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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the present invention. In
the figure, 1 and 2 are input terminals, 4 is an amplification part of a speaker drive amplifier, 5 is
a feedback circuit part, 7 is a speaker, L is an inductance part of a speaker, R is a resistor, r is a
current detection For the resistance, ▪ is the amplifier output voltage, ■ is the back
electromotive voltage of the speaker, and ■ is the current flowing through the speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker drive
circuit, and in particular, without providing a detector in the speaker, MFB (motional; +1 1 Z,-yz /
l j? Speaker drive circuit for performing In the conventional speaker Z Z) A method to reduce
distortion of the part that converts the electrical signal into mechanical vibration and 【7, a
detector for detecting the movement of the voice coil is provided, and the output of this detector
is driven and amplified By inserting a bridge circuit of voice coil and resistance of the speaker
into the output circuit of the amplifier, and negatively feeding back the output of the bridge
circuit to the driving amplifier. An MFB configured to obtain substantially the same effect as in
the case where a detector for detecting the movement of the voice coil is provided has been used.
Among them, in the detector gold plating method, MFB can be applied only to a special speaker
provided with a detector, and in the bridge method, adjustment is complicated and the circuit is
complicated, so it is applied to a general speaker drive amplifier. There is a difficult drawback of
b. Since the present invention aims to provide a speaker driving circuit which eliminates the
above-mentioned drawbacks as described above, it is a simple circuit configuration and distortion
generated by the resistance of the voice coil of the speaker without attaching a special detector
to the speaker ( 2) It cancels the noise and improves the damping and frequency characteristics,
and the resistance for detecting cell 1 is connected in series with the voice coil of the speaker in
the place where it is a characteristic of the characteristic. 7. By positively feeding back the
voltage across this resistor to the speaker driving amplifier, the resistance of the voice coil is
canceled. (By negative resistance effect), it reduces distortion generated by the influence of
resistance and also changes negative resistance by increase and decrease of feedback amount.
The point is to be able to do it easily. Hereinafter, details f of the present invention will be
described. ill (21 is an input terminal to which the output from the voltage amplification circuit
or the like between the stages preceding the power amplification circuit is input. The input
terminal (1) is applied to the speaker drive amplifier circuit (4) through the adder circuit (3), and
the speaker drive amplifier circuit (4) is applied to the speaker (6). Here, V- represents the back
electromotive force of the speaker, the inductance component of the LH speaker voice coil, and
the resistance of the voice coil of a good varnish beaker. (3) One end of the voice coil (7) of the A
′ ′ ′ speaker 161 is connected to the negative input terminal through the resistor r, the other
end of the resistor is added with the adding circuit mark through the feedback circuit (5) The
speaker drive amplifier circuit (4) K is positively returned.
In the above circuit configuration, V is the output [IE, I flows to the speaker 2) current of the
speaker drive amplification circuit A. In the above circuit configuration, when the output upper
pressure V of the speaker drive amplification circuit (4) is applied to the voice coil (7), when the
voice coil (7) has a small fiL, a current of -v ≠ □ R + r The voice coil tries to move by a force
proportional to this blood flow ■, but the load of the speaker (6) changes due to the influence of
amplitude and frequency, so the movement of the voice coil becomes proportional to the current
iI. The back electromotive force also changes under this influence. As a result, the current {circle
over (1)} is distorted and also the movement of the voice coil (7) is distorted. In order to reduce
distortion of the voice coil (7), the voltage across the resistor r for the voice coil vcm and the
current detection (4) 2y connected to the scratch is positively fed back to the amplifier (4) K
positive By canceling the influence of the voltage drop due to the resistance component R of the
coil, the input terminal of the amplifier A to the amplifier 〇 The voltage multiplied by the
amplification degree is the inductance L of the voice coil (7) and the back electromotive voltage
So that the voice coil has a back electromotive force approximately equal to this applied voltage?
Act to occur. Therefore, under the influence of the speaker load, it becomes possible to drive the
speaker with less distortion V << and distortion of low-pass resonance can be made to change the
feedback t. Of course, it is also possible to change the frequency characteristics and damping
characteristics by inputting a circuit such as a feedback circuit Vcfjt circuit or a differentiation
circuit, and changing the frequency characteristic and the damping characteristic by using h0 or
a resistor as a variable resistor. Of course, it is possible to control the damping characteristics
and frequency characteristics of the speaker. Since the present invention is configured as
described above, it is possible to easily improve the speaker's frequency characteristics and
distortion factor damping characteristics by adding a simple circuit to the speaker driving unit,
and also possible to reproduce bass in a small speaker (5) Its practical effect is great, such as
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