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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic ceramic
microphone according to a conventional example, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an
embodiment of the ultrasonic ceramic microphone according to the present invention, and FIG. It
is a figure which shows a sensitivity frequency characteristic and an impedance characteristic. 6 ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Bimorph oscillator, 8 · · · cone-shaped resonator, 9 · · · · composite resonator,
12 · · · · · · · terminal plate, 13 · · ·・ Ke
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is to provide an ultrasonic
ceramic microphone having a wide-band custom-made that can be used for a multi-channel
remote control device of a TV moat control. A conventional microphone of this type will be
described with reference to FIG. A top of a conical resonator 2 made of metal or diaphatic oil is
fixed at the central portion of the bimorph oscillator 1; a composite resonator is constructed, the
composite resonator is made elastic, and a secondary agent 5 is used An ultrasonic ceramic
microphone comprising a terminal plate 3 attached by the above and a case 4 covering the
composite resonator. In the conventional structure, since the mechanical vibration Qm of the
bimorph oscillator 1 is 'high' and can not be matched with the acoustic intrinsic impedance of air
necessary for acoustic conversion, the conical resonator 2 at the center of the bimorph oscillator
1 By selecting the material of the front 61 conical resonator 2, the acoustic conversion efficiency
is enhanced, and the product has R absorption properties. しかし。 Due to the resonance type,
the attenuation of sensitivity is large except at the resonance point. By adding the conical
resonator 2 at the same time as the structure can not obtain a wide band, the mounting has a
resonance 8 mantissa fluctuation of more than or equal to 2 or more, and the one frequency
stability is bad. An object of the present invention is to provide an ultrasonic ceramic microphone
having a wide band characteristic, which improves the problems of the conventional products
described above. An embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG.
In FIG. 2, eA is a piezoelectric ceramic vibration-! An electrokinetic 5-3 actuator, 6B is a
piezoelectric ceramic vibrator or a diaphragm made of metal or resin having no piezoelectricity,
and in the present embodiment, a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator is used, and a pressure% ceramic
vibrator is used. A bimorph oscillator 6 is formed by bonding to 6A, and 'input / output of
electric signal is performed through the lead wires 7A and 7B. When an alternating current
signal is applied through the lead wires 7A and 7B, the bimorph oscillator 6 generates flexural
vibration. 8 is a metal (or resin) conical resonator having a bimodal peak cross section, and its
two peaks are attached to the bimorph oscillator 6 by an adhesive or the like, thereby making a
complex resonance The child 9 is composed. The conical resonator 8 is divided into a portion
which is directly vibrated by the bimorph oscillator 6 and a portion which is −) tangentially
received. This is due to the two peaks, and the impedance characteristic of the composite
resonator 9 having the conical resonator 8 is a compound formed by the mechanical bimodal
resonance characteristic and the bimorph resonance characteristic of the conical resonator 8. A
resonance is obtained, i.e. having more than one resonance point.
According to the present embodiment 2, the method of conical resonator 8 has a bottom surface
J24 with an outer diameter of 6 to 8 Mφ facing the top, an angle (fan town) connecting the top
and the bottom of 180 to 160 °, and two European (2) dual The peak pitch is 1 to 3 帖. The
impedance characteristic of the composite resonator 9 at this time is such that the first resonant
frequency fr + is about 3 aKHz, and the second resonant frequency uf2 is about as x H, ('i.
However, the number of turns of the bimorph oscillator 6 is set to about 42 to 47 KHz. In this
way, the composite resonator 9 of the present invention can obtain an impedance custom order
having two resonance points as shown by the resonance curve a in FIG. 3, and in acoustic
characteristics, the two such as shown in b of FIG. A sensitivity frequency characteristic against
the resonant layer mantissa can be obtained, and a wide band and high sensitivity can be
exhibited. The impedance between the first resonance point and the second resonance point is
almost a single pair, and conventionally the high sensitivity region shows resonance
characteristics and the impedance fluctuates rapidly, whereas the remarks take stable
impedance. It is possible to In the configuration of FIG. 2 of the upper uU 2, 10 is an elastic
adhesive for attaching the composite resonator 9 on the terminal plate 12 on which the external
terminals 11 A and II B are implanted, @ 5 lead rA The 7ks electrically connects the upper and
lower electrodes of the bimorph oscillator 6 to the external terminals 11A and 11b. 13 is the
composite resonator 9. It is a case which covers lead wire 7A, yb with the terminal board 12. FIG.
Further, in FIG. 2, the conical resonator 8 can be implemented when the apex 1 also has two or
more apexes in cross section. As described above, according to the configuration of the present
invention, since the conical resonator has a plurality of apexes, the fixation to the bimorph
oscillator is stabilized, and at the same time, the shape of the conical resonator causes a
mountain of mechanical resonance characteristics. Since the contact area with the bimorph
oscillator is increased, the resistance L is increased, and the impedance between the resonance
points is stabilized with high impedance. Therefore, the pull-in phenomenon which causes a
problem in the design of one circuit is less likely to occur. As described above, according to the
configuration of the present invention, it is possible to provide an ultrasonic ceramic microphone
with high sensitivity and wide band (about twice or more than that of the conventional resonator
microphone). N) 16
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