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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front partial cross-sectional view of a
conventional piezoelectric bushing, FIG. 2 is a side cross-sectional view on the line C--C, and FIG.
3 is a side surface cross-section on the line C--C Fig. 4 is a front partial cross-sectional view of the
piezoelectric sleeve according to the present invention, Fig. 5 is a side cross-sectional view on the
line C-C in Fig. 4, and Fig. 6 is a side cross-sectional view on the line C FIG. 7 is a diffusion
exploded view, and FIG. 8 is a developed view of an external power feeding unit. The ninth shows
an electric circuit diagram of the piezoelectric bushing of the present invention. 1.32 и и и и и
Piezoelectric ceramic vibrator, 2, 28 и и и и и и и metal diaphragm, 3.4.29. 33 и и и и и и и и и и и pin
terminal, 5 ░ 6. 15.24 ...... bottomed groove, I, 13 ...... front piece unit, 8,14 ...... after piece part,
9.12 ...... holding case, 29 .33 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Tip electrode part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION According to the present invention, a sounding
body constructed by integrally providing a pressure 11111ii1 vibrator on a metal diaphragm is
fabricated without using a piezoelectric vibrator. This kind of Piezoelectric Buzzer is am, small
and intoxicated, and it has a small color-Warts, Hv, T, Won't consumption-a sword is small, no
sword according to the union case with Omiko 4 way Because of the advantages of noise,
longevity and so on etc., it has been used in many cases for l-I) taste and ? g container of various
electronic devices gold and white instead of electromagnetic ? za. FIGS. 5 to 3 show an
embodiment of a pressure 1 busher of promotion rice. FIG. 5 is a positive-one, FIG. 11 is an I #
shredded drawing on the first bad Mumuu, and the third bad is a cutting direction on the first Hshaped B-B #. Piezoelectric bouza shown in ? h ? of ?-Ml-of the gold bridge ? 8 provided with
a pressure 1IIa ? ? ? on the next surface, and the piezoelectric ? ? ? 1 or metal ? & 2?
i1baa 1 ? ? ?? a a a a ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ??14) ? Each piece 1 of the waiting case 9 of the waiting case 9 and the
thickened capital 10, 11, 1: formed between the end 11i 10a% 11 & formed and fixed while
being fixed, Pin Minko, It has a configuration in which four holding cases 9 to 14 are carried in
parallel to the externally supplied $ lb of 4 and l1klK of the 4bks metal peristalsis. With such a
structure, the bin insulators 3 and 4 and the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 1kjlj are set at
predetermined positions on a Kanajima sliding rod 2 and the like, and the front piece s1 and the
back piece SS are crimped to one another. In the assembly process, the assembly process
machine is one step and the assembly process machine, while the soldering process is completely
unnecessary, the assembly process is simplified, and the process is simplified. 11 on the
piezoelectric bouza vIg circuit board! When mounting it, it is also used as a bin terminal 1, 4 vr
assembly bin, and the piezoelectric cushion i ? type, that is, the metal swing IIb ? snow is
disposed perpendicular to the one-way foundation, It is possible to learn about the downsized
electrokinetics that are small and compact. Thus, this piezoelectric bushing is mounted on a
starter consisting of a piezoelectric porcelain intercalator 1 and a metal strip plate 2, a pin
insulator 3.4 and a pin group of pin insulators 30 @. It is considered as an element of four
standing mechanical components ? of 1115 m, and the work for producing each of the above
parts I! 1 less than 4 man-hours KFX reduced and proper i, and also the joint part of each S
product, the pin terminal easy and the tip 11 kl in the pot. There is a possibility of causing the
electric ** imperfection tube to occur between the ila and the bins 4 and the metal vibrating plate
8 and the adhesion treatment for preventing the imperfection tube. There is a room for
improvement 1 to make improvements, such as 1) increasing the need for J11r.
