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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing a piezoelectric
buzzer device according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side view
showing the configuration of a piezoelectric speaker 9 of the device of FIG. FIG. 3 is a waveform
diagram illustratively showing a collector voltage and a base voltage in the circuit of FIG. In the
reference numerals used in the drawings, 1 is a DC power supply, 2 is a transformer, 3 is a
primary winding, 4 is a transistor, 5 is an emitter resistor, 6 is a secondary winding & 7 is a
resistor, 8 is a capacitor, 9 is a capacitor It is a piezoelectric speaker.
[Detailed description of the invention] (2) In the present invention, for example, a piezoelectric
vibration device such as a piezoelectric sounding body for constituting a piezoelectric buzzer is
beaten by an element capable of suppressing vibration by a soiling electric reverse effect to an
oscillator. The present invention relates to a piezoelectric vibration device. Piezoelectric buzzer
devices or piezoelectric vibration devices are well known, but devices that are sloppy in volume
ratio and easily live in a desired oscillation state are also not known. Therefore, the purpose of
the present invention is that the circuit configuration is simple and that “Ya's vibratory
stretching lt-easy to answer → is it J-J? Piezoelectric vibration device II. The above object 'ii- The
present invention for achieving the purpose of the present invention is to use a primary winding
of a transformer whose one end is Wr at one end of a DC power supply, and a' 3 'rector at the
other end of the primary good pair. The transistor rt, the emitter resistance n connected between
the emitter 31 of the previous self-transistor and the other end of the DC power supply, the
primary resistance in the primary winding rL and the -ta are the transistors A secondary good of
the transformer f connected to the pace of f, a base modified shield resistance f connected
between the other end of the P] +1 虻 secondary winding and one end of the self current 111L 諏
, A capacitor for a base mill j connected with a mountain JK between the other end of the
secondary winding and the other end of the straight nine and a field between the collector of the
transistor and the other end of the flow power source] The present invention relates to a
piezoelectric vibratory cylinder made of a connected earth-torque-inserted moving element.
According to the present invention, it is useful to provide an oscillating table type that vibrates
intermittently in an extremely short circuit configuration. Also, adjustment of the emitter
resistance makes it possible to easily change the oscillation period. Hereinafter, with reference to
the drawings, regarding the embodiment of the present invention (see FIG. 1 showing the
piezoelectric buzzer i * according to the embodiment of the present invention, a transformer at
one end of the first class turtle source (1) of about 9). In the primary winding (3) of (2), -4 is ah,
and the other end of the primary winding (3) is a collector of the transistor (4). Then, an emitter
resistor (5) of 5 to 100 Ω plug is connected between the emitter of the transistor (4) and the
other end of the local current 1 yi Lil +. Therefore, the primary winding (31 and the transistor (4)
is-in the evening 11 and the transistor (4) is turned on. The collector current to turn on Igj K [T n.
The second best line (6) -4 of the transformer (2) connected to the first best @ (3) is connected to
the pace of the transistor (4) n, this second %% @ 16) The other @ is connected to one end of the
power supply 11i through the pace scraping resistor (7).
