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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of an essential part showing an
embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a rear parcel shelf, FIG. 2 is a cross
sectional view along line II--III, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a perspective view showing an embodiment in
which the present invention is applied to a front door, FIG. 5 is a sectional view taken along the
line v-v, and FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of FIG. 6 & FIG. 8 is a crosssectional view of the vibration driver in FIG. 6, and FIG. 8 is an application of this invention to a
rear parcel shelf. FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view showing a further different embodiment of the
case. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... rear parcel shelf, 1a ... fixed part, 1b ... movable part, 2 ...
rear parcel inner panel, 5 ... flexible sheet | seat 1.6, 6 '... excitation Driver 8 support frame 21
door trim 21a fixed portion 21b movable portion 22 door inner panel 27 flexible sheet 28
Support frame, 29: Excitation driver, 31: Insulator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a vehicle acoustic
apparatus using one of various panel members as an acoustic diaphragm. The conventional
speaker for the vehicle acoustic bag @ a- is a conventional speuunier 2 866 / (2g i) t equipped
with a diaphragm l such as a cone paper as a single full range type or Two-way type
loudspeakers are used, and the completed loudspeakers are embedded or placed in a
predetermined position fI such as 7I: panel, front door IJ side, rear wheel rear wheel, or the like.
In a standard speaker unit using a car, corn paper, etc., it is necessary to reproduce a low
frequency range of about 5ooaz or less, and the one with an aperture close to 2061 is necessary.
In a consolidated vehicle-the size of the speaker unit that can be mounted is limited by its
relationship with the mounting position etc. Therefore, except for some large vehicles etc. It is
difficult to use. In addition, such a large-caliber speaker forcibly Ryapa 67 - the - when the - had
before hem on the pus seventeen Rushiwerufu during interfere with the rear broke world
supremacy even arise. Therefore, in practice, a speaker unit with an aperture of about 5 to 10 4
16 16 is mainly put to practical use, and hence reproduction of the bass region is insufficient.
Therefore, the present applicant has previously made various panel members 1 such as a
plywood, an iron plate, a synthetic resin plate, etc. used for each part of a vehicle, for example, a
rear parcel shelf. An acoustic device for a vehicle has been proposed in which an acoustic
vibration drum is attached to a door trim, a door inner panel, a roof panel or the like, and the
panel member shoulder is used as a diaphragm. According to this, it is compact and does not
occupy the interior space of the vehicle, and since the vibration area can be widely obtained, it is
possible to reproduce the bass range comparable to a large aperture speaker. 68 ? 2 By the
way, the rear parcel shelf etc. used as a sliding plate as described above is generally fixed to the
outer rim or the like in a pjlj manner and this is used as it is by vibrating the diaphragm as it is.
In this case, the elasticity of the panel members themselves causes the membrane to move as a
knot. Therefore, the tool frequency may overlap within the normal sound range and the
frequency characteristics may have an offensive peak l, and the panel member may also generate
divided vibrations in which the parts vibrate at different phases, and the sound pressure actually
obtained The level is low. In view of such a point, this device w to a part of the @ ? panel
member of the vehicle via a flexible sheet! An acoustic device for a vehicle, in which a non-fixed
movable part read out is formed separately, and this movable part is used as an acoustic
diaphragm, is provided side by side.
