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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a tape recorder according to an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram showing the circuit
configuration of the main part thereof. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 иии Body и и 1a и и и и и и и и и и и
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии 7L, 7R ииииии Microphone, 8L, 8R иииииии Jack, 9L, 9R ииииии Recording amplifier, Sl.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a tape recorder
having a pair of built-in microphones provided on the front of the body. When recording with a
stereo tape recorder with the left channel and right channel microphones attached to the front of
the main body, the sound on the left is left-handed (1) as long as it is used while facing the front
of the main body There is no problem since the sound on the right side is picked up by the right
channel microphone and the microphone on the right side is collected. However, when the front
of the main unit is directed to the sound source and operated from the back 111i side of one
main unit ? two, the left / right sound seen from the operator is for the right channel because
the left / right relationship between the main unit and the operator is reversed. The sound of the
right 1511 is picked up by the left channel microphone 4 to the microphone. Therefore, when
playing back what was recorded in this state and listening from the front of the main body. You
can hear it by reversing N1 on the left and right when recording. This also occurs when an
external microphone is connected to the microphone jack for recording without using the built-in
microphone. ,-(7) Jt can reverse the left and right channels of the inner edge microphone or the
Taha outside 1 IQ Q phone at the time of recording, so that the right and left relationship can be
recorded correctly no matter from which position it is operated In order to provide a tape
recorder, the following will be described with reference to FIG. The Table Fooder shown in FIG. 1
is a portable type in which a radio is integrated as one unit (2), and on the upper surface of its
main body 1, an operation unit 2 for selecting functions of the tape recorder and a dial 3 4. Use
knobs to select radios using. A microphone selector switch 6 to be described later is provided to
various elements such as a knob 5 for adjusting the sound quality Ji Omahi, such as a knob 5 etc.,
which is equipped with a general tape recorder with radio. In addition, the main body 1Q]
punishment: fjla-, a pair of left and right speakers (set shown) and the microphone 7L and 7B are
good. Similarly, a pair of left and right O) external microphone connecting junks 8L and 8R are
attached to the side surface of the main body 1. When recording is to be performed with the
built-in microphones 7L and 7R inside, the main body 1 faces the sound groove so that the front
face 1a is 'f' (two devices, the operation unit 2 is operated to This operation is the same as in a
normal tape recorder. (2) The position of the changeover switch 6 is selected according to
whether the operator is facing the front face 1a of the main body 1 ? 2 or the sound #. ) \.
In this example, the lever of the changeover switch 6 is located on the front surface 1a side when
the operator faces the front 1fila of the main body 1 and also faces the sound box behind the
main body 1 Is made so as to be flipped to the other side of the [flla +: @, and by this operation,
the connections of the microphones 7L and IH are mutually exchanged. The position of the lever
of the change-over switch 6 in FIG. 1C is the state when the operator is facing the front of the
main body 1. In this state, the microphone 5 is the port 1 of the operator. The microphone IR is
located on the right side of the operator, and the positional relationship between the two is
identical. The second gang G (two microphones TL and 7R switching switch 6 are arranged in
parallel) The connection water of jacks 8L and 8R, as well as Sini recording amps 9L and 9R.
When the lever of the changeover switch 6 is turned to the front i1am 8, the switches S1 and S2
are in the contact state m * t =. Therefore, the output of the microphone IL on the left spinal cord
passes through the switch S1 and the jack 8L to the recording amplifier 9L for the left channel,
and the output of the microphone TH on the right side ??? (4) passes the switch S2 and the
jack 8R to the right channel The 1% recording amplifiers 9L and 9R) are supplied to the
recording head 9B, respectively, and supplied to the magnetic head as a recording output. Also,
when the operator performs recording in a state where it is located at the back lfIgllI of the main
body 1, the: switch switch 60] lever on the operator side, ie, the other side of the front 1i 81a i.
Thus, the switches S1 and S2 are switched on the contact B side, and the output of the left micro
phone 77L is supplied to the ? 1 amplifier 9R for the right channel and the d power of the right
microphone 7R is supplied to the recording amplifier 9L for the left channel. To be By switching
and recording as described above, the right and left relationships experienced by the operator 1in the old days are correctly reproduced at the time of reproduction. When the switch S having a
lever operated in the relationship as shown in FIG. 1 is used, there is no possibility that the
operation of the switch 6 will be enjoyed. When the left and right jacks 8L and 8R (each: '? и (5)
external microphones (not shown) are connected I: the built-in microphones 7L and 7R are
disconnected at the positions of the jacks 8L and 8H, and the jacks The outputs of the external
microphones connected to 8L and 8B are supplied as they are to the recording amplifiers 9L and
9B, but if it is desirable to switch between the external microphones as described above, the
switch 81.82 should be jacked. The king is also good for setting after SL and 8H.
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