Between the other end of the second-order 祷 @ (6) and the other end of the 龜 source (1), the
reverse bias can be applied to the base (5; In the more catastrophic case shown in Fig. 1, a solid
electrolytic capacitor (8) is connected. Further, in the dark between the collector of the transistor
(4) and the other end of the power supply il +, the earth-to-ground body (9) is grade rt rt. A pair
of wires is wound around a transformer + 21u and a pot ferrite core to form a primary winding @
(3) and a secondary good line (6), and a collector current flows through the transistor (4) into
fL7'CI. T / h, so that the weight in the direction of maintaining 4) ON occurs in the second best
41iit 61. In addition, as shown in FIG. 2, the piezoelectric sounding body (9) is a pair of m-1 !! It
is a known piezoelectric sounding body (6) provided with +03, and attached thereto a vibrating iJ
plate U 謙 made of a circular & shaped brass plate with a target diameter of about 27 mrn with
the ice-contact material U and vibratably held. The operation of this circuit will now be described
without reference to FIG. Following the inflow turtle source 11+ in the oscillator circuit, the base
[R6ifN, lt] to the transistor 14) through the resistor (7). トランジスタ(4)がオンになる。
Then, current flows to the primary winding (3) through the transistor (4). Due to this rL, the
transistor (41 turns on in advance in the secondary direction (sfe + occurs), and the positive
feedback i operation causes the base Ikl current of the transistor (4) to increase in history. そして
。 The collector current of transistor (4) also increases with time, and at that point the collector
current of transistor (4) reaches the saturation region. When the collector current saturates, the
voltage of the primary winding (3) and the secondary winding (6) becomes zero, so that the
transistor (4) can not maintain saturation and suddenly turns off. become. In this (b) path, there
is no tertiary winding that classifies the load (7), so that the energy accumulated in the primary
winding (3) is a piezoelectric sounding body that also has e-function as a capacitor It is moved to
(9). そして。 The LC resonant circuit formed by the primary winding (inductance L of 31 and the
pressure 'll L and it's electrostatic body (9)) oscillates at the resonance frequency determined at
rt and 1 ° C. The collector voltage Vc and the base voltage V of the transistor (4) as shown
exemplarily in FIG. Changes by +2] hearing Hankan number. That is, when the transistor (41 or
17) is saturated and turned off, a voltage for reverse biasing the base of the transistor (4) is
generated at the secondary good N 16i, and the transistor (4) is turned off.
However, in the period when the rtfc * load is discharged to the piezoelectric heater (9) due to
the resonance operation comes to a period of fL, a voltage for positively biasing the transistor (4)
is generated in the secondary winding (6). Line (8) +61, pace emitter 1 '& 11. of transistor (4). In
the resistor (5 (, a closed circuit consisting of the base control capacitor (8), the base current
flows rL and the transistor (4) is turned on. Simultaneously with this rL, the condenser 18 (the
round turtle does it. Thus, when the transistor (4) is turned on, If, all of the turtle sound
generator (rt stored in 91 will not be transferred to the inductance of the first order 轡 @ (3) rt,
part or transistor (4) And the emitter resistance (5) loses on the N path to lose. The resonance by
the first order @@ i3 + and the pressure wL speaker (9) is permanently insane (not just that the
resonance stops at 11 time point. The reason for this is that the capacitor (8) is charged each
time the transistor (4) is turned on, resulting in a decrease in the power of the point A. Therefore,
between the sound generation 191 of tt to t, the base-emitter resistance R1 ベ ー ス of the
transistor (4), the resistance (5) and the valley ttC4 of the capacitor (8) determine 97rL. When
the voltage change of the capacitor (8) turns on or turns off the transistor (4), the voltage at
point A starts to increase from time t1 and turns on again at time t. Repeat your colleague's
behavior. Therefore, the tone generation pause period t "to t4, ~ 4 is determined by the time
constant of the resistor (7) and the capacitor (8). As apparent from the above, in this device, since
the piezoelectric sounding body (9) is used as a capacitor, intermittent sounding can be achieved
with a circuit ratio of a mass factor. In addition, it is possible to accurately set 8. Also, by
changing the emitter resistance (5), it becomes possible to easily change the sound generation
time t, ~t. In addition, if the value of the emitter resistance (4) is increased, it becomes
substantially U seasonal JCil & oscillation OJ. Although the implementation fllK of the present
invention has been described above, the present invention is not limited to the above-mentioned
East practice example, but it is the one with the variable cedar 1 Jli in history. For example, a
piezoelectric sounding body (a diaphragm t1 of an all-purpose resin plate may be used to
electrically connect all electrodes U, a piezoelectric sounding body (9) may have a three-pole
structure, etc. Good as. In addition to the piezoelectric buzzer, the device can be used as a
stalking port, and it can be applied to a meeting where a ceramic piezoelectric and moving
element are operated in place of the piezoelectric sounding body (9) and vibrated by 會 L.
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