The present invention improves the conventional pressure as described above, reduces the
crystal production cost by reducing the mass production rate and the number of steps, and
reduces the crystal production cost. To offer? The purpose is t. Another object of the present
invention is to provide a piezoelectric pin V mechanism equipped with a mechanical rigid large
pin insulator. Following-Implementation l Attachment # j! M ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. The 4th g is a
positive I * Is partial cross section 1 of the piezoelectric element according to the present
invention, FIG. S is a 111 plane longitudinal cross-section on the 4th bad Q-01, Javelin 111 & JII
1 mIQt, I will show each other. ? 11414 и O is a diffusion decomposition view. In 11, a holding
case 11 made of plastic or the like is divided into a piece s1s and a slug 11114. The front piece
111m is provided with a circular bottomed inner groove 11 tube formed therein, and an inner
thick portion l @@ of the outer peripheral portion formed on the circumference of the inner
groove 15 of the gauze from the inner side. M 17sI-and the outermost child side 1 и It is provided
in a step shape and case mw! It is mar formation for. In addition, the inner groove l1 l (a
protrusion g on the inward facing portion of the bottom portion III. A groove 21 having a suitable
width is formed on the outermost flat bearing portion 18 located below the projection 300. ! 8 is
another concave groove inscribed so as to be symmetrical with the center JlaKII and the IIII
recessed groove 31! Reference numeral 3 denotes a discharge hole drilled in the shaft center 9 of
the sze. -The above-mentioned rear piece 1114 has a rectangular outer tube substantially the
same as the scale piece 3 and, in the inside 111 thereof, a bottomed O-circular inner # 4 tube
shape similar to the scale piece portion 1s is there. The thick portion of the outer peripheral
portion where the circumference 1111 K of the inner groove 84 is formed! Is the front piece
111m ll shaped gl? And the outermost flat bearing section Mtf facing the outermost flat bearing
section 10, and the concave groove 5SsI- and the concave groove mmK of the front piece Kl are
further provided. In the part of the corresponding outermost flat m1ia ? 1, concave # Im1%! It
has a central location 14a% 14b, which has a nineteenth joint. 88 is a sheet metal plate such as a
brass plate, for example, a thickness turtle 1smm)! It is a metal diaphragm which is formed into a
disk shape by use, and is extended parallel Km in the radial direction of ii'st at seven places, and
is formed into a pin terminal z book tube body for feeding. With such a structure, the number of
parts can be halved by integrating the metal diaphragm and the pin terminal, which are
conventionally two independent parts, with the pin terminal. In addition metal movement @! The
electrical contact portion between I and the pin terminal ssI [Omitted, the electrical coupling tube
between the two can be perfect.
The above-mentioned pin dumpling and O outer shell 111, that is, the outer hull turtle aS и drawn
out from the inside to the outside of the holding case has 1 l fiill @ a bent and polymerized. That
is, as shown in msk, the tip end portion to be the outer S power supply i30 is formed in an
extended shape so as to be twice the width of the pin terminal ze and ?1 I6 и 0 and folded in the
middle By bending and polymerizing the two, the reinforcement III @@@ a is formed. If a
recessed 5 nob tube is provided in advance by a press or the like in the crucible forming the
reinforced smoa tube, a durable hollow reinforced 1111 Ia tube can be obtained. Reference
numeral 31 denotes a stopper for preventing so-called rattling when the bin terminal Ill outer SS
road base #C fitting assemblage, and is formed by -s depression. The metal vibration 1j snow 8 in
which the above-mentioned bottle terminal 2 is installed in the same body can be manufactured
by pressing a brass thin plate by press processing), so mass production can be performed with a
small number of eh steps. SS is a circular O-shaped O piezoelectric ceramic vibrator mounted
concentrically on the surface of the front piece 1 axs of the metal diaphragm Sa, and both of the
metal vibration ? and seven of the metal vibrating ? form a sound generator t1. The metal
vibration ll5- provided with the above-mentioned bin terminal S @ and the piezoelectric ceramic
vibrator 1svr is an annular flat all provided with the outer 1klII piece sxi. And lllllIli of the
