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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing a prior art
apparatus, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram showing one embodiment of the present invention, and FIG.
3 is a circuit diagram showing another embodiment of the present invention. bl ииииии Voice input
terminal, 2 ииииии Voice amplification circuit, 3 ииииииии Jack for external speaker, 4, 5
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии .... Internal speaker, 7 ..... Impedance circuit.
[Detailed description of the invention]--7 specification l, name of the invention 4 internal and
external speaker switching of the sound! ! ? ? 2 ░ Range of utility model registration terminal
Jack for external speaker and internal speaker, and external speaker for him to be inserted into
the jack via a plug: A selector switch for selectively switching and connecting an audio
amplification circuit In the case where the external speaker is connected to the upper one selfsouth amplification amplification liking by the change-over switch, the output from the audio
amplification circuit may be leaked in the internal sound speaker 1 и External speaker offmounting of the ? device characterized by the left. 8 consideration '4 city ?: moon ? tea is the
main point that leaks the output to the circle part speaker to m units which switch connection of
sound waste pain aj ? to external speaker и и и и ? и ? ? ? ? 'about the external speaker
switching ? ? ? ?' #. In general, an external speaker, such as a transceiver, a radio, a
television, is provided with an external speaker jack, and an external speaker is connected to the
jack via a plug to leave the jack. Then, it is incorporated in the jack for external speaker, and the
switch is made by 7 switches for supplementary work depending on the insertion and removal of
the plug or the above-mentioned jack and the assistance switch switched to the above state.
Alternatives: In the foundation pillow can be made. For example, as shown in FIG. 1 (as in the
case of a branch office, there is an external speaker jack 3 at the output end of the voice
amplification and recycling tower 2 for searching for the issue of Takegaki input terminal 1). 3 и и
++ + 1 ? 1, the internal speaker 6 small sweep (via the cut portion switch ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?) In this kind of D as well, in the situation where no external plug-in jack 3 is inserted (? plug
is inserted, 1ill force from the иии ? circuit 2 is an internal speaker via the switching contacts 4
and 5 In the condition that the plug of the external speaker is inserted, sVC = 1, and since the cut
welding pieces 4 and 5 have a cap portion, the attractive force is led from the jack 3 to the
external speaker "A". By the way, since such conventional internal and external speakers (in the
dormitory, one of the internal speaker and the ? external speaker 5) is a penalized vC @
production, it is If you are operating an external speaker at A1 from A1, then intercept the hoarse
output by an A / j nonconformity t0 2 one outside of such a conflict 14-r 'x 10' stabbing in order
to cut off the Y side, even if you're in the agreement to make an external speaker cut, it is
possible to operate the internal speaker for about 4 minutes It sweeps the internal and external
speaker switching ? injection of sound 4 equipment.
In the following, four examples of the drawing of the city of this invention will be described. It
should be noted that the wandering assemblage and the light 5 shown in one's desire are
displayed (the same reference numerals are used in the explanation). First of all, if you receive an
example (see ? 2: ? 1 ? ? ? ? 21 ? ? ? 21 21 ? ? 1 ? ? ? ? = ?-?, 3) In the output
of the audio ? 1jli 1 circuit 2 the external speaker A 1 ? ? ? ? temple is in contact with the
tin 2 and the jack 3: the plug is inserted and the left side is opened 4 if the plug is open It
constitutes a cut-off switch in response to a trap. Also, 6 is an internal speaker connected at the
IB power end of the audio amplification circuit 2 via the cut pieces 4 and 5, and 7 is connected in
parallel to the cut pieces 4 and 5 or The impedance for impedance is q. The impedance rating 7
is an external speaker by using a light dividing dog, lkr (?impedance ? и 1 ? 100Q ? ? и ? ?
i5) to the speaker impedance (4 G, 8 n, 16 o-life) There are 4 speakers 6 within! The LC4 output
is leaked so that the voice output can be intercepted (monitored) by the internal speaker 6. If this
is the case, if the plug of the external speaker is not inserted in the jack 3 (only the internal
speaker 6 is open because the open four 4 5 of the jack 3 contacts) Since it is connected directly
to [] ? 2, the internal speaker 6 and wales operate. Further, when the plug of the jack 3V'C
external speaker is inserted, the switching junction 4.5 is opened, so that the external speaker is
connected to the neck flsm + wlo ++ @ z, so the external speaker operates. However, the output of
sweat voice 1A add-on 2 also leaks to self-lined speaker 6 via impedance circuit 7 in this 4
o'clock, and internal speaker 6 also operates due to the small leaked output. Even if the speaker
is written to only four distant places, it can receive one voice output-then 1. @ For the example
shown in Fig. 3 и For example, 1 is a voice input terminal, 2 is a sound amplification circuit, 3 is
an external speaker river jack, 6 is an internal speaker, 7 is an impedance: vq, s is a neck Two
front panel cold 1c = Q hand, J's cut switch, jack 3 and the internal speaker 6 through the 1JJ ?
contact point 9O of 411, 42 of this cut switch 8 ? 1'ol An alternative to ? 2 (which is to
continue. The impedance (b) ? 7 is connected to the switching contact 9 ░ 10-and leaks a part
of the attractive force ? <4 applied to the four-part speaker 6 and the external speaker to the
other speaker.
With such a configuration, it is possible to operate only the speaker 6 by operating the
changeover switch 8 even if the plug of the external speaker jack JK external speaker is kept
serious. And even if it is a combination of the internal speaker 6 and 4 of which only one of the 4
speakers is operating, the local speaker is weakly output through impedance (b) approximately 7
and thus the speaker of the knife It is possible to intercept the voice output from the speaker of
one force being selected by one. As mentioned above j, j, according to these 4 medicines, even if
you are making an external Sbical set up at a place Q that is 4 places apart from the Aoyagi 4
instruments, you will be deceived by the internal speaker for the voice of the car It is possible to
provide an internal / external speaker switching device of sound # 14 that can be played back. In
addition, the switch will be issued on the impedance circuit i8 by the silk magazine, and it will be
essential 4 (I6! Its I! g] It is a late blow that it may be allowed to lose a ticket and lose it.
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