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The present invention is an acoustic device 1 used for a moving ping μ type loudspeaker bridge
etc. に! It relates to the Ill board. Conventional papers are often used as materials for
diaphragms, but as polyolefin materials having relatively large internal loss and relatively high
modulus of elasticity, such as lll, are relatively low in cost and good in properties as diaphragm
materials. It is noted and used a lot for diaphragms. However, it is desirable to develop an
excellent acoustic diaphragm if the internal loss and the elastic modulus can be further increased.
Originally, the internal loss and the elastic modulus are of opposite properties) The diaphragm tf
'which flexibly combines both. Is considered to be extremely difficult. The inventors of the
present invention previously found that a diaphragm formed by mixing mica with a polio resin is
excellent and has a modulus of 9 but as a result of further studies, it is possible to obtain a polio
resin. It is found that the high elasticity 4 t-maintained and the internal loss can be greatly
enhanced by mixing the vinyl acetate resin with the resin mixed with the resin V-like filler, and
the present invention Kjl sounding friend. That is, the present invention is a diaphragm obtained
by mixing and molding crystalline polyolefin yarn Tachibana Ha, #vinyl acetate type machine and
flake-like filler, and the crystalline polio resin of the present invention used in the present
invention For example, polyethylene, polypropylene (hereinafter abbreviated as PP), polybutene,
poly (5-methy) -1), poly (4-methylpentene-1), etc. have a crystallinity of 25 and preferably 50 or
less. , E, a polymer of an aliphatic olefin having 2 to 6 carbon atoms, or a copolymer having a
constituent chain of E configuration combination as a main component. As another chemical
substance constituting the copolymer, there are o-finfinenomer of pond which is different from
the main component monomer, bini acetate, acetic acid anhydride, maleic anhydride, (meth)
acrylic acid ester A /, (meth) acrylic acid, etc. Listed. One combination of these co-integrating
monomers is used within the range which is not described as the starting material of the polymer
(in terms of the amount of SO or less, usually 20 or less). For example, the above-mentioned
polymer and copolymer may be used in combination so as to mix acrylic acid-modified polyolefin
with unmodified polyolefin in order to make the E1m adhesive strength with the filler clay. The
copolymer may be a block or glutoff copolymer as well as a dam dam copolymer. In the present
invention, among the above-mentioned polymers, an isotactic polypropylene-based polymer is
particularly preferable which is capable of obtaining a vibrating plate which has a low leakage
and high heat resistance.
The isotactic polypropylene polymer has an ethylene content of 50 to 50 wt. [1. Acidic vinylbased resin used in the present invention is also preferably used in the present invention, copolymers of amount rumored] It is a resin that can be molded by mixing with a polio-based resin
and a flaky filler. Vinyl acetate-based plum oil with a degree of less than 25%, preferably 22% or
less, is used. Examples of such a resin include polyvinyl acetate, as well as polyvinyl acetatebased co-salted resin having a vinyl acetate composition of 25 to 100 d [quantity. The effect of
improving the internal loss is small when the crystallinity is 25% or less. As a copolymer
component, ethylene, vinyl chloride, alkyl methacrylate having 1 to 12 carbon atoms, such as
methyl methacrylate, butyl methacrylate, oc f1% / acrylate, dodarylacrylic V-), (meth) acrylic acid
alkyl ester of philin, Versatic acid bini / L 'and the like are used, but in particular, ethylene-vinyl
acetate bi-μ copolymer (hereinafter abbreviated as VAVA) is preferably used because of good
compatibility with the olefin yarn resin. As the flake-like filler used in the present invention, mica
is preferable in terms of performance and cost, but in some cases, such as Gaffs flake, talc and
the like may be used. As micas, various micas such as white mica, gold mica and synthetic mica
can be used. The shape of 7V- to be mixed has an aspect ratio of 5 or more, preferably 10 or
more, which is defined by the thickness of the screen of the plate, which is equivalent to the
thickness of the frame, and the thickness of 10%. A diameter of L 000 JJa or less, preferably 700
voices or less, is preferably used from the viewpoint of formability. The moving plate according
to the present invention is composed of the three components described above, but among the
components constituting @ 鋤, the content of # fort / v shield in the two components consisting
of polyolefin resin and acetic acid Bini A / based resin Is preferably carried out at 5 to IQ'g @-,
more preferably 5 to 60 units. #The effect of internal loss improvement is small when the acid
content is 74 / lII and the content is 5 wt-or more F, and when it is 70 wt or more, the elastic
modulus is lowered and the heat resistance is 4 low T. Of the components of the spray
diaphragm t 411 + tt, the content of the flakes in the three components consisting of Merio V fin
system-skin, # acid Bini / L / system resin 7 V-fill fiber is 2 to 7 ° It is preferable to be carried
out at 5 to 60 beds, more preferably to assault. The effect of improving the elastic modulus is
small in the case where the content of the V-fillability is 2 gm 5 or more and the formability is
deteriorated in the case of 70 charges or more Jl.
