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complete description of the invention of the portable electronic device of the hair type portable
device The non-invention relates to the acoustic device of the portable electronic device and the
structure incidental thereto. Also, by making the structure simpler, J-type, inexpensive
maintenance, and sound pressure that is sufficient even if it is used in various ways, such as 'B', it
produces a good product. With the aim of offering it, the rapid spread of microcomputers now,
the direction toward energy saving is reflected, and electronic testers are versatile, compact,
long-lived, etc. Z figure v Highly practical, convenient, and more Handy-portable physical
strength is sought, and above all, speech synthesis technology> using pronunciation ? ? ? 7 7:
equipment crab popular VtF + has been. Products that come with this function as side products,
toys, watches, watches, instruments, etc. It is possible to display more dignity value l1lI ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. The book tl14 is representative day-и и g1 about its
details и End Page: 1 EndPage: watch, watch, in particular, watches are required to diversify the
design, design dift pens, thinning the microcomputer More multifunctional use is being made 1
and alarm function is becoming more advanced, and on the other hand, cost reduction is being
made rapidly, as described above. r Good va town with good timbre, small space, cheap, easy to
use structure that can be used for the shooting. The structure of the acoustic device using a
vibrator to this pressure and the structure opposite to this device will be described in detail
below, gr :, Fig. 1, Fig. 2 is a part of the watch It is an assembly sectional view. In case 1 below: 2
glass rims, 3 dial rings, 4 glass patskins, glass on the cover partial side of 5 glass, 6 piezoelectric
upper movers hardened on the glass, and piezoelectric vibrators Give 7 relays for continuity (two
must-haves but one omitted in the cause), guiding relay tone 1 <hold 8 P! # If the post-order
sound fit 1 town n Il Il, 9 waterproof link through the equipment and then translate hand P?
Make V ? ? ? ? ? 4zz ? &, ? 1r! In the case of a 12 watch body having a base frame with
11 insulating plates fixed with 10 elastic parts fixed as shown in FIG. The back cover pad 15 is
sandwiched between the case and the back cover. Sixteen second hands, seventeen division
bones, and eighteen hour hands are disposed between the dial and the piezoelectric vibrator.
Batteries, circuits and stages to be used as persimmons and perspiration are omitted in the
7. A termination for conduction; 7 has a step FZa in the partial phase, prevents loss of 8 ? ?
from the insulation portion, and ensures positioning of the relay member for conduction in the
past to ensure the white portion on the insulation portion. 8a4 is provided, and a white part is
provided in a hole of 13 dials, and a notch IBa is made convergent. In addition, the junction
member 7 for conduction is disposed V on the outer diameter side of the slope portion 5a
provided on the outer periphery of the glass 5 in a planar manner, so that the appearance of the
bank can be improved. Furthermore, it is effective to arrange it so that it can be covered with the
glass H of 2 and it is effective that the relay plate for conduction of 7 and 7 can be resiliently
printed, and even if it is an elastic handicap, it is effective ! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? relay relay 7 fa fa ? ? ? ? fa fa fa fa ? C C C C C C C C ? ?
? ? f ? и ?It is provided to suppress the elastic portion 10 side. In addition to (1 to 8), the
insulators on the 1 to 8 dials also dial rings. FIG. 3 ░ shows a different embodiment from the one
in FIG. 2 and the house 2 in FIG. The case of the dial ring in the embodiment of FIG. 3 has a
structure in which the 10 cases are performed directly via the edge of the 7 S central cover 8 and
7 piezoelectrics, and further 6 piezoelectrics. The glass packing valve of 5 glass glass 4 which has
shown the vibrator, and the structure N which is mounted by the crows edge of 2 and which can
be used for the external means as well as the external means as well as the watch of FIG. A sound
IIP, which is made up of a device of 6 in 1 case via a glass pad of 5 with 5 piezoelectric vibrators
fixed, and an insulating property of 11 in 12 watches, which are held in the outer packaging
means Fix the 7 relay terminals directly to the base frame that you have, and press it against the
piezoelectric actuator guided by the 91 lbs of projections provided on the base frame. There is a
group notice 11 devil 5b instead of a decorative board in the external heart publication of the 5
glass cabinet, which is aiming, 5b (1! > Display of 19 liquid crystal cells inside (i "(: +-commercial)
is a highlight-and и и и и и" F 'c 51. I identify the crush viking confectionery 1 child and the garanun
with the same moment when it is 1 in the same time. According to the present invention, the six
piezoelectric vibrators are larger than the displayable range limited by the three tire links or the
portion of the ten cases instead of this, and the 5b printed on the five glasses. A structure for
conduction is possible. Also, by making the outer appearance of the glass of outer piezoelectric 5
out of piezoelectric vibrator 6 or immersing it by / J%, the waterproofness by the glass pad of 4
can be secured, and the incorporation of glass of 5 is also improved. Of course, waterproofness
can be ensured even if an adhesive or the like is used instead of the glass cloth and sokin.
