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Loudspeaker diaphragm for vehicle-named speaker according to the specification l 1-11 Claim: A
speaker characterized in that a short fiber of polyamide fiber and a fine fiber obtained by
fibrillating a polyamide fiber to be combined are mixed and heat molded For 1aw III. Detailed
Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a speaker), a short
fiber of a boriaid fiber and a fibrillated fine fiber are kneaded in a thermoplastic resin such as
borop4 pyrene, and heat-stratified to a speaker. It relates to the board. A conventional speaker
diaphragm company mixes natural fiber such as wood pulp with natural fiber such as wood pulp,
or chemical fiber, appropriately beats it, disperses it in water, forms paper, and forms a round
thing) There is. The fibers are subjected to multiple cutting, crushing and fibrillation by beating,
formed into paper by entanglement between fibers, hydrogen bonding and the like, and posttreated with resin and the like. The conventional diaphragm made in this way has a lot of
variation in characteristics between rounding and loft mainly consisting of natural fibers, and it is
very difficult to adjust it to a desired value. Generally, vibration for loudspeakers The physical
properties ** required for the plate material are (1) large Young's modulus (t), (2) density (small
0), (3) internal loss (-J) appropriately large * (4) It is possible to raise the tendency that the
thickness is appropriate. Furthermore, considering the important characteristics that affect the
performance of the speaker, the flatness of the sound pressure frequency and its efficiency, the
reproduction limit of the sound pressure frequency characteristics is the low resonance
frequency θ- and the high resonance. It is determined by the frequency (fh). The low resonance
frequency θ − can be lowered by reducing the stay of the diaphragm support or by using a
heavy diaphragm, but with the diaphragm that makes the diaphragm heavier, the output sound
pressure level also decreases. Since the weight K is limited, and the low-range playback level
needs to be increased, the speaker's effective Nikkei needs to be increased, so a low density (F) is
desired. 0 or high -ass □ αh) 丑 1. Kaitajima □ root '· ·. 3ケイ。 EndPage:1ネス[r!
The diaphragm having a large Young's modulus (t) can extend the high frequency range, because
it has a value proportional to the Young's modulus (t) and thickness of the diaphragm.
Furthermore, the "internal loss (-5) determines the magnitude of the resonance of the diaphragm,
which affects the peaks and valleys of the sound pressure frequency characteristics, and
desirably has a suitably large size such that its 4I property becomes flat. . The present invention
provides a diaphragm that satisfies the above-mentioned owi * property required for the
diaphragm of SUBY *, and is made of high Young by mixing polyamide fiber having heat
resistance sufficient for the kneading or molding temperature of the thermoplastic resin. It is an
achievement of an excellent diaphragm which has a low rate and a low writing degree and an
appropriate internal loss.
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention will be described.
L) Comparative Example (1) Natural fibers such as wood pulp were mixed and beaten, and a
diaphragm having a thickness of 20 ny and a thickness of 0.6 ny was obtained by a usual method
of paper making and thermoforming. The frequency-sound pressure level characteristic
measured in a closed box defined in JI 8 by assembling this diaphragm as a speaker is a
characteristic as shown by 1 纏 (1) in FIG. 1 and 9). 1) Comparative Example (2) No. 4 Pyrene
homopoly-r- <stabilizer, antioxidant and 20 weight-percent calcium silicate are mixed and
calendered with a thickness of 15 Qj! 'I rm sheet made of Marukome's vacuum-formed llK and
formed into a diaphragm of aperture 2 o し and measured by the O method as in the comparative
example (1) Frequency-sound pressure level characteristics 紘 11! It is a characteristic as shown
by 1 纏 (2) of il. L) A mixture of short fibers (diameter 1 G-up to 16 m 5 in length) of the example
polyamide fiber and fibers made of fibrils 1 II & diameter O polyamide fiber are mixed in the
blend of the comparative example (2) and the comparative example Similar to (2), the speaker is
assembled and measured, and the nine characteristics are the characteristics indicated by curve
(3) +. As is apparent from the above embodiment, the diaphragm of the present invention is
improved in 4I, i.e., it can be understood that flat sound pressure frequency characteristics and
high frequencies can be reproduced. The diaphragm according to this embodiment has the
following features. (1) Rounding and other synthetic fibers for mixing polyamide fibers are mixed
or formed, ms, and thermally stable. (2) Polyamide fiber, @ 0 fibrillated fine fiber, rounded single
fiber> also shows a large reinforcing effect. The above explanation, it lightened. So, in the
physical properties-in 4 speakers owe, in the board, -9 7 7 れ, 4 轡 嵐 ス ピ ー カ, ス ピ ー カ ス
ピ ー カ. Wearing, the output sound pressure circumference m It is a clear improvement even in
the thing that is clear improvement, high fidelity reproduction shrimp-. Brief description of the 0tea picture which is suitable as a force material The iml is a speaker diaphragm of the
conventional material 2 and the material of the present invention. 9 speaker output sound
pressure frequency subordination curve O ratio A patent applicant who is a soft figure コ ロ
Japanese Columbia Ltd. attorney patent attorney Kazumi Yamaguchi. : '-1. India, t 〆 EndPage: 2
procedural amendments 1984, May, IO 4) On the 4th, the Patent Office President 1, display of
the case Yoyoshi Yoshino applicant 4, agent Showa da 6 years ヲ 2? Day 6, correction target
EndPage: 3
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