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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show longitudinal sectional views of
an ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention. Board member ii, 21 is a connecting
rod, 12.22 is a radiation tool, 13.23 is a resonance plate, 13-1 is a recess for lead wire extraction,
14-1.24-1 is an electrode, 14.24 is a ceramic transformer Dewaers-15, 25 indicated a base board.
FIG. 3a shows the resonance plate 31 provided with the support rods 32 in the central part of the
present invention at a, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a conventional
ultrasonic transducer. The teaching staff 41 is a connecting rod, 42 is a radiation plate, 43 is a
ceramic transducer 44 having an electrode 43-1 and a base board.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a transmitting
odor as well as a receiving tool used in an ultrasonic band. Conventionally, JP-B-37-455 or JP-B47-3641! As in the case of No. 1 and Japanese Examined Patent Publication No. 47-36765, etc.,
the former in which the bimorph transducer is equipped with the radiating tool or the former is
connected with the transducer. I had something to do. In each of these structures, two ceramic
vibrators were required. On the other hand, the transmission ?q-иии 66 ? ? S receiving odor of a
structure in which a flat plate and a ceramic vibrator are joined like a piezoelectric vibrator for
buzzer is extremely high Q, so It was impossible to put it to practical use because it was not
possible to obtain the necessary bandwidth as a transmitting and receiving tool in the sound
wave band. As a result of conducting various studies on these defects, we came to provide a draft.
Details will be given while making additional drawings below. A typical structure of the prior art
is shown in FIG. 4 with its longitudinal cross section shown in FIG. 4. The two sheets of 7+, 43, 6
and 6fX6. ????? A cylindrical connecting rod 41 as shown in a perspective view in FIG. 3 is
provided in a hole in the central portion of a 1-to-8 user, and a radiation tool 42 is provided on
the front and the back is positioned on the base board 44. Met. In such an old structure, it was
necessary to use two ceramic vibrators in which the manufacturing process was complicated, and
there was a defect that the unit price became expensive. In the present invention, as shown in a
perspective view in FIG. 3a, a resonant plate having a support rod 32 at the center of the plate 3I,
and a first factor shown in FIG. In contact with the ceramic vibrator (transducer) of FIG. 'Figure 1
is the front of one ceramic transducer 14 with two electrodes 14-1 joined to the resonant plate
13 with the support rod 11 of the radiator 12 at the center, It is positioned on the base board 15.
When the size of the resonance plate is larger than the electrode surface of the ceramic
transducer as in the case of cutting, it is free to provide a recess for drawing out the lead wire in
a part of the resonance plate. In FIG. 2, a ceramic transducer 24 having two electrodes 24-1 is
mounted on the front surface of a resonance plate 23 provided with a support rod 21 at its
central portion, and the base board 25 is positioned on the rear surface. Finally, the radiation tool
22 is supported by being penetrated by the support rod. In the above description, peripheral
parts, such as lead wires, housing dampers, etc., are not described in the text because they can be
processed by general conventional means.
According to the present invention, it is industrially valuable to be able to obtain an inexpensive
ultrasonic transducer having a low unit price because it is possible to use a ceramic transducer
which requires complicated manufacturing processes twice as efficiently as in the prior art. .
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