69p (Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail based on
the drawings. Fig. 1.2 shows an embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a car's
spare cell, a spring hfRNl: the rear parcel shelf 11J, fl if the hardboard is a core material such as a
carpet etc. An outer edge portion is fixed via a screw 4 to a rib 3 of the rear parcel inner panel 2
having a surface material adhered and having rigidity. Further, the rear parcel shelf 1 is fixed to
the outer fixed portion Jal fixed as described above, and the substantially central rigid thereof is
formed separately as a rectangular non-fixed movable portion 1b, and the movable portion 1b is
fixed. S1a is connected via a frame-like flexible sheet 5 made of rubber, soft synthetic resin, cloth
or the like, whereby the movable portion 1b is 70 ?. , 1 and can be vibrated freely. The flexible
sheet 5 is slightly slackened as shown in 1 @@ so as not to inhibit the peristalsis. Then, on the
back surface of the -F disposition rotation unit 1b, a vibration excitation driver 6 is attached
which reproduces an acoustic signal on an imaging plate such as a movable s1b itself. Further,
the above-mentioned rear barcel inner panel 2I? opening 1 is bored correspondingly to this
excitation driver 6I, and the support frame 8 is fixed to this open lower%, and the lower end of
the above-mentioned excitation driver 6 is supported doing. FIG. 3 shows the structure of the
first excitation driver 6, 9 is a magnet for forming a magnetic field between the pole piece 10 and
the yoke plate 11), Z2 is a coil placed in the magnetic field 13 is a vibrating plate on which a
bobbin 14 for supporting the coil 12 is fixed, and the upper 71] pole piece 10. The yoke plate 1
? ? and the magnet 9 are integrally and elastically supported by the case 16 via the elastic ring
15, and the case 16 is fixed to the movable portion 1b of the rear parcel shelf 1 together with the
vibration plate 13 The lower surface of the pole piece 10 is fixed to the support frame 8 while
working. That is, when a signal current flows through the coil U, the vibration plate 13
supporting the coil U is photographed with respect to the pole piece 10 or the like fixed to the
support frame 8 to move the movable portion 1b of the rear parcel shelf 1 Fine root. Here, since
the movable portion 1b is connected to the fixed portion 1a via the flexible sheet 51, the movable
portion 1b freely lifts without being disturbed by the vibration, and thereby, the plum-sound as
in a normal speaker unit It is possible to
Therefore, according to the above embodiment, the space between the single room and the space
is completely occupied (without loss, and the vibration driver 6 attached to the back surface of
the rear parcel shelf 1 also comprises cone paper etc. It is extremely small and does not protrude
significantly to the boot room side. In addition, because one motion plate of the vibration driver 6
and the rear parcel shelf 1 movable city 1b are sufficiently large by setting so as to be good
enough, they have good bass reproduction ability and can not be mounted for vehicles. A bass
comparable to a large aperture speaker can be obtained. Since the object is separately formed in
a non-fixed state with respect to the moving part 1b serving as the diaphragm or the fixed part
1a of the rear parcel shelf 1, the entire surface is uniformly photographed, and within the normal
sound range 73 that can be offensive peaks in its frequency characteristics that are prevented
from resonating. There is no]. In addition, there is no familiarity to cause split driving, and a
sufficient sound pressure level can be secured as a car room sound v. Next, FIGS. 4 and 5 show
an embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a front door portion of a car, and a
door trim 21 having a hardboard or the like as a core member is used as a panel member. In the
figure, n is a door inner panel, n is a door outer panel, a door lock lever -1 ? is an armrest, X is a
window lift handle, and the door trim 21 is fixed to the door inner panel n by a screw, etc.
However, with respect to the fixed portion 21a fixed, the non-fixed movable portion 21b is
separately formed at a position not interfering with the door lock lever a or the like, and the
movable portion 211) and the fixed @ 21a In the meantime, a frame autumn flexible sea) 37 is
interposed. Between the support frame ? ? fixed to the door inner panel n and the movable
portion 211), the exciter driver valley or the cover described above is closed and the signal
current is applied to the upper portion The movable portion 21'b vibrates to obtain a reproduced
sound like a normal speaker unit. Therefore, in this front door portion, since a large number of
members such as a window lifting mechanism are disposed between the narrow ones in the door,
the speaker size which can be used in a normal speaker unit is significantly restricted, and the
mid-low range According to the above configuration, the area of the movable portion 21b serving
as a support plate can be set to be large and the mid-low range can be reproduced well. Further,
similarly to the above-mentioned embodiment, since the movable portion 21b is separately
formed, no annoying disfigurement or divided photographing movement occurs.
