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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a speaker
incorporating a diaphragm according to the present invention. 1 · · · Diaphragm, 1a · · · · · Core
material, 1b · · · · · Skin material 1c · · · · · · · · · ·
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
diaphragm formed by bonding skin materials on both sides of a bump material having a large
number of cells to form a large number of small cavities. In such a conventional diaphragm, it has
a large number of hexagonal cells as a core material-a nickel core material is used, / Z / ア a 5) a
skin material is bonded to both sides of this honeycomb core material A small cavity is formed by
hexagonal cells and a skin material, but when such a diaphragm is applied to a flat speaker,
sufficient surface copper can be obtained if the thickness of the diaphragm is not increased to a
certain extent. It was not done. For this reason, IiI [it of the diaphragm increases, which is a major
limitation in improving the efficiency of the speaker. The present invention has been made in
view of the above-described point, and an object of the present invention is to provide a
diaphragm in which the efficiency is improved by reducing the mass without losing the rigidity of
the diaphragm. In order to achieve the above-mentioned object, the present invention uses
helium, which is lighter than air, instead of the air that has conventionally been enclosed in the
small cavity of the diaphragm, to which gas has been filled in the small cavity. The embodiment
will be described below with reference to the drawings. In the figure, 1 # 'i flat diaphragm is
made by bonding skin material 1b from polyvinyl chloride to both sides of honeycomb core
material 1a having many hexagonal shaped cells with an adhesive agent. A large number of small
cavities 1C are formed by the cells of the material 1 & the skin material 1b. A hole 1d
communicating the adjacent small cavity 1c is bored in the partition wall of the small cavity 1C,
and after bonding the skin material 1b to the core material 1a, it is preferable to use helium gas
through the hole. Such inert gas is charged into the small cavity. Before and after the gas filling,
the outer peripheral portion of the core material 11L is sealed by the ribbon-like member 1e. The
diaphragm 1 configured in this way is supported at its outer peripheral portion by the edge 2 on
the frame 3 and the bottom of the diaphragm 1 has a voice coil 4 wound thereon. The abovementioned gate coil 4 is disposed in the magnetic gap S of the magnetic circuit consisting of the
magnet 6a1 plate 6b and the yoke 6o. なおTはダンパーである。 The physical properties of
helium gas filled in the small cavity 1c of the diaphragm 1 are as shown in the following table
when compared with air. Air (: :) Helium (H ·) 0 ° C density ((Vt) 1 atmospheric pressure
1.29290.171147 sound speed e (m / 5ea) 326.5 997 acoustic impedance-/ cw '42. Since the
equivalent mass of the entire vibration system of the speaker including 1 and the radiation
efficiency of the speaker are in inverse proportion to each other, the small cavity 1c is filled with
helium gas) to reduce the weight by using the diaphragm 1 as air. Efficiency is increased than in
the case of
There is also an inverse relationship between the acoustic impedance and the sound intensity,
and the smaller the acoustic impedance, the thicker the sound intensity. If the driving force by
the coil 4 is the same, the sound intensity in the small cavity 1C will be three times that of air.
Accordingly, sound propagation from the skin material on the lower surface to the skin material
on the radiation surface is quickened through the voice coil 4 and the sound rising
characteristics are also improved. In the embodiment described above, in order to fill the small
cavity 1o with gas, the hole 1d is formed in the partition of the small cavity 1C and the outer
peripheral part of the core material 11 is sealed with the ribbon member 1e. If the skin material
is bonded to the core material in the atmosphere of the gas to be formed, the small cavity is filled
with the gas at the same time and the stone is filled, so that the holes 1d and the ribbon member
1e can be omitted. Furthermore, the present invention can be applied to diaphragms of any
shape other than planar, and may be other than the core material 4 and the honeycomb core
material, and in short, a large number of small cavities are formed when skin materials are
bonded on both surfaces. If it is Furthermore, the filling gas may be other than helium gas if it is
lighter than air. In the present invention, as described above, since the small cavity formed by the
cells of the core material and the skin material is filled with a gas lighter than air, the mass of the
diaphragm does not deteriorate the rigidity of the diaphragm. The effect of reducing the
radiation efficiency of the speaker can be obtained, and in particular, the effect of improving the
sound propagation can also be obtained when the acoustic impedance is also smaller than that of
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