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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a composite speaker of which a
part is omitted. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 1-- of FIG. 13 ииииии Second damper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a composite
loudspeaker which improves the dustproof and diaphragm support of the magnetic gap of the
bass loudspeaker. The composite speakers can be roughly classified into 2s according to the
method of attaching the medium and high-tone speaker to the plate. 1) The arm is attached to
the frame opening front end of the speaker for bass, the middle to high-tone speaker is attached
to the arm, and the other is a spacer on the top of the center pole of the speaker for bass The
middle high-pitched speaker is attached to the front end of the spacer. In the former case, the
arm covers the front of the low-frequency speaker, so that the aperture ratio is degraded and the
sound quality is degraded. The latter can be overcome, but the problem is in dustproofing the
magnetic gap of the low-frequency speaker there were. The present invention has been made in
view of such a point, and in the case of the latter one, a gunpa is attached between the spacer
and the bass speaker to solve the above-mentioned nine problems and further for the bass.
Support of the diaphragm) i. Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. 1 is a first magnetic circuit consisting of a magnet ia, i:
1b, and a brake lo, and the central portion of the bass diaphragm 3 is fixed to the bobbin 2
whose voice coil 21 portion is located in the magnetic gap . Then, the first damper 5 is attached
between the fixed portion and the first frame 4, and an edge T is deposited between the outer
peripheral end of the bass diaphragm 3 and the second frame. ing. A spacer 8 is screwed by a
screw IK to the center pole center of the first magnetic circuit 10 yoke 1b, a second magnetic
circuit 11 by a screw IOK by a screw IOK by a screw IOK at the tip of a spanner, -The lanes 12
are respectively assigned 1). And between the outer periphery of this spacer 8 and the said low
frequency diaphragm 3, the 2nd damper 13 inclined so that a center direction might become
high is attached. The second magnetic circuit 11 is a magnet 11m. The center of the diaphragm
15 for medium sound is attached to the mevin 14 which is composed of the yoke 11b and the
grate 110 and the voice coil is located in the magnetic gap, and the outer peripheral portion of
the diaphragm 15 for medium sound is an edge Attached to the third frame 16). The postscript
third magnetic circuit 12! The voice coil of the high-tone diaphragm 11 in the form of a dome is
located in the magnetic gap of the Gunet 12 & and the yoke 12b. (1) Easy end damper) 1s is an
equalizer, 20 is a horn, and 21 is a fourth frame.
A cap 22 is fitted on the outer peripheral portion of the second frame 6, and a plurality of stays
22 are also formed on the cap 22. Further, a dustproof cloth 23 is stretched on the cap 22 so as
to cover the low frequency diaphragm 3 when the cap 22 is fitted to the second frame 6, and an
agricultural net 24 is attached thereto. A nameplate 25 is attached to the center of the protective
net 24. The tinsel wire 26 of one pole is drawn out from the first frame 40 terminal 21 and is a
position suitable for the lead wire of the voice coil borne on the low frequency diaphragm 3, nine
positions suitable for a medium sound speaker, the middle position The three holes are passed to
reach the intermediate terminal 28, and it is connected to the voice coil wire of the medium
frequency diaphragm 15 and the voice coil wire of the high frequency vibration plate 11 ing. The
lead wire 21L8 of the voice coil 21L of the low frequency diaphragm 3 is fixed by an adhesive
over the surface of the diaphragm 3 and fixed by soldering to a part 26 of the tinsel wire 26. The
same is true for the tinsel wire of the other pole. In the above, at the time of assembly, first, the
bass speaker including the first magnetic circuit 1 and the bass diaphragm 3 is assembled, and
separately from the spacer 8, the 2a gas circuit 11 and the mid tone diaphragm 15 are included.
The midrange speaker and the high tone speaker including the third afi circuit 12 and the high
tone diaphragm 11 are subjected to IIR attachment. Then, the spacer weir is fixed to the top of
the center ball of the yoke 1b of the weir 1 magnetic X / t weir circuit 1 with a screw 9 from the
back. The tinsel wire 26 from the terminal 2T is wetted to the three holes of the diaphragm 3 at
the time of the bass speaker assembly, and the lead wire 2a is soldered to the portion 26 &. The
connection to the intermediate terminal 28 is made after the assembly of the spacer 8. The first
damper 5 is assembled during the assembly of the bass loudspeaker, but the second damper 13
is attached after the assembly of the spacer 8. The second damper 13 not only functions as a
damper but also acts as a shield against the magnetic gap of the bass speaker. The cap 22 is
fitted last. As described above, according to the present invention, a damper is installed between
the spacer and the diaphragm of the bass speaker. Therefore, the damper functions as
dustproofing for the magnetic gap of the low frequency speaker, and supports the low frequency
diaphragm to suppress lateral displacement, resonance, etc. of the low frequency diaphragm,
thereby realizing a speaker with large amplitude and large input. .
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