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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are schematic views showing a
configuration example of a conventional electrostatic electroacoustic transducer, and FIG. 4 to
FIG. 8 are electrostatic electroacoustic transducer according to the present invention. Schematic
which shows the structural example of a container. 1 ...... the fixed electrode, 2 ...... movable
electrode, 3 ...... bias voltage source, 13 ...... first electrode, 14 ..... Second electrode 15,... Insulator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrostatic
electroacoustic transducer, and more than a butch gullet type electrostatic electroacoustic
transducer. The conventional electric shock type sound transducer has been reduced to the
writing wave frequency characteristics, but the ratio of the repulsive sound ratio to the input
power ratio is lower than that of the double-wire type, positive power type, etc. electrostatic type
electroacoustic transducers It has the disadvantage that it is nine. il +-+ ',-=-1-For example, as a
conventional electrostatic type electric note number converter, 9 ports shown in Figs. 1 and
7912 (a pair of one pair screw (11 and movable electric mf 21 The output sound pressure is
obtained by connecting bias voltage # (3) for deflection to the movable electrode (2) (Fig. 1) or
electret + = alt-on the fixed electrode il + (Fig. 2). It was tried to do, but the thing sufficient for
practical use was not obtained. In the figure, (6) indicates a hole for sound emission, and (7)
indicates an insulating spacer for supporting the movable electrode * f2 +. Also, as shown in FIG.
3, electret αυ having a positive surface potential and a negative surface. By providing the fixed
electrode (1) with the electret a2 having a counter potential and connecting all the signal source
(5) and the impedance matching transformer (4) as shown in FIG. It was done. However, when
electrets are used as described above, a fluorine-based resin with excellent electret 4 stability is
generally used, but it was difficult to use for a full band speaker with a reproduction frequency
range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz or more . Su Nawachi electret long-term [-! There is a problem of
practical use such as the stability of the crete voltage, and the electret is expensive when used for
a speaker with a large area. In view of the above points, the present invention has a high output
sound pressure without using an electret, that is, a low voltage sensitivity change, and an
inexpensive electrostatic type electric sound 411 converter over a wide frequency range.
Intended to be provided. The present * proposal is a push-pull type electrostatic charge type air
exchange exchanger or 11+ electrode, and either a fixed electrode or a first electrode to which a
DC current for potting is applied, and an @ml first electrode And a second electrode for applying
an electrically insulated signal voltage, and connecting one ladder of the signal source to the
upper grid 礪 eIL 礪, and coupling one ground of the ground to the pair of solid pole , And the
first note of the E note is a negative charge-type sound 41 conversion blur connected to an
independent conventional voltage source. In the following, the explanation of the 2I1 plan will be
described with reference to FIGS. 4 and 5 showing an embodiment of the present invention. For
example, as shown in FIG. (3) (3) The first electrode α [with] applied from a bird, and the
electrode I of the 42 that ifids the signal voltage from the source 1 No. 5 through the impedance
matching transformer (4) As shown in Fig. 5 which shows a partial enlarged view of the fixed
power j which is stored in a single pole ti3 of a @ 1 and a pole of a fixed power j in 1 'of a pole 2
(insulated by a thermal insulator 0j .
Further, as is apparent from 41A, one terminal of the signal source is connected to the town wJbillion (2), and the terminal is connected to the fixed electrode +11. As shown in Fig. I, if it is
installed in a certain area area with the 1st electric wave public and the 2nd 400 million, the
specific area is set to 100 million α 尋 of 諷 (1) yes @ 2 as described above. Correspondingly, the
first and the variable @ 20 鑞-4 設 け る provided in 100 million (2) is the town substation-(2)
corresponds to the second storage 祷 d 祷 l, further mark the DC voltage for bias, The seventyone 41 electricity and the like 0 are connected to the independent vaginal pressure-pressure JXt
31. By using the above-mentioned 靜 # L-type turtle-globe-literature conversion theory of the
above-mentioned 妬 structure, 2 E's capacitors (formed by the fixed 電極 and movable electrodes)
are juxtaposed in parallel, and without using the electret Voltage sensitivity can be doubled. (4), S
/ 'Furthermore, in the present invention, reproduction of a wide frequency band is facilitated, and
it is possible to obtain a charged sound 4) 4 of an all-band speaker etc. at low cost. Another
embodiment of the present invention can be constructed as a river as shown in FIG. 6 to FIG. 7.
In practice, it is preferable to make a steel-laminated 8-layer board into a single comb by etching,
printed wiring, etc. . As shown in Figure 8, @ 1 and 2nd wL billion are shown.
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