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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing shows the electrical circuit of the device
according to the invention. Reference numeral 1 is a power supply, 2 is a priority power supply
circuit, 3 is a non-priority power supply circuit, 4 is a cassette stereo, 5 is a car stereo, T is an
electromagnetic switch, and 8 and 9 are speakers.
Detailed description of the invention According to the present invention, one of the circuits of the
master and the non-priority / stem is automatically operated when the operation is stopped and
the other is automatically operated to change the circuit of the Sue / -Eq -9 beaker With regard
to the apparatus to be performed, the power supply C No. is branched to the priority power
supply circuit (2) and the non-priority power supply [i5] route (JH), and the priority power
supply circuit (2) &) In addition, non-original command source □ Go X 1-'' circuit as a non-prone
stem to car stereo (connect to, respectively, electromagnetic switch (4) (7) and speaker (g) (?) ) Is
installed. Here, point A in the figure is a switch operating part. The idea is ill as described above,
but to describe its action, if you activate the stem now, the leading power supply circuit is
generated, and the current flows to the point A due to the movement of its resistance (6) At the
same time, the electromagnetic switch (7) of the non-ambiguous sleepiness circuit (3) is
automatically turned off, the circuit change of the speaker is performed, the circuit change of this
speaker is completely performed Since unnecessary first-class inflow of other circuits is blocked
2-, noise distortion and generation of noise are prevented, and if the operation of the priority
system is stopped, 0 鳩 l pigeon, 1 'thseu,: JF *' ky '7' '' ': f' 1 '' 16 '' 6 '11' 'knee) j' 2-1 't' j, with oT
capability, to be used alternatively by the stem '4 is a useful device that can generate the correct
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