, title 2 of the invention! ++ Claim 1: A flat-plate speaker characterized by using a
ring-shaped flat plate as a diaphragm and driving the nodes of its next-order axisymmetric
divided vibration.
Loudspeaker speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to improvements in flat
loudspeakers. Assuming the radius a, thickness t, Young's modulus E, density ?, and Poisson's
ratio ?, the split resonance frequency of the circular flat plate is given by the combination of
peripheral ridges,-in the same way in the second division. The primary collision frequency of the
low-temperature phase speaker of g / == 0.8 О 10 m% ee ?, 4 == ll ffi, 1 = 3 111 using an
example of the conventional natural fiber is 307, and the secondary wall frequency is 1319 It
becomes a mountain. In fact, there is a drop of about 30 to 40 inches by attaching the edge and
the damper. Further, in the case of a disk, as is apparent from the equation (11), a material
having a large t and a large E / p is required, but there is no material satisfying this. Recently,
materials with large E / ? have been developed because OFR, P] и Nickam etc. have a small
density ?, so that a large thickness t can be obtained. Although it is possible to make f1 + f2 on
the lake, there are few merits to flatten due to the complexity of the structure and the problem of
the price. For this reason, flat-plate speakers are more custom-made than phase-frequency
speakers in terms of phase-frequency custom-designed EndPage: 1, their phase-time
characteristics vi777 theory, sound pressure characteristics, cone-shaped waves: power, sound
source Because it is deeper than the cabinet surface, it is flat without any dip that occurs in the
piston area due to the disturbance of the sound field. Although FIG. 1 shows a one-pitched sound
attached to the cabinet (5) together with the flat-type speaker speaker sound (4) according to the
non-invention, this speaker system uses a cone-shaped speaker for bass. As compared with the
case where the sound source position of 1 unit noise and 1 is almost the same, one cow is flat at
the time of phase and all one becomes thin. 4 and 5 show another example of non-invention flow,
and the driving of the node of the ring-shaped flat plate diaphragm +110 axis vs. fourth-order
divided image motion of the present invention is shown in the example of the wedge 7 pond
shown in FIG. Instead of the voice coil (2) having the same diameter as that of the node in (1), it
is driven by the number of voice coils (6) having a center near the node. According to the present
invention, since the diameter of the voice coil (6) becomes small, the voice coil can be set to @,
and the magnetic circuit (the magnetic flux density of the magnetic circuit 71 can be increased to
make it efficient. FIG. 6 shows another practical example of the present invention, in which a
speaker for loud sound (4) is incorporated on the inner diameter side of the ring-shaped flat plate
vibration cavity (1) of the present invention to form a coaxial speaker. According to the present
example, the sound source comes to the turning position, and not only the localization of the
sound is improved, but also the low-place speakers (1), (2), (3) and the high-tone speaker (4) It is
possible to eliminate the delay with the closeness.
It is also possible to eliminate dips in the piston area that have occurred with conventional
coaxial speakers. As described above, according to the present invention, there is provided a flat
plate type speaker having a wide reproduction band equal to or more than that of a cone cedar
speaker, and further having a flat back pressure and phase-frequency characteristics during
piston and stubble. Can.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is an 11-1 plane view showing a line of the present
invention, Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 are phases of the flat type loudspeaker and the cone type loudspeaker
according to the non-invention, sound pressure- Fig. 41 is a cross-sectional view showing the
exact line of the present invention, Fig. 41 is a partial view of the diaphragm part of the present
invention, Fig. 6 is a front view, Fig. 6 is a further drawing of the present invention It is a
sectional view showing an example. (1) иии Ring plate 1 ?: tl] plate, (2), (6) и и и voice coil, (3), (71 и и
и magnetic circuit, (4) и и и ^ sound Speaker (5) Cabinet In the figure, the same reference numerals
indicate the same parts. Atsushi Sugano-Figure 1 Figure 31 circumference (Hz juice-1-4 Figure 6
Figure 5 EndPage: ?
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