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Specification A, A: A: A speaker 1, a voice coil bobbin and one f: a Y-shaped edge having a mi
shape: = a = knitted fi having an ih temporary, the annular I effect Hold the board in a flexible
material with 位 and position the voice coil windings-as well as the soft last material treatment
method vibration, [! Number of junctions of-4! The spout force is characterized in that an
engagement notch groove for a center holding jig is provided. 2. The annular diaphragm has an
elliptical shape, and the annular diaphragm /) 14 circular voice coil bobbin is inserted. By
adjusting it to 1 tf6, per unit length θBt01. . (7) The speaker according to the first aspect of the
present invention, an elliptical shape, a pole piece and an air gap, and a pole piece and a top plate
each having a ρ top surface It is formed on a cylindrical surface where the position on the line is
the maximum full height 1 這 for circular-or short lll Ib, and the distance between the upper
surface of the annular i moving plate and the pole piece · upper surface is 1 circle of the annular
diaphragm It will be constant and 1 at each point on the lap. 8. Detailed Description of the
Invention The present invention relates to one bini i, a speaker which can be formed integrally
with a voice coil and an annular vibration-temporarily and directly drive a J annular diaphragm
to realize wide return area reproduction. If it is possible to make a large bowl, it is possible to
make the entire shape of the annular ring-provisionally required ring face elliptical or to bend it
by bending 6 on the side of the cylindrical face, horizontal, EndPage: 1 覗One-way (1) finger uJ
inertia is to be controlled to realize all the good Ki-Fi reproduction. Hereinafter, an embodiment
of the present invention will be described based on the drawings. Description will be made using
FIGS. 1 to 8 as in the first embodiment. (1) is a top plate, (2) is a magnet, +3) is a pole piece play),
and (4) is a temporary baffle. (5) is an annular diaphragm having a material of aluminum or pond
and a roll shape or other shape of t-cut surface j-so, and a voice coiled around a coil bobbin on
the inner peripheral side thereof The coil (6) is integrally formed. In this annular diaphragm (5),
the upper end of the sled voice coil (6) is joined to a foamable flexible +4 structure (7) such as
foam rubber or urethane or elute bran, and this foamable flexible structure (7) Are characterized
in that they are joined on the pole piece (8). Furthermore, a notched groove (7a) penetrating to
the strict A gap DIil [is provided at a number of 74 places outside the foamable flexible structure
(7) joined to the voice coil (6), and a center holding jig of MtA Use this to hold the toroidal
diaphragm (5) and the foamable flexible structure (7) through this incised groove (7a),-coil of
voice coil (6) in the exact position of air gaper 50 The winding part can be arranged, and the
effervescent softness (relic (7) and toroidal squeeze -8, (5) are fixed on the l-rubys (8) top surface
and top plate (1) with the folds thereof The second feature of the present invention is that the
upper surface 6 of the annular expandable flexible structure (9) is adhesively fixed.