In the present invention, in order to form the diaphragm t-a, a light beam material other than
mica, such as * # force / L / V um, Gafsby-X, V-su iy, glass fiber, ash fiber, Ahmid fiber, Wood
powder, titanium oxide may be used as a supplement, and further pigments, stabilizers,
lubricants, sib 7 coupling agents, etc. may be added if necessary. The diaphragm of the present
invention is molded into V-) 1 consisting of 4 lyophine yarn shaving, vinyl acetate resin and
flake-like fiber, which is then molded by vacuum molding, press molding, stamp molding method
I! It is obtained by molding in the shape of an IT crucible. The sheet is preferably formed by meltmixing a polio resin, a vinyl acetate resin, and a polyvinyl alcohol resin by melt-mixing and
extruding according to a conventional method. According to such a method, the sheet is obtained
with good moldability. be able to. The thickness of the sheet is not particularly limited fi, but
usually 0, 1 to 0.9 MM. The vibration isolation plate thus obtained is incorporated into the
loudspeaker 1iIK. Although any known loudspeakers can be used as the loudspeaker, typical
moving carp N11 loudspeakers are shown in a / riB F j, 565.511, and the ill moving plate is coneshaped, nine is dome-shaped. Used as The diaphragm of the present invention has a large
increase in internal loss as compared to conventionally used materials such as paper, polio resin
and resin, and has a high elastic modulus kjl, Moreover, since it is easy to manufacture, it is
found that it is excellent as a wisdom diaphragm such as a speaker cone. That is, according to the
present invention, it has been said that it is difficult to achieve compatibility in the past, and it is
possible to set up with the internal loss and elastic modulus [high V-V] of the 9f acoustic
diaphragm. The inventors of the present invention d, vibration obtained by mixing # acid bini p
type J1 1 M fat (# vinylate content is preferably 25 to 94 wt%) with the above-mentioned
polyolefin yarn I1m fat without putting flake-like puffs Even a plate has a high internal loss, and
is a diaphragm having practicality. [A brief description of the invention] The present invention
will be described in more detail by way of examples, but the present invention is not limited to
these examples. Absent. EXAMPLE 1 Gold mica with a flake diameter of 90 × m (aspect
conversion 67), a melt index (abbreviated as FMI hereinafter) of 19/1055 g + 45-degree
crystallinity of PP, and a vinyl acetate content of 40 measured according to 1238哄, Melt mixed
at EVA 會 220 ° C with a crystallinity of 8 、, and remove the resulting piece again at 260 ° C.
Mica 40 ffi ij * P P 55 # M Ji 哄, EVA 5 breath The sheet with a thickness of 400 μm, which is
made of wrinkles, was damaged.
About this sheet, using Toyo Ball 194 F piperon DI) V-2i, at a frequency Jlk 11 o Hz, elastic
modulus E and internal loss-δ at 20 ° C. r 11 Determined and the results are shown in Table 1
and circled. The speaker cone can be easily molded by vacuum molding using the notebook, and
the excellent Sound II diaphragm is beaten. Example 2 A gold metal having a flame diameter of
230 βm (aspect ratio 96), M1 1 f / 105 m, crystallized tlasl DPPIt, and vinyl acetate content 55
wt. Melted and mixed at 90 ° C, extruded again at 250 ° C, Mica 40 storm force, f '? 60 weight
sheet, LV weight 10 weight sheet 囁 thickness 400 voice game sheet The elastic modulus E and
the internal loss-one were measured in the same manner as in Example 1 for the V-F, and the
results are shown in Table 1 and circled. Example 3 F-V 4-A4 (aspect ratio 114), gold -F 4 m, M I
1 g / 10 Mb + and jf 4 sl DPF and vinyl acetate content 26 weight -1 ETA with a crystallinity of
20-230 ° C The mixture is melted and mixed, and the round bar V ht-extruded again at 255 °
C, My * 40 / lk bite, PP35 direct mesh, EV powder 25 weight 500, 500 鴎 thickness 5 /-) 9
earned. The modulus of elasticity E and internal loss-were measured for the S /-) in the same
manner as in Example 1. The results are shown in Table 1. sJA! Example 4-V-diameter?
