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Name of light 11. Name of the lighted moving coil type magnet drive circuit 8 Detailed
description of the invention The present invention relates to a driving circuit for performing a
reciprocating operation of the moving coil type magnet) L1 waits for a switch element 1 The
present invention relates to a drive circuit of a moving coil type magnet capable of applying
current to the moving coil at least in positive and reverse directions. Moving coil type magnets
are widely used for voice coils in moving mechanisms of speakers and magnetic heads, printing
marks on printers, and the like. The principle configuration of the movable coil type magnet is as
shown in FIG. 1 in which a flat plate-like wound carp # 2 is distributed between field magnets 1.1
'. 8 is a spring for supporting the flat coil 2 described above. This operation generally applies a
current in the forward direction to the coil 2 to operate the coil 2 and applies a current in the
reverse direction to restore the coil 2. Here, the supporting spring 2 is a force that contributes a
little to the recovery, and strengthening the recovery spring to make it faster requires that the
operating force at the time of coil operation be strong, which is not advantageous. Such a moving
coil type magnet is suitable as an actuator with a rapid response, which is evaluated as 9,
particularly a small stroke reciprocating motion ms. EndPage: 1 This reciprocity lies in the fact
that the inductance of the fill is small, so that the rise of the current (i.e. acceleration) is fast. In
the prior art, as a drive circuit for flowing the first layer in the negative direction following the
above coil in the positive direction, the one with two power sources and two switches shown in
21N (a) and the one with one source and four switches shown in FIG. 2 (b) Has been proposed. In
the method of FIG. 2 (a), the transistor 4 is applied 1114 M (ON operation), a positive '# L #
current is applied to the coil 2, and then the transistor 5 is closed (ON). Was given to coil 2.
Therefore, two power supplies and two switch elements are required, making the configuration
complicated and expensive. On the other hand, in the system shown in FIG. 2 (b), the transistors
6 and 9 are closed (on) L1 coil 2 is firstly wound in the positive direction, and then the
transistors 7 and 8 are closed (on) L1 coil 2 To provide a current in the negative direction, the
source is only one but expensive switch elements or four must be favored, and this one is also
complicated and therefore one object of the present invention is a simple and inexpensive
construction To provide a driving circuit of the movable coil type magneto The drive circuit of
the moving coil type magnet according to the present invention provides the first and second
leads in the forward direction and the reverse direction to the coil movably supported in the @
running field by the fixed field generating means. In the drive circuit of the movable coil type
magnet which makes the coil reciprocate, connect the switch element to the column as the fill
and connect the switch element in parallel with the coil and connect the fine coil having larger
inductance than the coil, the switch element The coil is closed to provide a forward current to the
coil, and the switch is closed to apply a reverse current to the coil using the back electromotive
force of the fine coil.
The invention will be described in detail hereinafter with reference to the drawings. FIG. 8 shows
a circuit diagram of an embodiment of the present invention, and is an explanatory diagram of
waveforms in FIG. 8 of FIG. In the figure, 2 is a coil of a magnet, 10 is a sub-fill having a larger
inductance than the fill 2, 11 is a transistor, E is a drive waveform of the transistor 11, I is a first
flow through the coil 2, 12 is a sub-coil 10g Indicates the current. The coil 2 has one end
connected to the power supply and the other end connected in series to the transistor 11, and
the emitter of the transistor 11 is grounded. On the other hand, a ll1il coil IO is connected in
parallel with the coil 2. In such a connection, when the drive pulse E is applied to the base of the
transistor 11 at time L1, the collector-emitter of the transistor 11 becomes conductive, that is,
the transistor 11 performs closing operation. The top 11 will be given. The coil 2 thereby
operates. First-class also flows to the single coil, the secondary coil lO, but the current is slightly
slower due to the large inductance. Flows. After that, when the drive pulse E of the transistor 11
is made to fall at time t2, non-conduction between the collector and emitter of the transistor it
(that is, the transistor 11 opens). At this time, a current is generated by the back electromotive
force from the fill 2 and the sub coil 10, but the current by the sub coil 10 is superior because
the inductance of the sub coil 10 is large. Reverse current flows. Thereby, the fill 2 operates in
the recovery direction by the acceleration. That is, the current is stored in the auxiliary coil 10 as
magnetic field energy, and this energy is supplied to the coil 2 when the transistor 11 is not
driven. As described in OTd, the coil of the moving coil type magnet has a small inductance. The
inductance large secondary coil can be easily selected. Although the above description has been
made using a transistor as a switch element, any switch element may be used without being
limited to this, and the direction of the current may be reversed as necessary, and a positive
current flows following the negative current. As described above, according to the present
invention, the characteristic of the moving coil type magnet such as the inductance is small, JfJL,
I just connect in parallel the large sub-fill of the inductance It is possible to obtain a 躯 1 j h
circuit of a single switch or 1 switch l power supply. Therefore, the circuit configuration can be
simplified, and the number of elements can be reduced, which can be achieved inexpensively. In
addition, the configuration required for driving the switch element (transistor) is also simplified
and extremely useful in practice.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a diagram for explaining the principle of the moving
coil type magne 7 as a premise of the present invention, Fig. 2 is a conventional drive (ro) road
diagram, and Fig. 8 is an embodiment of the present invention FIG. 4 is a circuit diagram and FIG.
4 shows a waveform chart of each part in FIG. In ld, 1.1 'is a field magnet and 2 is a coil.
Reference numeral 8 denotes a supporting spring, 4, 5, 6, 7.8.9 ° 11 a transistor, and 1 G a
subfill. Agent Attorney Hiroshi Matsuoka, Part 1,. . #LB 2nd E (≦, tb) EndPage: 3
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