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i-specification 1, title of the invention
Voice playback device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention provides an audio reproduction
apparatus in which the user's own voice and the user's voice once recorded and reproduced can
be heard in the same manner. Generally, the sound of recording and playing back one's voice
sounds different in sound quality from the one you are listening to yourself. This is due to the
following reasons. In FIG. 1, reference numeral 1 denotes a speaker, and his / her voice spoken
by this speaker 1 is mainly transmitted through a skull or the like and air conduction B reaching
the tympanic membrane inside. FIG. 2 shows the frequency characteristics of the abovementioned bone conduction. Further, the above-mentioned air conduction is affected by the
directivity of the 10 speakers, the diffraction of the head, and the auricle, and the frequency
characteristics shown in FIG. 3 are obtained. The air conduction is delayed by about 360 ?B to
400 ?6 as compared with the bone conduction. On the other hand, the voice of the speaker 1 is
radiated from the mouth, transmitted to the microphone 2 by air conduction C, recorded,
reproduced, and transmitted to the eardrum of the speaker 1 by air conduction. As described
above, the conduction path in which one talker 10 voices are transmitted to the eardrum and the
conduction path in which the reproduced sound of voices is transmitted to the eardrum are
different from each other, and their circumference V number characteristics are different. , It is
different from my voice recorded and played back. The present invention has been made in view
of the above points, and one embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to FIG. 1 In FIG. 4, 3 is an input EndPage: 1 + -TL blade terminal to which a
reproduction signal is applied, 4 is an electric circuit simulating a bone conduction frequency
characteristic, 6 is a delay circuit which delays the reproduction signal by 350 t 111 to 400 ?B,
6 is 1 is an electric circuit that simulates the air conduction frequency characteristic of the air
conduction path shown by B in FIG. 1, and the audio signal is applied to the adder 7 via the
electric path 4 and the delay circuit 6 ░ The resultant signal is applied to the adder 7 through
the circuit 6, and this composite signal is amplified by the amplifier, applied to the speaker and
emitted. The above-mentioned electric circuit is constituted on the basis of a filter circuit. The
present invention is configured as described above, and according to the present invention, it has
the advantage that one's own voice to be heard by itself and one minute's voice recorded and
reproduced can be heard similarly.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram showing the sound
propagation state, FIG. 2 is a bone conduction frequency characteristic diagram, FIG. 3 is a
frequency characteristic diagram of an air conduction path from the mouth to the ear, FIG. It is a
block diagram of the audio reproduction apparatus in one example of the present invention.
Electric circuit, 76 ииииии Adder. Name of Agent Attorney Nakao and 1 other EndPage: ?
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