Gold-tr 4 tt of OJ 鳳 (aspect ratio 67), x f v y content 6 weight-M I O, 8 f / 10 sum, ethylenepropylene copolymer resin with crystallinity degree 50 or less and # acid bini-content 40 Melt-1
Crystallization Evai at 2 ° C EVAi 220 ° C-melt mixed and beaten again at 250 ° C) Mica 40
storm 1PP 55JllJl miso, ETA 5 Iijlj thickness 400 * m Got Sea) k. The elastic modulus E and the
internal loss -a were fixed for this sheet as in Example 1, and the results are shown in Table 1.
Example 5 Gold mica with a flake diameter of 90 J 1 g 1 k (aspect ratio 67), M I 19/1 G, PP with
45% crystallinity, and a content of 55 wt. C. Melt-mix with C, obtained nine pieces of V-got are
again extruded at 255 ° C. and mica 201 [ji-1 PPbs weight -1 EVA 15 * jt-! ! A sheet having a
thickness of 400 μm was obtained. The elastic modulus E and the internal loss-δtm were
determined for the notebook in the same manner as in Example 1, and the results are shown in
Table 1.
Example 6) Production of V-mineral 60 μm (aspect ratio 54) Mica in a non-L mixer while being
mixed with O, a parts by weight to the electric charge of Mica 1 part by weight a Ktil-shaped
fraction of 50% acetic acid Add vinyl emulsion. Air-dry with care so that powder does not build
up and dry at 40 ° C after death. Melt-blend this powder with M I u / 1 oxin, PP with a degree of
ligation of 451 at 250 ° C., and extrude the extruded beret again at 255 ′ ′ C, Mica 2011
amount rumor, PP 75 weight 憾, polyacetic acid Bini fi 15j [amount-sheet of thickness 400j 11
consisting of: Vl. The elastic modulus and internal loss-Jt measurement of the sheet according to
Example 1 and the threshold value of the sheet are shown in Table 1. EXAMPLE 7) Gold mica
having a V-shaped diameter of 90 .mu.m (aspect ratio 67), M.sub.I 89/10 ajw, poly 4methylpentene-1 having a crystallinity degree of about 56 and abs. 15% No. IVA li Melt mixed at
260 ° C. and press-molded the excellent bed at 260 ° C. Mica 50 wax amount ポ リ, poly 4methylpente y-15 o %%, EV amount 2011 i amount IG ! Kunal thickness 4 Q Q jm 3 '-) Jk was
obtained. The elastic modulus E and the internal loss-Jt-were measured on the sheet in the same
manner as in Example 1 and the results are shown in Table 1 and 9. Example 6 M 1 f / 10 m, PP
of 45 ° degree of polymerization, and vinyl acetate μ content of 40 μm were weighed, and i
was also mixed with EV at 220 ° C., 8 ° degree of conversion, obtained. V) re-extrusion at 250
° C tee LPP 9 s 1 cm%, ETA s allowance amount rumor to obtain a 400-μm thick sea) 9). The
elastic modulus E and internal loss-δ were measured for the sheet in the same manner as in
Example 1, and the results are shown in Table 1. Comparative Example 1 Corn paper was used as
a diaphragm material. The modulus Σ and the internal loss-Jk measurement of the corn paper as
in Example 1 are shown in Table 1. Comparative Example 2 PP having 11% F / 105 m%
crystallinity 45% is ## at 250 ° C., and the obtained sheet is extruded at 255 ° C. to obtain a
400 μm thick sheet. The elastic modulus E and the internal loss-J of this sheet were measured in
the same manner as in Example 1 and the results are shown in Table IK. Example of ratio lll1 5 f
V-diameter? Gold 141 and His M I 11 of Osa * (67 asbetat ratio)! 10 m, + + 6 degree 45s ノ F F is
melted and joined at 220 ° C, and the obtained 9 pt V is again extruded at 250 ° C.
70 weight thickness of thickness 4 · 醜-V of V-) 【Attack. With respect to the V-), the elastic
weight and the internal loss-one were measured in the same manner as in Example 1, and the
results are shown in Table 1. Table 1 As is clear from Table 1, Example 1 up to Example 7 shows
elastic modulus lc and internal loss-all have high values, and in Example 8 elastic modulus E is
almost the same as # 1. It can be seen that the internal loss −δ shows a high value. Patent
applicant Liv Co., Ltd. V agent lawyer 本 竪 Procedure sleeve letter book (spontaneous) 1.41
display 昭和 Patent application No. 55881 No. 2, name of the invention acoustic diaphragm
(108) Ltd. Contents of the correction (1) A “yen” is added between the [area equivalent] and
the “diameter” on page 7, line 4 to line 5 of the specification. (2) Add "(weight average value)"
between "flakes thickness" and "definition" in page 7, line 5 of the specification.
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