By being able to be united as 4 devices at maximum convenience). Fig. 1, Fig. 218! ! J, 3rd, 3rd,
4th, 4th, 4th, 4th, 4th, 4th, 4th, 4th, etc. The piezoelectric vibrator 6 fixed to the girth 5 which
forms the movement The sound of "preventing the phase, 5th и E6IllK as shown on the upper and
lower sides of the drive bm ~ Qi ?, 6F-Htr'b kl kl ,, 6a input intake 9 misery is internality In the
cavity, squeal 6 c spread in a ring, and EndPage: 2 for the continuation of the turtle ring 6 d at
least one place fi on the end face of the l-type. ??? 6b input capture: 6 '6b utilizes 6b's own
outside department. ! As shown in FIG. 7, a pressure is provided between the electrodes 6a and
60 of the vibrator element 6 at the opening 6e'P (an electrode plate is formed in the electrode 6e
to conduct electricity. In FIG. 8, the electrode 5 'is formed on the glass 5 so as to be electrically
conductive with the electrode 6a of the piezoelectric vibrator 11 and with a transparent
conductive adhesive 5C which can be compressed. The vibrator is fixed and used for 5di human
force input). It is also possible to use the dial ring 3 as one of the relay terminals as shown in FIG.
As described above, it is possible to form a piezoelectric vibrator @ with high transparency or a
transparent color tone so that the display on the display means of the front panel can be seen
through without appearance deterioration. As described above, according to the present
invention, the cover part 1 and the pressure 'EL vibration vibrator unit integration can be carried
out and the ? frequent production is non-enriched, pure and small space ? i; In some cases,
space effect can be made easier, and design is made easier, smaller and thinner, and even the
turtles can be arranged on the display surface of the 10 ? club (vibrator). и и и и и и V J VJ Ne (It is
possible to make the direction of the sweet and the auditory match the same while miniaturizing,
and the sound pressure drops even if it is applied to the arm compared to the conventional lpattery diaphragm watch #- Sound pressure and sound quality can be further enhanced by using
glass and acrylic resin as 74% of the Young's modulus side on the hippo part side without using
The analog watch which has the advantages and space for the sound w equipment fiI 'can be
easily given to the analog watch without any space, and the design variety can not be lost even
with the digital function. It is. In addition, it has a wide variety of application range to the field
described at the beginning such as arm television. In addition, it is easy to standardize f as the
component parts of the apparatus are used in the evening and to diversify the design, and
furthermore, since the parts cost is relatively inexpensive, cost reduction can be achieved.
-In the case of an acoustic device in which + is fixed to piezoelectric backlash in the back pig, the
parts supplied after service as a complete exterior means to guarantee waterproofness'-have
sufficient waterproof performance even in the market repair. The cover part that can be
guaranteed can be made into a sound-and-seal device, so that it is possible to cut off the service
parts of the ? -bis part, sa, am, and gold track J, and it becomes possible to lower the
maintenance fee. In the case of the above-mentioned back pig diaphragm type, when the screw is
fixed to the case, the piezoelectric vibrator scrapes the electrode part by the spring part for
accompaniment and the conduction failure occurs, the disturbance by the vibration of the
conduction spring due to the disturbance. It is possible to eliminate the circuit failure or failure
device due to chattering, and it is mounted on the case to the 5 interruption members for
continuity other than FIG. Since the ?5? rS protrusion V can be prevented without being
dissipated and deformation during handling can be prevented, workability and quality can be
improved. 4. Brief description of the drawings Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 show a partially assembled
sectional view of a watch according to an example of the present invention. A partial plan view 1
? ? ? ? of the pressure transducer with a pressure i is shown in FIG. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Case 2 ... Glass edge 5 ... Tick 11 11 4 ... Glass packing 5 ... Glass 5c ... Conduction
electrode 6 formed on the glass surface ... Piezoelectric vibrator 6a, 6b и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 6b и и и
drive electrode 6c и и и и и input electrode for taking in 6 и и и opening portion of the "pole 7 и и
neutral sound for guidance") induction 8 и и и insulating portion 10 и и и elastic Hand phase 11 иии
Holder side 11a иии 6 points or more of the holder phase EndPage: 3J-4 + "AEndPage: ?
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