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Specification 1, name of the invention Foaming method of resin In order to use a part of the foam
from the foam of the foamed resin T: 4: When foaming the resin, from a molded or flat base for
foaming the resin Is a flat or line-shaped grid or net t-a which is the whole or the majority of the
direction in which it expands during foaming, and after the resin is foamed from the inside to the
outside and the resin is cured, the inside of the grid or net A method of foaming a resin that is
characterized in that the part of T is cut off. The present invention relates to a method of foaming
a resin such as foamed boha urethane, and for example, a speaker having a flat sound emitting
surface by illuminating foamed resin inside a diaphragm of a cone-shaped speaker Suitable for
use in Conventionally, when it is desired to make the density f 'of the foamed resin as small as
possible, the free foaming is performed for all of the conditions under the condition near it. In the
case of free foam or similar conditions of foaming, the central portion of the foam usually has
less density and less defects, but sometimes it is desirable to use a non-central portion. Portions
that are not at the center are boundary conditions t: therefore, layers of high density may be
formed, cavities may be formed, or both may be formed, or both. An object of the present
invention is to propose a method for foaming a resin which reduces defects in the portion close
to the basis of foaming of a foam under conditions close to free foaming. According to the
present invention, when the resin is foamed under conditions close to free foaming, it is
optionally molded for foaming so as to cover the entire or majority of the direction in which the
resin spreads at the time of foaming from a flat base, In addition, $ 1111 outside the size of the
part to be used, a flat or appropriately shaped grid or net to be located, and foaming resin from
the base through the grid or net t- After the resin cures, the foam is broken down into the base
and the utilization section made inside the grid or net. Hereinafter, when the present invention is
used for a speaker, C will be described as EndPage: 1. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker
diaphragm embodying the present invention. A flat mesh 5 is attached to the opening of a
diaphragm 1 made conically of paper, aluminum or the like. The mesh 5 may be illustrated or
may be fixed to a jig used when attaching a voice coil, a spider or the like to the diaphragm 1,
and the opening of the diaphragm 1 and the mesh S are disposed in contact with each other. .
Further, the neck portion I: of the diaphragm 1 is adhered with the carriage 2. For example, the
inside I: of the diaphragm t is filled with a foamed polyurethane resin 4, and this resin 4 is
foamed inside the diaphragm 1.
Then, the resin 4 foamed inside the diaphragm 1 fills the inside surrounded by the diaphragm 1
and the mesh 3, and the resin 4 that is foamed T passes the mesh of the mesh 5 and the excess
resin 5 is formed on the mesh 5 It can. The net 3 has a frame 6 around the periphery as shown in
FIG. In addition, mesh shape C may be used instead of lattice shape. After the resin 4 thus foamed
is finished to be foamed and hardened, it is cut between the mesh 5 and the opening of the
diaphragm 1 to remove the excess resin 5. Even if the base for foam down and the lattice or net,
use the foam t-a, or create a gap between them, and release some of the resin from the gap It is
better to decide depending on each case, if necessary, because it is not possible to generally say.
Of course, the conditions can be selected from a wide range by changing the thickness or interval
of the sm or thread of the grid or net or the size of the eyes. As described above, according to the
present invention, the resin covers all or a majority of the spreading direction in foaming! Since
grids or nets are provided and foamed from the inside to the outside, the effect of shrinkage on
curing of the resin outside the grids or nets is cut off by the grids or nets, and those which fall for
use It does not extend to the resin inside, so that the generation of cavities is suppressed, and the
overall shrinkage of the resin inside and outside the lattice or net direction is also thereby
prevented and produced. Therefore, if a large amount of resin is foamed to the extent that it is
formed on the basis of foaming and inside of a lattice or a mesh, then at about the same time 1only the foamed resin is relatively uniform 1: distributed In addition, it is possible to reduce the
influence of the shrinkage of the resin inside and outside, that is, to be able to form a shadow of a
foamed resin having a layered high density portion and a small amount of voids inside them.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a loudspeaker according to
the present invention, and a plan view of a second reed. 1 · · · "motion plate, 2 ... cap, 5 ... net, 4 ...
foamed resin. Year / year '22 Figure EndPage: 2
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