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明 ・ 1 1, the title of the invention
Foam resin light vibrator diaphragm speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker having a
foamed resin light diaphragm. Conventionally, as compared with the non-light-entering
diaphragm, the foamed resin-light-center diaphragm always adds the mass of the foam resin, so
that the filling effect is not impaired in order to prevent the reduction of the electroacoustic
conversion efficiency. It was necessary to make the foamed resin as low in density as possible.
Therefore, there is a risk that the foamed resin may be scratched or dented by a tentacle or the
like. The object of the present invention is to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of the
prior art within a small area of the sacrifice of the electroacoustic conversion efficiency while
maintaining the characteristics of the foamed resin-glass optical diaphragm. In the present
invention, a foamed resin filled in the front of a cone-shaped or dome-shaped diaphragm is made
to have a relatively low density, and a thin plate such as a foamed resin having relatively high
bending rigidity is fixed to the surface. is there. There is less risk of scratches and dents in the
foam oil due to the tentacles than in the case where there is no thin plate, and a material with
high flexural rigidity and high density is also better than when entirely filled. Making the electroacoustic conversion efficiency high is small. Hereinafter, the present invention will be specifically
described by way of example 1 shown in the drawings. FIG. 1 shows a cross section of a vibration
system of an embodiment of the speaker according to the present invention, wherein 1 is a cone,
2 is a relatively low density frusto-conical foam resin, and 6 is relatively high in bending rigidity
A thin sheet of foam sided oil, 4 is a center cap, 5 is a bobbin, 6 is a vent of Pobi EndPage: 1's, 7
is a voice coil, 8 is an edge, and 9 is a centering spider. The cone 1 is made of aluminum, paper
or the like having a relatively large specific modulus in order to widen the piston vibration zone
as much as possible. It is desirable that the frusto-conical foamed resin 2 has a low density, and
desirably has a relatively high bending uniformity. If the frusto-conical foam resin 2 has a low
degree of elasticity, it is inevitable that the bending rigidity also decreases accordingly.
Therefore, when the frustoconical foamed resin 2 is exposed to the surface, the frustoconical
foamed resin 2 is easily scratched or the surface is easily dented when touched. In order to
prevent these problems, according to the present invention, the thin plate 3 of foamed resin
having relatively large bending rigidity is fixed to the foamed resin 2 having a frusto-conical
shape, even if the spread of the vibration system is slightly increased. As a method of fixing, a
method of affixing the frusto-conical foam resin 2 to the thin plate 6 of foam resin using a
layering agent, using a relatively low density lump of foam resin as the thin plate 6 of foam resin
using an adhesive. The method of cutting into a truncated cone and the method of cutting a
relatively low density foam resin on the surface of the thin plate 6 of foam resin and cutting it
into a truncated cone after selfing [1] Be
Among these, as for the last case, it is possible that the foam w fat sheet 6 may be curved to a
curved surface along with the shrinkage of the relatively low degree foam resin upon curing, in
order to prevent it. It may be necessary to vacuum adsorb it to the platen until curing is
complete, clamp the perimeter, or stick to the platen with double sided adhesive tape. As
described above, the thin plate 5 of foamed resin may be stuck on the surface of the frustoconical foamed resin 2 and this may be stuck to the cone 1. Alternatively, a foam resin of
relatively low density is foamed on the surface of the cone 1 to form a frusto-conical foam resin 2
and simultaneously applied to the cone 1, and then the cone near or at the opening of the cocone
The foam resin may be cut off from the outside, and a thin plate 3 of the foam resin may be
attached to the surface of the frusto-conical foam resin 2 0 or more is an application of the
present invention to a cone type speaker Can be applied similarly. In the case of the domeshaped speaker, for example, as shown in FIG. 2, the dome-shaped diaphragm 10 is formed in the
middle of the inside of the bobbin 16 and a space is formed between the surface of the
diaphragm 10 and the inner surface of the bobbin 15. And filled with a relatively low density
concave lens-shaped foamed resin 11, and the surface thereof may be a thin resin plate 12
having a relatively large flexural rigidity. The above-described example merely merely makes the
surface of the front surface of the diaphragm relatively high in bending rigidity, but, for example,
in order to improve the appearance, utilizing the high bending rigidity, A paint can be sprayed on
the surface of the thin sheet 3 or 12 of foam resin, or a foil can be stuck to make it have a faded
color or a gloss. Even if conventional frothing, that is, a low-degree frusto-conical foam resin 2 or
a concave-lens foam resin 11 is exposed on the surface, it is possible to make a coating or apply
a foil, but a cone There is a disadvantage that the holding power of the trapezoidal foamed resin
2 against them is weak and it is easily peeled off. According to the invention, the disadvantages
can also be eliminated. As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to
obtain a self-made resin-filled diaphragm which is not easily damaged or dented even if the
surface of the diaphragm is touched with a hand. There is an effect that the deterioration of the
sound due to them is eliminated and the cost can also be made without the need for the wire
mesh or perforated plate.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a vibration system
according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a
vibration system according to a second embodiment. 1: Cone 2: Foamed resin 3: Thin sheet
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