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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 to 3 show an embodiment of an acoustic device
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a state in which an upper lid is
removed, and FIG. 2 is a printed wiring board 3 is a sectional front view, and FIG. 4 is a sectional
front view of the conventional acoustic device. 1: Buzzer, 1a: body, 1b: upper surface, 1c:
opening, 1d: lower surface, 'le: piezoelectric element, 1f: leg, 1g: projecting Piece, 1h: hooking
piece, 11: lead wire, 1j: lower surface, 2: printed wiring board, 2a: hole, 2b: protruding piece, 6:
lower box, 6a: through hole, 6b: protruding piece, 7: upper lid, 7a: protruding piece, 8: mounting
screw, 9: box body, 10: hole, 11. Ring-like elastic body.
[Detailed description of the invention] + 3 (field of application) 14 this invention spear t (c)
equipment to the body Ji Ji equipment chest 15T. +6 (1 melting point of the prior art) 17 In
general, this roaring * device is not divided in the fourth section, and the upper I 8 amount (box
V and the lower shaft b) constitutes a box V, 19 projecting left circle and lower box (projecting
piece of OJ-20) identification of the printed wiring board (to) which is identified as 1 box on the
printed circuit board (h) (h) (1) / 2d1 and r771 same When a force is applied to the hook and the
power is applied to the lead company (S), the piezoelectric element (T) vibrates and the buzzer ()
J3 has an upper surface Q14 a day The neck 4 was put out of the box 9 through the hole (r) of
the upper lid (i), and there was a moment to go out. Since the gap (2) is fixed between the surface
of the buzzer (on the upper surface) and the surface of the upper surface 1 # (i) with the
curvature of 5 as described above, the buzzer (from the empty 7 gap (2) The opening ('5) force)
or the neck out of the box or the outside of the leak box 8 was reduced. Project into the direction
of the bush 9-(吟 is at the hole edge of the printed wiring board n)! (・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・ ・ ・? -(G) there was 13 to slip off. 11 (the IB invention of the present invention) 15 the
present invention has the above-mentioned stock point * 6s box outside and a negative decrease
of 166 minus little vibration or -17 external force or shock etc. The buzzer should be easily
released when it is broken 18 (the purpose is to make it possible to follow even a short distance
between the upper surface of the buzzer and the upper lid even if the amount is 19 Jl. (2)
(Examples 2 and 2) The present invention will be described with reference to the 17th lill to 3 in
FIG. Su-Hotai) 12L above II] 11-b to 1- out of the translation 1 x-ci-ThL stack 6 of the body 1 + +take a piezoelectric yarn le le ・ · · 7 7 五 of this 5 Arrow 3 in the direction of one leg with three
legs 1i integrated with the water 1o8 in the curve lO also flb 9 also this leg 11v ')-steel is
narrower than this # 11 oJ width and the projecting pieces 18 in 1 o outward four It has 11 with
the hooking piece 1h provided. jili4. The lead wire e has one end connected to the piezoelectric
thread 12 element 1e, and this lead 41 + tll is subjected to a screw thread GE 1136C and vibrates
to generate a sound ρ from the open 14Llc of the top 1b. 2 is a print distribution # j 1 sheet-(Ah
15 three holes on the buzzer 1 are provided with a corresponding 16 position number (a single
hook + e% ilh a hole 2a of a size to be inserted or not, this tag 172a has this hook H1h Insert the
Lick 2a at the edge of + 5li11i) Open the open end and the projecting piece 1g and hold the 51
throw 19 piece 1h at the edge of this hole 2a 6 and take the buzzer l to the printed wiring board
202 .
Further, a single light component such as a light emitting diode 3 for displaying operation, a light
source voltage changing device 4 or a gas sensor 5 is attached to the solid line 1 (3) 1 line plate
2. 6 is a lower box, 7 is an upper lid for crowding the lower box 6, and the printed wiring board 2
is placed on the 4T-box 6 and the upper lid is covered with 7 covers. A mounting screw 8 is
screwed into the upper lid 7 and inserted into the upper lid 7 so that the upper lid 7 is attached
to the lower box 6 to form a box 9. The printed wiring board 28 is identified in the nine-in-one
box 9 by the protruding piece 7 a of the upper lid 7 and the protruding piece 6 b of the box 6.
Reference numeral 10 denotes a 10-hole provided in the upper lid 7 and located at a position 11
corresponding to the opening 1 c of the upper surface 1 b of the buzzer 1. 11 is a ring-shaped
elastic body such as a comb or synthetic 12 resin having the same effect, and the buzzer 1 (lJ
113 mouth 1 (and the hole ill of the upper bowl 7 are communicated and the upper lid 7 and the
upper surface of the boss 14-1 It is shrunk between 1b. Since 15 (effects) 16 like this, Kagoshima
kept the hooking piece protruding downward of the 17 buzzer with the opening at the top of the
neck up on the top to the hole edge of the printed wiring 18 board, the buzzer was printed out
The ring-like elastic body can be easily attached to the plate 19 and the ring-like elastic body is
provided between the upper surface of the buzzer 20 and the upper lid (4) 1. If there is no space,
the sound leaks from this air gap due to this air gap, and the sound from the outside of one body
is reduced by one to four. Since the box body is easily pressed when it is subjected to an external
force such as vibration or shock 6 because it is pressed against the wiring board, it does not
come off 7), and this ring-like elastic body is stretchable 8-C. Is there an effect that can be
followed even if there is a difference of 9 in the distance between the upper surface of the buzzer
and the upper surface? That.
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