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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of a
conventional coaxial speaker, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of an
embodiment of the present invention. 21: outer speaker vibration system, '22: outer speaker
center ball, 27: conductor link, 25: outer speaker sound emitting surface, 34: inner sound-force
sound emitting surface.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is coaxial for multi-way reproduction! ! 11
about the speaker. JIK 1 shows a cross section of a conventional coaxial loudspeaker main part.
An outer speaker vibration system 1 operates as a bass speaker by combining it with a magnetic
circuit composed of a small 9.2 outer speaker center ball, a magnet 3 and a yoke plate 4 of a
small 9.2. 5 is the outer side 2/2 · · · · Ngebeka sound emission surface To! +, It is a curved
surface. The outer speaker vibration system 1 is an annular empty of the magnetic circuit! ! The
frame is lowered so that the iK voice coil 6 is positioned. A conductor ring 7 is provided around
the tanter ball 2 to provide impedance flattening and other functions. An inner speaker center
ball 8 is coupled to the upper surface of the center hole 2 using a bin 9 so as to be concentric
with the outer speaker center ball 2. The magnetic circuit of the center ball 8 and the magnet 10,
and the yoke play 1 1 IK and the inner speaker are constituted. The inner speaker vibration
system 13 having a 0 curved inner speaker sound emitting surface 14 provided with 7 frames 12
on the upper part of this magnetic circuit is framed by an edge 16 or the like so that the dog coil
15 enters the annular gap of the magnetic circuit. It is hung from 12 o'clock. The prior art coaxial
speaker configured in this way has the first-order disadvantages. (1) Because the surface of the
sound wave emission is at a different position KTo for the inner and outer speakers, the reach
distance to the sound receiving point is different, a phase shift occurs at the crossover frequency
and a disturbance of one frequency characteristic occurs. (2) The inner speaker is used as a highpitched speaker, but when the baffle surface of this speaker is a coaxial type speaker,
complicated Lj! It causes disturbance of i1 wave number characteristics. (The need for a frame as
an independent part for hanging the vibrating threads of the 32 inner speakers is necessary, and
the construction is complicated. The parts cost is high. The object of the present invention is in
view of the disadvantages of the prior art. (1) Solution of the phase plane of sound wave
radiation (2) Solution of the sneaker Puffle surface for high sound (31! It is said that K will
provide a new configuration speaker in order to simplify the development. The feature of the
present invention is (1) in the coaxial speaker. In order to position the radiation surfaces of the
inner and outer speakers of a flat panel with a plane sound emission surface on the same plane at
rest position, ie in the absence of a signal, and (2) to facilitate the configuration, Using part of the
part as a component of the inner sneaker.
FIG. 2 shows the main part of the coaxial speaker according to one embodiment of the present
invention. 21 is an outer slider oscillation system, and 69 ° outer slider center port 22. It is
combined with a magnetic circuit composed of a magnet Yoke plate 24 or the like, has
a flat sound wave emitting surface 25, and operates as a bass skive. In the present embodiment,
the diaphragm is made of a foam material, but it may be made of an imaging plate such as a
honeycomb core-containing flat plate having a flat sound wave emitting surface. The vibration
system 21 is suspended by a frame or the like so that the voice coil 26 is positioned in the
annular oil of the magnetic circuit. A conductor ring 27 is provided around the center pole 22 to
flatten impedance, reduce harmonic distortion, prevent the voice coil 26 from being raised on the
center pole 22, and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the voice coil 260. It has the function
of 1st grade. The conductor ring 27 is a center pole 22 piIIIi <. It has approximately the same
height as the sound wave emitting surface 25. An inner speaker is installed in a space
surrounded by the upper surface of the center ball 22 and the inner surface of a portion of the
conductor ring 27 which is thicker than the center ball 22. The inner speaker magnetic circuit
comprises the center ball 28 ° magnet 29 and the yoke plate 30, and -1! In order to achieve
concentricity with the outer speaker center ball 22, the center ball 2B is connected to the center
by a bin 31. Internal speaker vibration system 32 The outer periphery of the edge 5S is attached
to the upper part K1 of the conductor ring 27 and its sound emitting surface 34 is flat and
almost flush with the outer speaker sound emitting surface 25 when there is no input signal to
the speaker. Are configured to The loudspeaker according to the invention has a zero order
advantage compared to the conventional loudspeaker of the same kind. (1) The sound wave
emitting surface is in the same plane, and there is no time delay for radiating the sound to the
sound field. That is, it indicates that it is easy to combine one phase. The characteristic at the
crossover frequency can be improved. (2) In the conventional speaker, since the inner (or highpitched) speaker was fixed in the air at 1%, a baffle effect of this was produced. A sufficient baffle
effect can be achieved by the sound radiation surface of the outer speaker, which leads to an
improvement in the characteristics of the high-tone speaker. (3) The conventional speaker
requires a frame for the inner speaker, and a rounding part for fixing it to the outer side or the
center of the low frequency speaker is required, and the configuration is complicated, but one
device Loudspeaker daughter The coaxial speaker can be realized with a simple configuration.
That is, the cost of parts can be reduced.
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