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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an oblique view of a diaphragm using a
conventional honeycomb core, FIG. 2 is a broken-away view of the same part, FIG. 3 is an
enlarged plan view of FIG. FIG. 5 is an oblique view of the diaphragm according to the present
invention, and FIG. 5 is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken along the line of FIG. 10: Vibration
base plate, 11: Corrugation rib.
Detailed Description of the Invention The above four articles relate to an ice plate for a speaker,
and more specifically, to a speaker for a flat @ vibrating plate = a temporary table. Many of the
speaker diaphragms are cone-shaped or dome-shaped, and they have a considerably larger # + a,
fit, or ik, as compared to the 9IX-shaped upper flat-shaped diaphragm, or ik # The [[not
necessarily (-) can do so. For example, a cone-shaped 龜 wJ board is viewed as "<1 + effect",
which is said to be a coffin, and δ 音源 [1 、, sound source position 〃 also seen on a dome xiiaa
board, 鯛 周 辺 と 、 周 辺There is a defect that causes phase interference, tll: long-term
frequency-frequency registration, etc. to 2-1/2 to 2 /, etc., due to the driving of m # and postal
mail. Also, sound pressure frequency I! The i-curve is provided as an excellent one, but the two
requirements of being lightweight and having high rigidity are antinomy and superior
satisfaction. It was not possible to do that. It has become widely known that a core material is a
honeycomb structure material coated with aluminum or paper as a core material, and a skin
material formed of Mu such as aluminum is pasted on both sides of this core material as a
relatively satisfactory one. In terms of quantity, it is actually not feldspar. As shown in FIG. 1 and
FIG. 2, such a honeycomb structure fiiLllJli has a carbon layer agent layer in which a coating is
applied to the surface of the honeycomb structure, and further, an image layer agent. The layer
15 is a composite layer of the skin material 3 provided in a cliff, and the honeycomb core l is
coated with the layering agent / b in the portion 1a in contact with the honeycomb material
which has been finished as shown in the third problem. Because it uses it, the amount of increase
in amount is arrived In addition, it is difficult 2- to reduce the thickness A) j) to reduce the
thickness a1 of the honeycomb core 1 in order to obtain sufficient strength. Therefore, this
invention is intended to provide a flat diaphragm having a light weight and high rigidity.
Therefore, instead of the honeycomb structure material, two diaphragm base materials molded
with a lightweight material are laminated. It is characterized in that it is configured. Hereinafter,
a description will be given according to FIG. 4 in which a portion f'll of the present invention is
arized. First of all, the diaphragm shown in the fourth case is composed of 2 sets of 1 base & ic,
10, and each reinforcing plate 10 is made of a plurality of straight plates and 1 i 11 11 It has a
corrugation rib / l that has a flat bamboo shape or v-shape. This corrugation rib // IJI4 @ // a is
made to be rich, and further, the corrugation rib / l is held in a state of socializing.
Then, the contact portion of the corrugation rib l / and the molecule-adapted steel S are
integrated to form a weir 1 plate. Each rice MIJ2! ! ! It is formed of a material which is excellent
in formability, such as polymer daraphite, is made of a material having high rigidity, is made of a
screen rigid, or is formed of a plastic material. In the case of a plastic exhibition gauze board, if a
high frequency solution layer and a two-piece vibration-based key board are formed without
using a layering agent, the weight can be reduced by the amount of the adhesive. Further, the
peristaltic base plate may be cut into a desired shape either before bonding or after bonding. In
the above description, although the swinging motion of a square is described, the shape of the
swing plate may be circular, oval, or the like in addition to a square. As is apparent from the
above description, the bonded board of the present invention is constructed by combining the
two sets of peristaltic base sewing boards having corrugation lip with the corrugation rib sheet in
a state of being orthogonal to each other. ,% D below point. 1. Compared to the honeycomb core.
In this case, it is possible to use θ as a thinner than m @@ using a honeycomb core. 参 m
Construction & easy, cheap production possible. Brief description of 41m-Figure 1-4-slope view
of rattan plate using honeycomb core of Ken rice, Figure 2 is the same part broken flat 1 figure,
Figure 3 is Figure 2 nIs enlarged plan view, FIG. 4 is an oblique view of the diaphragm according
to the present invention, and the fifth evil is an enlarged view of the fourth evil V-V. lO °°°
vibration base fIM plate, / /-korge soyon rib. Utility model registration applicant Pioneer Inc.
agent 升 小 small 4 # I Shinyo interval 理 進 S 面 = 23 23 班 圀 142 石 □ 142 197 stone ズ l 一
1 '25 two sheep -21, l-1 j -乞 6 Other than the above, a representative 1. Quantity: (1601 (1; IF 酉
) 区 I section xi new irl J '[425 No. 1 bow j + ii white se, ly-, 42H all 1. j; 杆 1 No. 4 131,-〆, ar -PI ·
進 Murai Susumu 7974 l City, f East: (34214858 Number 9 Table 8-I /
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