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Specification L Title of Invention
Acoustic diaphragm
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
diaphragm. In recent years, with the spread of sound eam equipment, the demand for higher
performance and higher quality of products and products has been increased, and progress in
the circuit, such as player, tuner, amplifier etc. has been made. In addition to the improvement of,
new system etc. 1 ... with software 1m ... also with aA7. In addition, although tΦ research has
been conducted on the diaphragm material, which is one of the essential components of the
speaker, conventionally, it is the cone paper that is the main stream 5 and it is completely placed
with this [4 (a The sound velocity value c (m7 seconds) is used as an index for evaluating the
performance of the diaphragm material, which has not yet been developed. The sound velocity
value C is given by c = i, where P (Y / 7 / L ") is the specific factor of the material and E / u / T is
the Young's modulus. It is necessary to increase 111k in order to widen the red hair frequency
band or to prevent split scanning at low frequencies. The non-explosion 1 is intended to provide
a debossed acoustic fkR moving plate having a high sound velocity l 111 and a little echo due to
humidity as compared with a paper acoustic diaphragm. That is, the acoustic diaphragm
according to the present invention is 4i! J Modula fiber and micro busine are combined by
thermosetting m fat, and weight reduction is achieved by Microbar-EndPage: 1-, while high
modulus fiber suppresses decrease in Young's modulus after molding Have the characteristic of
Here, high modulus fibers include organic high modulus fibers having a Young's modulus of 1 ×
10 ′ ′ or more, such as DuPont's products [Nomex J and l ′ ′ K @ vlar J, high modulus
carbon fibers, ceramic fibers and the like. In this case, it is appropriate to use chopped
chopsticks. As the micro-bars, glass micro-balloons, V-lass micro-balloons, etc. are preferable, and
their extremely large particle diameter is preferably 1 m or less. Sex is reduced. Further, as a
thermosetting resin, an epoxy resin in which a medium or high temperature saponifying agent is
mixed with a normal diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A is used. The volume ratio of all the
compositions is suitably within the range of 10% to 40% for both modifus fiber and microballoon,
and in any case less than this range, the sound velocity value becomes smaller. It is difficult to
show the characteristics, and if it is more than this range, the processability is lowered and the
production becomes difficult.
It is preferable that the thermosetting resin is at least 20%, and in the case of F, the molding is
difficult, and one or more such (the cured molded product having the t1 structure is reinforced)
The high modulus warfare material spreads like a tree branch throughout the molding, and the
microbar lane has a fractional structure like the dog of the tree in the Jr's curve, so as to mix
them ((Curable resin filled, exerts the advantages of each horizontal 1 element, +11: 、, high
Young's modulus and 吸湿 low hygroscopicity, so the superior performance error) A diaphragm
is obtained. Next, an embodiment of the material for forming the 1jI imitation moving plate will
be clarified. Example (1) Epicoat-1θ01 (W-1001) and diaminodiphenylmethane (DDM) were
dissolved in methyl ethyl ketone (MWK) to give a solid content of 50%. In this 744 e, add 10
parts of blood and 10 parts of shirasu Microba I Lae / the same <10 min. The sheet was dried at
80 ° C. for 1 hour. The finished sheet was cured at 150 ° C. for 1 hour in a mold with a gap of
2 II m, and a test piece of width 11 and length 1 (Ln, thickness 2 μm) was cut out. Example 2) In
the same resin varnish as in Example (1), chopped surface modus carbon fiber is added to the
solid content of the varnish in an amount of 20 parts by weight, 200 parts of Shirasu
Microballoon, and the following Example (1) Follow the same procedure as 9 width lα. Test
pieces with a thickness of 1 H and a thickness of 2 H were cut out. Example (3) In the resin
varnish of Example 0), chopped A M mina fiber is used for solid content 0 瓢 Jl! After kneading
with the addition of part i and Shirasu microballoon 200, a test piece of width lα, length l and
length of 2 dragons was cut out according to the method of (1) in general. Example (4) Dupont's
[xevlarJ's Chop 2o in the resin varnish of Example (1)! 70 parts by weight of a glass microballoon
was added and kneaded, and a test piece having a width of 1α, a length of 101 m and a length of
19 μm was cut out according to the method of Example (1). The characteristic values of these
test pieces are shown below 5ttc. Because this IIC me · r, kM of q company, the specific gravity is
17t / art, the elastic modulus is 5XH110 dyne / cd, and the speed is 2700 battle seconds, the
material by 11111 practice is light Even if it is 1t, it is elastic, and it can be understood that it is
superior to the sound velocity value or non-electricity, and it shows the IJf force of the acoustic
diaphragm of the present investigation made of such a material.
1) As described above, according to the present invention, it is light-weight, high 9 '+ sex イ イ J,
昌 著 著 湿 湿 湿 湿 湿-− 安定-C stable sound A wax plate is obtained. IN 厘 · 1 ′ 喧 な 本
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