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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram partially showing an
embodiment of the present invention as a block diagram, and FIG. 2 is an embodiment which can
be switched to a conventional voice level meter indication to check the phase as well. FIG. 6 is a
circuit diagram partially showing an example in a block diagram. 10 и и и L channel audio input,
20 и и и и R channel audio input, 11 и и и и и и L channel VU resistance attenuator, 21 и и и и R channel
VU total resistor attenuator 12 и и и и и и L channel matrix transformer, 22 и и и и и и R channel matrix
transformer, 23 ..... phase detection at VU meter indication adjusting resistor attenuator 14, иииии L
? Yan'neru VU display or L + R display, 24 ииииии R channel VU display, or L-R display, 15.16,25,26
ииииии VU meter and phase meter switching Interlocking switch.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an apparatus for
indicating the relative value of the phase of both channels using a U-hand in a two-channel stereo
audio circuit of the present invention. Conventionally, a phase difference display device of the
seed type uses an oscilloscope, inputs the L channel to the X axis and the R channel to the Y axis,
displays the resurge waveform, and detects the phase difference of K The Shikatsu 1-! / By using
an oscilloscope, the phase difference display device becomes relatively large, the power
consumption is large, performing multiple phase adjustment by resurge-finds the minimum point
of the phase difference There were drawbacks such as the need for special technology, and the
expensive equipment. The purpose of the present invention is to add the peripheral circuit of the
VU meter, which is installed for voice level indication K to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, by the instrument's pointer) L). It is an object of the present invention to provide an
apparatus in which the magnitude of the phase difference between the two channels can be
indicated. According to the present invention, the same VU meter as that used for instructing the
level of audio to each channel in a two-channel stereo audio circuit is prepared as a phase needle,
or an audio level indicated amount VU meter is used. By switching (1), it is possible to obtain a
device which causes the two VU meters to indicate the sum and difference of both channels, and
to display the phase between the channels as the relative amount) according to the instruction of
the meter. According to this invention, when the same audio signal is sent to each channel of the
2-channel stereo audio circuit, the amplification degree of the audio circuit may be the same
when each VU meter instructs each of the sum and difference If you hold it down. Visual
observation of both VU meters is based on the principle that the phase difference of the system
can be read as a relative amount from K. Next, a first embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. Referring to FIG. 1, an embodiment of the present
invention, an L-channel human-power 10 for voice, an R-channel 20, a VU measuring resistor
resistance attenuator 1121, a matrix transformer 12.22, and a sum / difference It includes a
resistor attenuator 13.23 and a VU meter 14.24 that bring the signal to the proper level. The
matrix transformer 12.22 is matched with the negative load resistance of the VU meter, and the
turns ratio of the secondary side to the secondary side is 1 to 1, so that the same output voltage
can be obtained with 2 turns on the secondary side. The sum of the output voltages of the matrix
transformers 12 and 22 is input to the U meter 14, and the resistance attenuator on the way is
? 3-. By correcting the indication of the VU meter that is too large, the indication of the VU
meter 14 is displayed as O when the in-phase OVU input is at 10 and 20.
If there is a phase difference, it falls below the indicator company O. On the other hand, the
difference between the output voltages of the matrix transformers 125 and 22 is input to the VU
meter 24, the level is adjusted by the resistance attenuator in the middle, and when the reverse
phase OvU input is input to the inputs 10 and 20, the VU meter 24 indicates 0 indicate. In this
way, by causing the VU meter to indicate the phase difference of the two-channel stereo audio
circuit, it is possible to check the relative amount of SI O. Further, whether the content of the
audio program is stereo or monaural can be visually confirmed depending on whether or not
there is a difference (LR) component. Referring to FIG. 2, in the second embodiment, in particular,
the VU meter for phase control 15 is used by switching instead of setting for a normal sound
level independently of the normal sound level. 20. R-channel input 20, VU needle low resistance
attenuator 1121, matrix transformer 12.22, resistance attenuator 13.23 and VU meter 14.24,
and VU display 7 to bring each signal to the appropriate level 204. Interlocking switch 15 ░
16.25.26 for switching phase display. When the interlock switch 15, 16 ░ 25.26 is Kfk as shown
in FIG. 2, the R channel audio level is displayed with the 145 KL channel audio level 24 and when
15, 16, 25. 26 are made, the matrix transformer 12. The VU needle command is a sum signal (L +
R) at 14 as it is input to the VU meter through 22 and the resistance attenuator 13.23. The
difference signal (L-R) is displayed at 1024. In this way, the circuit can be regarded as the same
when all <VU meters are connected when viewed from outside the company from the input
10.20. As described above, the present invention makes use of two vU needles to make a sum
signal and a difference signal (for example, use a matrix transformer). By configuring a device for
displaying each of them, it is possible to indicate the relative value of the phase difference
between I ? ? and R, and to configure a simple phase monitoring device. 2005
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