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Description 1 and title of the invention A speaker piezoelectric body, a drive unit joined with a
piezoelectric body to form a bimorph structure, and a vibrating electrode joined with the ims, so
that the layer ims of the speaker comprises a plurality of arms A loudspeaker characterized in
that it is itself configured as an acoustic impedance converter), the scissors arm being formed to
gradually decrease in width towards its outer edge sK. Five invention details # 11 kl! The present
invention relates to a piezoelectric speaker of bimorph structure. The object of the invention is to
provide a loudspeaker with a high electrical-conversion efficiency. The purpose of the chopsticks
of the present invention is to provide a * m speaker of a high-speaker device. A speaker ? ? was
invented as an INK, mW speaker and a piezoelectric bimorph structure all driving part. An
example of this is shown in the salt 1 figure. In FIG. 1 (a), 1 is a diaphragm, 2 is a metal plate, 5 is
a piezoelectric material such as a PZT thin film or a PZT thin film, and a plurality of driving parts
are formed of the metal plate 2 and the piezoelectric material 5. ing. FIG. 1 (b) is a cross-sectional
view of FIG. 4 is a frame. Fig. 5JA2 shows the change in acoustic impedance near the drive in the
case of this speaker. FIG. 2 (a) shows the vicinity of a drive portion formed of one piezoelectric
body. 5 is a diaphragm, 6 is gold) i! 4 rice 7 is a piezoelectric body. FIG. 2 (b) shows the change
of the acoustic impedance 2 corresponding to the dance 1 and the device. As clearly shown in the
figure, the acoustic impedance changes discontinuously at the position of the whole plate and the
position of the bimorph structure with the piezoelectric damage, and the acoustic energy
generated in the bimorph structure is discontinuous at these 11 In order to reflect at one part
and not be efficiently transmitted to the diaphragm, the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency is
not sufficient. EndPage: The present invention does not have this drawback. As shown in FIG. 5,
acoustic impedance zhf bimorph structure as shown in FIG. Shake! ?? It is realized that the
section leading to the area of only the board can be changed continuously. In FIG. 3, both sides of
the bimorph structure part B-B 'correspond to the area | region of only a diaphragm between AA'. FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of an acoustic impedance converter for use in a loudspeaker
according to the invention. In FIG. 4, 11 is a diaphragm, 12 is an acoustic impedance converter,
and is formed of a star-shaped metal plate or resin plate having 8 arms. The 13d piezoelectric
body 14 is an arm. In the case of this example, the internal bending vibration generated by the
bimorph structure of the piezoelectric body 15 and the acoustic impedance converter 12 directly
below the piezoelectric body is transmitted to the eight arms of the acoustic impedance converter
to lower the acoustic impedance, The vibration energy is efficiently transmitted to the vibrator
11 by matching with the low acoustic impedance of the vibration 12I ? 11.
Since the acoustic impedance converter of this example is divided in the normal direction,
internal distortion does not occur, and the VLw air-sound conversion efficiency is further
improved. In addition, f ? impedance converter is the fourth vVc. For example, not only eight
arms but also two arms shown in FIG. 5 and three arms shown in FIG. 6 can generally be used. (N
= 1.2, 5....) The number N of arms and the length and shape of the arms depend on the material
of the stalk to be used, or the sound pressure-frequency of the reproduced sound It should be set
appropriately according to the setting Wt value of the characteristic. In FIG. tA5, 15 is an
acoustic impedance converter, and 16 is a piezoelectric body. In FIG. 6, 17 is an acoustic
impedance converter, and 18 is one pressure. FIGS. 7 and 8 illustrate a drive unit using still
another acoustic impedance converter. In FIG. 7, 19 is an acoustic impedance converter having
unequal arms, and a single drive unit generates several IX flexural vibration natural frequencies
to improve the sound pressure frequency% of reproduced sound. It is an example that is effective
for 20 is a piezoelectric body. In FIG. 8, reference numeral 21 denotes an acoustic impedance
converter, which cuts the arm to release internal strain of the arm and further increases the
efficiency. 22 is a piezoelectric body. FIGS. 9 and 10 show a drive unit of a speaker according to
the present invention, which has a plurality of piezoelectric members. In FIG. 9, a 25 Fi voice
impedance converter 24 is a piezoelectric member. In FIG. 10, 25 is an acoustic impedance
converter, and a 26 ? piezoelectric body. In the examples of FIGS. 9 and 10, a plurality of
piezoelectric members may be used to lower the input impedance of the speaker and to flatten
the sound pressure frequency characteristics, and an example of the configuration at this time is
shown. It is a thing. Similarly, as the plurality of piezoelectric bodies, those having different sizes
may be used. FIG. t4A11 shows a cross-sectional view around the HA moving part of the speaker
according to the present invention. In the eleventh E (a), a bimorph structure is formed by the
piezoelectric body 27 and the flat 28. This step 28 is an acoustic-to-inverter converter. 29 is a
diaphragm. FIG. 11 (b) shows that the acoustic impedance converter and the plate are separate.
50 is a piezoelectric body, 31 is a plate for forming a bimorph structure, 32 is an acoustic
impedance converter,! ?? It is an iFi diaphragm. In the speaker according to the present
invention, the acoustic impedance is gradually lowered as the bimorph tube with piezoelectric
body itself or the wedge which is piled up with the cocoon of the kernel is moved away from the
bimorph structure toward the diaphragm surface. The electro-acoustic conversion efficiency is
dramatically increased by setting the acoustic impedance converter as described above.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a conventional example of a speaker, and Fig. 1 (a) is
a perspective view. ((1 + 3) shows an A-m 'sectional view of FIG. 1 (a). Fig. 2 shows the change in
acoustic impedance of the conventional speaker, and (a) shows the drive IIl formed by one
piezoelectric body. The vicinity of the 0 part is shown, and (b) shows the sectional view of FIG. 2
(a) and the change of the acoustic impedance 2 corresponding to the EndPage: 2 position. FIG. 5
is a diagram in which the one blue echo impedance tube is continuously changed. Fig. 4, Fig. 51!
! ! FIGS. 4, 7 and 8 show application examples of the acoustic transducer for the speaker K1
according to the present invention. 99. FIG. 10 shows an example having a plurality of
piezoelectric members in the drive unit of the speaker according to the present invention. 110.
11 g shows another embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the present invention. 1 и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и metal plate 3 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и frame 5 и и и и и и 1l! + Plate 6 ииииии Metal plate 7 и и и и
Piezoelectric body 8 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Acoustic impedance converter tS и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 15 acoustic impedance converter и и и и и и и и и и и и
piezoelectric body 18 и и и и и и и и и и и ииииии Acoustic impedance converter 20 ииииии Piezoelectric body 21
и и и и Acoustic impedance converter 22 ииииии Piezoelectric body 23 ииииии Acoustic impedance
converter 24 иии .... Piezoelectric body 25 ..... Acoustic impedance converter 26 ..... Piezoelectric
body 27 ..... Piezoelectric body 28 .. ...... diaphragm 30 ...... field collector 31 ... Orchestra ? 52 ......
acoustic impedance transformer 53 ...... vibration 11m + unclean or applicant Matsushima
Industry Co., Ltd. Senior Patent Attorney Ms. Top Page EndPage: 3 years old ? Off 17 Figure / /
/ (?) lEndPage: ?
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