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Brief Description of the Drawings
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the efficiency
improvement of a circular flat loudspeaker. Conventionally, as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, a
magnetic circuit is formed by the center 2, the pole 9, the magnet 6, and the plate 10, and the
center pole 9 and the plate 10 form an annular magnetic gap 11 The outer periphery of the
circular gauze plate 12 having a coil 13 formed and formed on the magnetic gap 11 over the
120 and over 2 h of the magnetic gap 11 is crimped and adhered by the annular holding
member 7.8, and the holding member Play 8) Sticked to a 10-year-old--I saw it. In this case, the
width of the coil 13 is limited by the width of the magnetic gap 11, and the width of the knee iS
air gap 11 must be increased to widen the width of the coil 13. At that time, the leakage flux
increases and the magnetic flux density is low. Then there was a drop in the speaker's sound
pressure. To increase the efficiency of the speaker on a sheet: 1 Make the magnet 6 strong or
mark it on the diaphragm! Although a method of thinning and lengthening the coil 13 to be made
III can be considered, each has problems in terms of price and impedance. The present invention
has been devised to solve the problems of the Toe Station, and to explain the embodiment shown
in the drawings :: f, as shown in FIG. ] Jj \ -like magnet 6, the annular top plate 2 magnetic (2)
path "" 1 [L ,! □あ。 −+yp−f:−yvl□、。 5-1.5 is a radial projection, and the central
hole cross section of the upper plate 2 is formed with a radial bulge 4 ′ ′ and a meandering
magnetic air gap 3 is formed, and printing arrangement is performed over the meandering
magnetic air gap 3 The outer periphery of a circular flat diaphragm 5 having a coil 1218 is
coiled by an annular holding member?, 8 and adhered, and the holding member 8 is adhered to
the upper surface of the plate 2. Since the speaker according to the present invention is
structured as described above, the length of the coil can be increased without widening the width
of the magnetic gap, so that the efficiency of the speaker can be improved.
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