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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the invention, wherein 8 is a diaphragm, 8a is a vent, 9 is a rigid V-shaped
groove, and 1.0 ° is an elastic material.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION A dome speaker according to the present
invention has rigidity at the junction of the diaphragm and the elastic material for closing the air
vent provided at the top thereof, and prevents deformation due to expansion and contraction due
to the top peripheral edge. About Shiro. Conventionally, in order to suppress the peak and gap of
the high frequency characteristic of the dome speaker, a hole is provided at the top of the
diaphragm and an elastic material is attached to the hole to give a loss. In the case where the
elastic material is fixedly bonded in a structurally low rigidity part ": (1) / 2 / f secondly, it is
extremely weak against expansion and contraction at the joint. Force deformation occurs, which
causes distortion of the dome speaker. In order to ameliorate the above-mentioned drawbacks,
the diaphragm itself is treated with a curing agent etc. to give strength, but with such a method,
disturbance of frequency characteristics is newly generated, so it is very difficult to perform
performance soiling. Met. According to the present invention, the joint of the elastic member of
the diaphragm 2 has an annular rigidity, and by this action, the joint of the diaphragm is
strengthened against the expansion and contraction toward the central part of the elastic
member, and the deformation due to the top periphery It is an object of the present invention to
eliminate the distortion of the dome speaker and to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks. In
the following, the embodiment of the present invention will be described. 111 is a yoke of a
dome speaker, (2) is a center pole integrated with the yoke, (8) is a permanent magnet, (4) is a
plate, @ is fixed to the plate Frame, (0 voice coil, (2) is a spider that supports this voice coil and
prevents side shake, (2) is a diaphragm, and a vent hole (8a) is formed-) the top (2) A groove
having rigidity at the edge of the part is an elastic material whose tip is fixedly joined to this
groove. As described above, when the diaphragm of the present invention prevents deformation
due to the rigidity of the top peripheral edge, the hole in the top can be enlarged to give a large
loss in the book, so the practical effect is large in performance. .
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