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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows the structure of the dome-shaped
diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 2 shows the structure of the same rate. 1 is a sheet
and 2 is a substrate layer.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a dome shaped
diaphragm using a novel diaphragm substrate. Heretofore, it has been known whether a 1 ..-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-. After heating, it is heated and pressed to form a dome shape, and then human blood of
the base fabric is coated with a sealing agent (silicon resin, acrylic resin, etc.) to form a sealing
film. Such a structure is composed of three steps of a base fabric forming step, a fixing step, and
a drying step after filling treatment, and it has a size of 4 people / 7 persons, and the filling
treatment step Since it is 9 manual operations which is applied several times by the like, the
workability is remarkably excellent and the mass productivity is poor. Since the coating operation
is manual work, uniform coating is extremely difficult, and the quality of the diaphragm becomes
uneven. Furthermore, since the filler 1 such as a silicon finger has a large specific gravity, the
diaphragm weight is large and the efficiency is low, and the vibration loss is small, and abnormal
vibration occurs particularly in the crystal #f region to increase distortion. There was a defect
such as In view of such points, the present invention aims to obtain a simple f-hi of the
manufacturing process and a well-maintained vibrating diaphragm, and its features include a
non-woven fabric fiber layer and a continuous fine porous structure A structure formed by heatweighting a sheet having a structure substantially the same as that of the structure of a large
scale skin, and forming it into a dome shape, using a base layer three-dimensionally interlocked
with a polymer elastomer having It is in. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention
will be described. @ As a moving plate base fabric (1), a substrate 1 having a lantam-dimensional
J-body structure is intertwined between a fiber layer of non-woven fabric structure and a
polymer elastomer 3 having a continuous fine porous structure Apply the sheet to -6. In this
embodiment, the seal 1- (1 + tie, Kuraray Co., Ltd. product, synthetic leather-· ー) (Kei Green
Commerce Bureau) US) '-BL-94 (prefecture) τ was used. As shown in FIG. 2, the synthetic leather
Kuranon has a polyurethane resin 1 · r assimilated between the polyimide fiber layers of the nonwoven fabric structure, and this fiber layer and the polyurethane elastomer having a continuous
enemy axis porous structure are one-dimensional. On the surface of the base layer (hand-woven
# layer) (2), which has a three-dimensional phantom structure intertwined in an interlocking
manner, a continuous porous structure that is more hostile than the above polyurethane
elastomer continuously to that base layer The surface structure (silver surface layer) (3) formed
of the polyurethane ex 1-mer to be struck, has a structure of the natural leather and a structure
of approximately is]. Specifically, as the sheet (1), the sheet (1) is used as a sheet having a
physical property of 060 麿 leak car weight 180 y / door 4 specific gravity (apparent is thread
fragment) 03, and this sheet (1) That is, the measurement of the rough base layer (2) was used as
a diaphragm back side and heated at a mold temperature of 140 ° C. for a pressing time of 30
seconds to form a dome shape.
The thickness of the sheet (1) after molding was 0.30111. The tote diaphragm manufactured as
described in the following is using the sheet 1- (1) as the diaphragm base cloth and heating it IF.
And molded into a dome shape, so that the conventional shaping uniformity 1 ',' JJ clean-up
process is unnecessary, and the sheet (1) has an mTic fine-pored structure (physical properties-)
air flow Although it has properties, this breathability is such that it is regarded as non-breathable
as a diaphragm, and the fine open cells 'v' during molding! Since it is smashed, it becomes a
structure where a continuous bubble of the history V 'c 徽 field and a mixture of solitary bubbles
are mixed, and it becomes imperviously non-air-permeable Q · 逍. Since the film is impermeable
to air simultaneously with the formation of the film, it is not air-permeable, and it is not
necessary to dry the film, and the quality is also uniform. The work efficiency is also significantly
improved, leading to mass production. Furthermore, the sheet (1) is quicker than the
conventional 1-1 stopper agent (for example, q) and the diaphragm mass can be reduced by
about 30%, so the efficiency is improved, and the method of Keida 1-1. It is 5 dB higher, and the
playback bandwidth in the high range is broadened, and a high-quality playback sound with high
expansion can be obtained in the high range. Furthermore, in the forming step VC, 7-1-(1) of the
continuous imitation fine porous structure is slightly molded to a degree v'c that retains the
original physical properties, and softened as a diaphragm of this type. Elasticity (shape retention)
and appropriate vibration loss are maintained, so abnormal vibration and distortion in high acetic
acid are also reduced, and particularly in the high # area along with the increase of the above
reproduction zone 1h. An amazing, glossy, good reproduction sound can be obtained.
Furthermore, the sheet (1) is also excellent in terms of surface strength, abrasion resistance,
bending resistance, fatigue resistance, and other durability 1 and further, the same curve
environment, in particular 1 1 111 cold heat resistance (−20′C ~ 70 '(+) white, which is
excellent and holds the desired vibration characteristics by holding the year together with the
teeth, as described above, the name proposal is the non-woven fiber structure and the fiber layer
A 1- (1) k 7111-like 'II-' 匡 [2] is formed into a dome shape based on a base layer (2) in which the
base layer (2) is entangled in a one-dimensional manner with a 薗 エ フ ス ト マ ー マ ーBecause
of this structure, not only the manufacturing process is greatly simplified, but also the quality is
uniform, which is rich in productivity, and offers the advantage of being able to obtain a
diaphragm having characteristics of swords and folds. 1 shows the construction of the +4 graded
dome-shaped diaphragm, and FIG. 2 shows the structure of the sheet. (1) is a sheet, and (2) is a
base layer.
The actual 1 tlW (i draft registration subject person Onkyo Co., Ltd. agent Li L 'Sa'an section-71
Figure 1 "Nico. Graduation 2 Figure 46789 Practical u: 'f 4 H: 4. -7 ・, Onki Co., Ltd. R 稈 胛 當 彌
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