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Tl 14 # I book iih * oa Speaker for Speaker 1 Good luck 0IIlll False pulp to wood pulp mixed with
synthetic fiber and mixed with synthetic fiber II! ') 3 & mixed fiber materials. Understand, 漉 t!
(5) A speaker diaphragm characterized in that 5 to 4-(weight ratio distribution of porous acrylic
fine as base metal fiber is carried out in a speaker chamber section made by using a tank).
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
vibration 1 [related to K], and in particular to a small bulkiness having a small degree of 1
degree. In general, it is considered from the reproduction frequency section band of Spy * to the
lowest co-technical section (jo) as the high resonance frequency θυO range. For the lowest
resonant frequency 黴 θ-1 high 彬 1 frequency QN, it is recognized that the following equation
is established te te: ii thickness of moving plate # l 1 l II [l [II [II apical angle or nine, wood pulp In
the case of good paper as a main raw material, it has been mixed with OE 3 f wax, if the s degree
is doubled, the Young's modulus 紘 3 is divided by its volume. If you say that the caying is Oka-it
will be thick. From the above, if the vibration system (m ·) 6 weight is addressed to one, the
writing degree should be small K) thickness of the diaphragm "@ (te) is large), vibration
reversion-stiffness (-arrival Thick 11. As a result, the high-resonance frequency is higher) 4II live
band can be used to defeat OEndPage: 1 Traditionally, Kototon linter pulp middle sheep etc. are
mixed with wood pulp for the purpose of making it small once If you look at Ill you can see the
big I! Effect can not be expected. The purpose is to make a large speaker layer diaphragm of the
reproduction horse wave number band as a small size and bulky size of the zero firing l1
diaphragm once, and a porous acrylic fiber is combined with wood pulp Kfi to make a diaphragm.
Shape of fiber 0, 意-多孔 porous and delicate II fw is discontinuous lotus root ° with fiber
surface K 11 l 1 opening 部 diameter of hole 紘 about 1 μ length is Zooj, void ratio is # S · -1
Apparent specific gravity is Oj5 # / awl and is wood pulp (specific gravity IJ # / as) O # half. Such
porous acrylic fibers such as, for example, BOX (trade name, etc., are mixed with wood pulp at 5
to 40-(weight ratio, preferably 10 to 10 weight ratio) mixed and polyvinyl alcohol is added as a
binder to vibrate Make a board. For example, wood pulp 70-1 hole multi-layered acrylic yarn 30S
(both in weight ratio) are mixed and beaten with a beating machine> beaten to give 7-lineness of
700 zone with □ Canadian freeness tester, and polyvinyl alcohol as a binder thereto s-, acrylic
ester Ermadian s- (both in weight ratio to the fiber), using a rattan tank, making a paper using a
rattan net, drying with a non-press in a drying oven, and a diaphragm ), And using the same as in
the above, using the K cotton lintava ★ Puya sheep chorus as a conventional example and using
the K cotton lintava ★ Puya sheep chorus, as shown in No. 111, this Jll 嘴 O as shown in The
effect is great for rounding once a thing is φ.
As shown in FIG. 3, the high resonance frequency is higher when the speaker using the present @
0 diaphragm is compared with the conventional one.
Brief description of the table drawings First country, mixed with wood pulp KmO fiber, and
shows one change according to the mixing ratio in 9 cases 9 good 7, Figure 2 shows the location
of porous acrylic fibers used with zero emission IJIK Figure 9 shows the outer shape, Figure 9
shows the sound pressure frequency Ik41 I nature of force 9; speed according to the invention
according to the invention; For example, EndPage:2
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