loungoid spine 6 provided on the back piece portion 14, and the bin forceps 8a is a concave
groove of the front piece wig! The holding case l is firmly held in the snow by holding it between
l and the projection 14m of the rear piece 1314. In this case, b is a shim p formed between the
two pieces @ 1 s, in. aS is a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator m56 (bin terminal for feeding power,
phosphorus! Steel sheet 1 [1] is made by pressing conductive thin tube with high elasticity. The
pin terminal SS is positioned in the middle portion thereof by fitting it into a hole 13a1m 3 и и и in
the middle of a general company, and I I! I ? 81 and a protrusion 14 a of the rear piece 1814
fitted in the concave # 1 Is 1 and held fixed. A contact electrode portion s4 formed by
appropriately breaking a spring contact near the outer periphery of the piezoelectric ceramic
vibrator SZ in a state of being held positive is provided at the tip end of the bin terminal s3 with
the same body Km. . If it is this same structure, the pin terminal and tip power 1 # AiII, which are
conventionally 8 parts, are t-one parts, and if the number of parts is halved, between MIIK, the
bin terminal and the leading electrode part The electrical contact with the electric part can be
omitted, and the electrical 1tnet between the two can be perfect tortoise and its reliability can be
worn or improved.
Stiffness self-polymerization reinforcement structure similar to s * tssitz and k'y terminal r ? ?
3 self outside t t y p y m s s! Have-. The external power supply part so, ms of the bin terminal so,
ms is a metal diaphragm! It was derived from the holding case 12 so as to be in a direction
parallel to @ 0 @, and thereby mounted on a circuit board of i ? piezoelectric sheet f ?. ! The
area occupied by the floor is as small as possible Kal. Each of the components aS, the
piezoelectric component f1 and the assembled component K includes a pin terminal 29, a
piezoelectric ceramic vibrator S! What is necessary is just to set it in the predetermined position
of the back piece 1i1114, and just crimp both pieces 11113414 mutually in the metal
diaphragm Sa containing a bottle, and the bottle diaphragm 5SYr%. -Although various
mechanisms are conceivable for pressing the one piece Am and the rear piece 11114 to each
other, there is a structure as shown by 47111 g in the piezoelectric bushing according to the
present invention. That is, while making the 7 cm guide rod s6 stand upright in the scale 1 $ 021
j @, each of the guides 4 IIIs,... Holes are made in the stepped guide holes 31 to be fitted, and in
the guide holes 1 and '9, 9 ? By fitting the front piece six and the rear piece 1114 in pressure
contact with each other and by ultrasonic bonding etc.], the stepped portion 1 of the tip 5Seat
guide hole s1 of the guide rod 3 и a Upper Kj 1 is attached, and this is crimped to the front piece s
1 s and the rear piece 1 114 and 1 ? to assemble a holding case tube. With such a
configuration, excessive I to the metal diaphragm 1 и during dripping sI drop attachment. No
metal shocks are applied, metal diaphragms! Piezoelectric porcelain vibrator S from 8! It is
possible to prevent the occurrence of an accident such as peeling and to improve the quality and
reliability of the piezoelectric zoom. Fig. 11 shows an electrically-M-figured tube of an electrically
equivalent one-pass tube of piezoelectric pipe according to the eleventh embodiment of the
present invention and its peristaltic circuit 1iB. It is needless to say that as the pivoting IAMB,
various types of oscillating circuits of the blocking funnel can be used. It is usually about IKHM,
which is about 1k. As described above in detail, the piezoelectric vibrator according to the
present invention, the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator V * attached metal vibration I [?, holding
case (fifty. 0, and fixed to the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator and the metal terminal plate for
feeding power to the metal diaphragm, and the piezoelectric terminal formed by being drawn out
from the holding case, the terminal pin for power feeding to the metal diaphragm, the barb Since
it is a special monk that the metal sliding plate is formed into the same body by -S, it is possible
to use two separate metal diaphragms, a power feeding pin terminal and a single part. It has the
effect of reducing the number of parts and the number of man-hours to half and reducing the
product cost.