Next, a second embodiment will be described with reference to FIGS. この#! In the second
embodiment, while including the above-described first embodiment θ configuration, the entire
circumferential shape of the magnetic gear 4 is formed into a planar elliptical shape and a voice
coil integrally formed with the inclined vibrating plate And are formed in a plane shape elliptical
shape. In this case, for example, a symmetrical form such as a circular shape 4-ha (when using te
4-, the magnetic flux density of the dark of the top plate @ and the pole piece-is on the
circumference J of the elliptical magnetic gap). 4 and 5. As shown in FIGS. 4 and 5, the magnetic
gap length at that position corresponding to the center magnetic field of the pole piece 、 and
the distance 4 dn to the center of the Begap 鴫 as shown in the magnetic circuit cross sectional
views of FIGS. It is necessary to form 1 g + a differently. The top plate (b) and nine plates with ipieces are formed by a punching or forming method d '! It is possible to form it in the shape of
16 and customarily. In this manner, the magnetic flux density of each point ′ ′ of the magnetic
ball 2 of the elliptical shape is made constant, or an elliptical-shaped wedge is disposed to form
the F, d air gap length! The magnetic flux density of each point g and the magnetic flux density of
each point are substantially equal to -1, and the force Bli applied to each point of the elliptical m
steel plate (mostly) is configured to be substantially uniform. Next, the eighth embodiment will be
described with reference to FIG. 7 and FIG. This eighth example, L% example includes a magnetic
circuit and an annulus consisting of the top plate v9, Magnes Soto), the plate 4 with the pole 1piece, including the constitutions of the first and second forty-first examples and forty-two
examples. Layer-temporary! , To form a cylindrical D-4 with a cross-sectional shape, which is now
bent as shown in FIG. すなPち1. The major axis or a short side of the ellipse, 1-tD
extravaganza with a size of 9 yen to the end of the oval-shaped dog. We look forward to seeing J)
Vh joint, IJi squeeze out in a circle 1 leakage-temporary (A) θ circumference, from each point on
the voice coil winding part immediately below it from the point on the area t ie bobbin 繕 A Is 11
pars. In other words, for the annular diaphragm), the top plate and the pole piece are used as the
standby 42. 1) In this case, the voice coil power can be transmitted to the valley of the 1st
vibration plate at the same time by 11 d degrees, but the magnetic circuit is placed on the
circular surface. Since the direction of forming 4IL is not constant with respect to forming P or
1IL-d bundle direction, the unilateral force of iI & one direction is reduced by B115 inθ with
respect to the inclination θ of the coil winding by cylindrical shape. .
Therefore, in order to remove this, in FIG. 8 "spin 5" force 0, "top plate (most), magnet → and? -A
ruby non-adhering plate-does not have a cylindrical shape, but has a straight surface, and an
annular acid-a temporary tack is extended by a cylindrical shape so that the length of a section
equivalent to a voice coil bobbin is different in each part. It may be formed in the same manner.
In this case, the direction of the current is .quadrature. With respect to the direction of the
magnetic flux, and the respective portions coincide with each other, and the bobbin receives
forces 1 to 1 in the same direction. In addition, the length of the bobbin is more than several
times to seven times larger than the 840 m / sec of the atmosphere, as the EndPage: 2
transmission rate of the pole also propagates through the bobbin portion of the annular
diaphragm (most). , Up by voice carp I from the diaphragm to the diaphragm portion · 1 hour
voice オ) c) small also J) C, each part of the diaphragm is the same (I can be regarded as υ also
υ . Therefore, there is an annulus, equal phase 1- and equal-U pressure surfaces of the sound
radiated from the J141 temporary, which can be approximately circular sub-shape but also DC.
According to the present invention, the following advantages can be obtained. (1) It is possible to
improve the transient response by integrally forming the diaphragm and the bobbin, and to
improve the high frequency reproduction limit frequency without the intermediate stiffness. (2)
Effervescent softness (Production advantages due to the groove portion of texturing and 1.
Stabilization of performance of ~ ^ 貞. I can plan on IJ. (3) It is possible to control and reform the
speaker directivity characteristic by the 141 horizontal arrangement of the elliptical annular
diaphragm. 4) A larger 'a' of the above effect (3) can be obtained by the cylindrical and stretched
diaphragm. 4 and the explanation for the part of ArM FIG. 1 is a partial δ schematic crosssectional view showing the present invention /), A1 embodiment, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional
perspective view thereof, and FIG. Fig. 4 is an overall plan view showing the second embodiment,
Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 are cross sectional views of the main parts B-B and C-C of Fig. 4 and Fig. 7 is an
overall plan view showing the eighth embodiment FIG. 8 is a cross-sectional view of the D-D main
part of FIG. (t)al)6! ト ッ プ ... Top plate, (2) (2)) ... Magnet, (3) 0) ... Plate with pole
piece, (5) QIG! e-· · Annular diaphragm, (6) · · · Voice coil, (7) · · · · foamable flexible structure, (8)
nn · · · · · · pole piece, (9) · · · annular expandable flexible structure Body, IJO (H) ... Magnetic gap
agent Morimoto ihiro EndPage: 3
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