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Description 1, title of the invention
Voice notification electronic watch
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electronic watch
having a voice notification function, and in the prior art, there have been electronic watch which
emit an alarm sound and a music melody sound using a piezo sound generator. The present
invention further performs functional amplification on this and uses the piezo sounding body, for
example, "○○ hour hour ○ minute" or "meeting time. And so on can be generated. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings. FIG.
1 shows a block diagram of this embodiment. The C-MO 5 LSI I includes the speech synthesis
circuit unit 2 and stores several words such as "OO o ○ o minutes" in its storage unit. Reference
numeral 3 denotes a crystal oscillator which generates a reference signal connected to the C-MO
5 LSI +, 4 denotes a switch for various control operations, and 5 denotes a battery for supplying
power to each part. Then, a signal voltage corresponding to the word appropriately stored is
generated from the output end 1a + 12 of the C-MOS LSI 1, but the piezo sounding body 7 is
driven through the microminiature transformer 6 composed of a ferrite pot core connected
thereto. Be done. Now, in general, in a wristwatch, it is usual to use a battery 5 of 1.5 V or 3 V as
a power source, and the signal voltage outputted from the output ends 1a and 1a of the C-MOS
LSI 1 is to drive the piezo sounding body 7 Not enough voltage value. The microminiature
transformer 6 consisting of a ferrite pot core drives the piezo sounding body 7 after
appropriately boosting the signal voltage output from the C-MO 5 LSI I to the EndPage: 1, so that
the sound is generated with a sound pressure sufficient for a watch. You can get it. Moreover,
generation of an impulse-like voltage is blocked by such transformer coupling, and high
frequency components can be eliminated to improve the sound quality as an audio output.
Adjustment of the volume (sound pressure) is possible by changing the turns ratio of the
transformer 6 arbitrarily. Further, to realize the present invention, a piezoelectric speaker. An
improvement of 7 is also necessary. FIG. 2 shows an example of the configuration of the
piezoelectric speaker 7 used in this embodiment. The piezo sounding body 7 is composed of a
diaphragm 7a and a piezoelectric element 7b, and [.sigma. Diameter D-321u, thickness t1 = 0.1
mm of the diaphragm 7a, diameter d of 22m of the piezoelectric element 7b (diameter ratio 069),
thickness 12- It is 0.1 m. FIG. 3 is a drawing of sound pressure (f ')-frequency (f)% at the time of
positive strong wave drive, where A is the characteristic of the sounding body according to the
above configuration example and B is the sounding by the conventional structure compared with
this. It shows the characteristics of the body. The sounding body of the conventional structure
has a diameter of 32 mm of the diaphragm, a thickness LH of 20, 15 JIl +, and a piezoelectric
component L2 of 0.2 m.
As apparent from comparison of the illustrated characteristics A and B, the piezo sounding body
7 has a thickness tl of the diaphragm 7a and the piezoelectric element 7b of 0.1 fi or less, and a
diameter ratio of the diaphragm 7a to the piezoelectric element 7b ( If '/ D) is less than 0, 63, the
lowest resonance frequency fO drops significantly, the low frequency component of the sound
increases, and the high frequency component relatively decreases. In order to generate voice, it is
necessary to use a sound generator with the lowest resonance frequency fo much lower than that
of the conventional product so that the sound in the voice band can be reproduced.-For example,
the lowest resonance frequency fo is about 1.5 KH2 If you get good results. The piezo sounding
body 7 shown in the characteristic A of FIG. 3 conforms to this and is very suitable for sound
generation. Further, as described above, since the piezoelectric speaker 7 of this structure
suppresses the generation of high frequency sound, it is possible to generate sound excellent in
sound quality. As described above, according to the present invention, a C-MO5 LSI including a
voice synthesis circuit unit, a microminiature transformer, and a piezo sounding body are
provided, and by these, it is possible to generate a voice with excellent sound quality in a watch.
To provide a useful voice notification electronic watch with enhanced functions.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of construction of
essential parts of FIG. 1, and FIG. It is a sound pressure-frequency-characteristics figure for
demonstrating comparison with it. +-C-MoQt, s! , 2 · voice synthesis circuit unit, Ia, la output end,
6 microminiature transformer, 7 · piezo speaker, 7a · diaphragm, 7b · · · piezoelectric element.
Attorney Attorney Atsushi FukushiEndPage: 2
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