In addition, the electrical coupling tube between the metal diaphragm and the feed pin terminal
is perfect, and the reliability is improved. Furthermore, in the above-mentioned piezoelectric
bushing, since the contact electrode portion having the * SC resilience is formed in the same
body as the power supply bin terminal for the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator, conventionally two
independent sIv + 1! -Make the feed bin terminal and the contact electrode part into one part,
make the number of parts and man-hours a half, and do not need the adhesive cost sensitive
layer such as product cost reduction, No attachment with a welder or spot welder. The electrical
coupling tube between the two provinces seems to be perfect 11.0, and has the effect of
improving its reliability management and improvement. Also, the feed pin terminal is hollow
reinforced S! Provided with an external power supply S, it can be easily formed by press
processing etc. It provides a piezoelectric pin with a large mechanical strength bin terminal tube,
and improves the reliability when it is mounted on a circuit board I can do it with you. 4 ? Brief
description of the footwear Fig. 1 The front partial section of the conventional piezoelectric lens
IIi Fig. 8 is Fig. 1! ! Figure 3 shows a diagram of the direc- tion cut in the line B--B), and Fig. 4
shows a positive l1 is fragmented ImtjIA of the piezoelectric zub according to the present
invention. Pupil Fig. 4C-a line cut on the surface-1-5aIla-4111D-I) II, 711 is diffusive distribution,
Fig. Is the development of the external feeding part-0 Indicate the electric ttnm- of the
piezoelectric sheet, respectively. 1% is ... Piezoelectric a unit vibrator snow, s 8 ... Gold lI 4
vibration ? 3.4, s 9, s 3 ... Pin dumpling easy, ...! s% 24 ... ? ? 1 ? 2 ol, 13 ? ? ? front piece
$, 14 ? 9.12 ... holding case! , S3 и и и External power supply unit s4 и и и и tip electrode unit utility
model ? ? Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Fig. 1 "M" "a" ", a / 1a 777 '303b ? 0b L8
LA' 143 385 Y Practical model dowel applicant Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. I Huh
1111alla 25?125fi1a3a10ala1 + a4b3bb1133L5 Now! Utility model applicant Applicants Tokyo
Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Minoru Shinobu Abe 4 Figure 8 "[. [. ? ?
76413003132 и 28-CLD 113 385% utility model registration applicant Tokyo Electric Chemical
Co., Ltd. attorney patent attorney Michibe Abe Fig. 5, Fig. 12, 12 + 646 "7 +
31413142919434020334a 1225ii 3385% utility model applicant Applicants Tokyo Electric
Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. first-person patent attorney "1 'part Mie part" Figure 37a 371 437:
'37 :: 37, ..., 33: ░ ... 1: 3.3 Ga: 1. , ? 1.
?????????? 13 FIG. 30 b / 305. Tsutomu ? ? 6 actual, for 11 draft-и и ? ? Desu T
Sun-1 ', electric chemical industry Ltd. 1 1 l' + +, patent attorney attorney Mieshibu part 9 Fig. 9
Fudan 2871j3385 Fang Utility model registration entry entry Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry
Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorney Abe Miebu O O Other above inventor address
Tokyo 4A6eKml Xingjing No. 14 No. 6 ? l 'kM rate in the company Name i4v Yume address
Chiyoda-ku, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Uchikanda z Chome 14th place No. WiI ? ? ? ? V ? ?
? ? ? ? ? + + T ? '?-) trj ?f-7?' = Address change notice 31 Showa May 56 main meeting
day ? letter, "Indication of the Patent Office General Secretary Yoshiya Kumagaya 1 case Showa
s53 utility model registration application No. 9936 No. 2 idea name broad () и и и и и / / address
Relationship with person who changed Case utility model registration applicant Former order
place 2-14-6 Uchikanda Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo New address Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nihonbashi
Sen Eye No. 16 No. 1 / ?? scan one (506) Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. ?? Motono
Fukuji part - evening Ichiyu-2 or more -
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