Next, FIG. 6 shows a different embodiment when the present invention is applied to a rear parcel
shelf, and the same reference numerals are given to the same parts as the embodiment of FIG. It
is That is, in this embodiment, the excitation driver 6 'having the configuration shown in FIG. 7 is
fighting against the movable M1bFthi of the rear parcel shelf 1, and one corner C of the C
movable portion 1b. Between the parcel inner panel 2 and this is a coil spring that is internally
wrapped. 1) A possible insulator 3 is interposed, and by the action of the insulator M, the
movable portion 1b is positioned at approximately the same -5 Fthi with respect to the fixed
portion 1a in the heavy state, and the free movement is kept four. I'm getting tired. The car: The
vibration driver 6 'is basically the same as the above-described vibration driver 6 as shown in
FIG. ?????????? The three fields of Cpuplate-I are supported by the case J6'1C
through the return 15 without constant 31N on the axis. Therefore, the im-number is flowing,
and the pole piece 10- # and the vibrating plate 13 ? which has the bow-and-armor holding
sway, and the m-wave plate 13 is shook and squeezed This exciting force is transmitted to the
movable fiBJ1 of the Cielf 1), and the U-assist part 1bV is displaced. Therefore, according to the
above embodiment, the rear barrel shelf 1 has the rear barrel inner panel 2 There is no need to
hold the entire height of the excitation driver 6 'in the gap with the (support frame 8), and the
dimensions of the excitation driver 6' or 1111 will not be iC &! In addition, no special
distribution is required for these tag levels. Next, a stripe 8- represents an execution row in which
the mounting case 277 of the above-mentioned insulator && apos; & bgr; & apos; Above, this ?
? ?! A practice row suitable for six round chapel cell elves and door trims! Although this 4
option is not limited to this, it can be overused for each panel member such as a door inner
panel, a roof panel, or a head rattoning, and should be used together with a general speaker unit.
As is clear from the above explanation, according to the above four, the transient w of the panel
member of the vehicle is used as the sound w-front plate, and therefore, compared with the
ordinary speaker unit Na / / \ \ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I 1 IJJIJ Ill ? ? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? L: Loud speakers
comparable to the good bass now life is possible As a result of separating the movable part which
becomes the diaphragm 378 ? the diaphragm into the non-fixed form, only a specific frequency
does not resonate with the ear and it is possible to prevent the reduction of the sound pressure
level due to the divided vibration. And points of efficiency Also those sufficient practicality is
4. A simple 1i 5 I light 1111 m of the drawing is a main part plan view showing an embodiment
to which the present invention is applied to a mirror shelf shelf 1, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view
along its plate 19 and FIG. 4 is a perspective view showing the actual IIAfg applied to the front
door portion according to the present invention, FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view along the v-.
Perp., And FIG. Figure 7 shows a different embodiment of the case, Figure 7 shows a section if1
of the heating driver in the embodiment of Figure 6, and 8 @ easily applies this invention to the
rear bar 479 и и и a cell shelf It is sectional drawing which shows a different Example. 1 и и Rear
parcel shelf, Ia и и fixed! ffi, zb: movable part, 2: rear parcel inner panel, 5: flexible sheet, 6.6 ? ии
vibration driver, 8 иии support frame, aiming иии door trim + 21a иии и и Fixed part, 211) и и и movable
@, n и и и door inner panel, l и и и flexible sea), 3! ? ? Supporting frame, ? ... Vibration driver, 4 и и
Insulator. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 5 ? 5 5 ? ? ? 0 0 0 0 T T T T T T T 67 T 1 ((7 7 67 \\ \\ \\, ?
67) 7 и ? ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии // 11 'ииии 1/9 ? ?-6O ? Two-agent
valve 1 иии Boro Shiga Fujima! ??? + FIG. 4 v ? ? ? ? 1/24526> 2 ░ ??2107 О ? ? i. ;
232 12 I ? 7 self 21 b 8 +> / ? (-agent valve T'll !, 1 ushi U ? ? 1 ░ Fuji ? FIG. 6, 1, 1411) 4
l ? 1 ?L 53, 63. ░?? 'Finth-seventh factor + 214'3 /' b 'section ?' I6 и 10 section 8 Idlb 6 '5'
'' ': 3. " 18-Zpn 2", "-+ 73 (the ideographic valve 1v-1, 4, i ++, y-Fuji *)-6, the other
inventor, the applicant of the utility model registration applicant Person of Kanagawa-ken
Yokosuka City Natsushima Town 1 address Eclipse Motor Co., Ltd. Nohama factory di 9 blind t di
883 / (23 'i' /
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