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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a corona discharge
type speaker, and FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of a speaker according to the present invention.
In the figure, 1 is an internal electrode, 2 is an external electrode, 3 is a discharge chamber, and
4 is a horn.
【Detailed description of the invention】 l F FJ j) · 'Description of the invention name of the
invention corona discharge 1 ¥ type speaker Z practical' # T recordings claim (1) between the
internal electrode 1 and the external dragonfly 2 At the same time, a corona discharge type
speaker (2) whose internal electrode has a tip that 5 t 4i of the corona discharge type speaker
that generates all corona discharge is tungsten containing inexpensive IL thorium is provided
with the radiator 8 Utility model registration aS 範 範 (第 (1) Th Thd 畝 speaker. 3 The critical
customs proposal in the proposal relates to the corona discharge type speaker. Here, a corona
discharge type speaker obtains high frequency area by amplitude modulation with “J audio
frequency, and discharges the inside in the discharge chamber 3 between the pole 1 and the
outside 2 to obtain a town listening area It is. It is considered that the most excellent one as
inside & attached to platinum, or platinum alloy, is generally used as an element, and it has been
used in general. Also, because the wear is large, the life is short, and the inner electrode metal
which has been exhausted is released! E Unstable deposition causes abnormal discharge, which
further accelerates the depletion of the internal electrode and contributes to noise generation.
Although it can be solved by limiting the corona discharge output to reduce the consumption of
the internal electrode, it has a drawback that it is difficult to take out the practical '-J-capable
back door output. The present invention was made by paying attention to the point on the pot,
and by using tungsten containing internal electrolyte mb total thorium oxide, consumption of the
internal electrode is reduced, and therefore the corona discharge output is increased. It is
possible to easily obtain practical voice output. First of all, I will clarify the structure of the
speaker related to this invention. Part IIyJ is a description of a so-called corona discharge type
speaker. In the figure, 1 denotes the internal telephone 2 and the external telephone number is
circular, and the voice signal 7 is oscillated by the high frequency total voice jg 7 from @ 6 and
amplitude modulated between the internal St pole 1 and the external pole 1 ' Sound is generated
by corona discharge in the discharge chamber 3 of FIG. The feature of the present invention is
that tungsten containing thorium oxide is used for the internal electrode 1 and the same
structure as that of the conventional platinum or platinum alloy can be used. Also, FIG. 2 shows
an example of a speaker according to the present invention. The internal electrode 1 made of
thorium oxide-bonded tungsten is traded to the radiator 8 by caulking, and the tip ^ is in the
shape of an angle of 90 ° and the outer diameter is made of a weir of 1.61111. The discharge
chamber 3 is made of quartz glass and the inner diameter of the most narrowed portion is
tapered at 3 ° and 1.5 °.
The end of the external electrode 2 is located on the same plane as the tip of the internal
electrode 1, and is not in contact with the discharge chamber 3. Specifically, the conventional
internal electrode made of platinum is used with a large output of about 5 oW. Even if it is used
for 30 days or more in one history river for 1 day and hours, it is also greedy Without, I was able
to continue to use 1i normally. 1. Also, since tungsten containing thoriated phosphor has good
electron emissivity, discharge start is easy and sound sensitivity is also improved. Further, since
tungsten containing all thorium boride has good electron emissivity, the stability of the discharge
is good. 4 is an explanatory view of a corona discharge type speaker, and FIG. 2 shows an
embodiment of a speaker according to the present invention. In the figure, l is an internal
electrode, 2 is an external! The pole 3 indicates a discharge chamber, and 4 indicates the whole
horn. Disaster Ll # proposed registration 1) 畠 64 64 1 1 杓 杓 ・ ・ · · ノ ア Noah 6 /, 7 no (3T
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