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The present invention relates to an apparatus for sensing sensation 1 of the present invention,
and further, rT: t, <(L, a chair, a sofa, a vera (a rattan and so on). Experience 8 讐 device ((: 音 1 、
口 感 じ る 、 、, 8
electric signal corresponding to the low-range sound 'l' U 4 ha! j 肢 limbs
converted to l lI +, and transmitted through the skin of the human body, so that it is possible to
enjoy the reproduced sound effectively by feeling the reproduced sound “L”. It is used in the
form of chairs, sofas, beds, etc. which can be in contact with many aspects of the human body
such as beds. For example, in the case of a sofa, as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 (as shown here,
'+17 J !! i "part 1. 1) Lance i ゞ knee jJ-3 is incorporated in the backrest portion 2 respectively,
and the speaker 4 is incorporated on both sides of the head 1 nos] ~ part in a square. There are
four. This is shown in a block diagram as shown in FIG. 2. The seated person feels the
reproduced sound from the speaker 4 aurally while the seated person feels the vibration which is
generated by the first to third lance transducers 3 with the body. However, in the upper j small J:
in the body sensation device ζ t, 1 lance de of any part of the sofa: l-li 'also the vibration Qji + Il
is the same, so feel the vibration depending on the part of the body 6'Q ¥ J & this 1 may feel
uncomfortable, specifically, the body weight is up to 5 F, to feel the sensitivity j swaying in the
kidney and the waist or in the terra Since the part which becomes insensible to vibration due to
the decrease of Sejii i ′ ′ j W jl> is pendulum IJ with the same acceleration streak 1 ′ 1 (“,
the sensitive to the vibration is 41 41) have a drawback of making C-CJ uncomfortable for the
experienced person. The present invention is to change the vibration acceleration characteristics
of the transformer aid incorporated in the sofa etc. in relation to the sensitivity of the human
body, to make the person feel a sense of harmony), and f with m raw sound To try to feel the
regenerative vibration, for this reason, the burden load is the largest in the back of the human
body (the part of the trans- The frequency of the regenerative vibration is low, and the lower part
of the lower part of the waist is 1-Lance: I-sa is higher than the above frequency J, and the
negative load is reduced by the reduction of the load by the back. In the upper part, five
transformers 111 are arranged around the above-mentioned frequency J, respectively.
The embodiment shown in FIGS. 3 and 4 in which the configuration of the present invention is
added will be described. First, in FIG. 3, the number 10 indicates the entire sofa, and this Sonon
10 is a seat 11. Backrest 12. Headrest portion 13 ° waist portion 14. The old hook is composed
of the part 15 etc. 4 ° And the 1 fj raw vibration frequency is') 01-17th place 1-lance 2-21 of
the neck ring part 11) The first and second l-trees 22, 23 are attached to a portion near the back
and waist of the backrest 12 and a portion near the shoulder, respectively. Of these transformers
21.23, the transformers 22 close to the waist are the above! The regenerative vibration
frequency is slightly higher than that of Lance Deco-1 21 and is 1201-lz, and 1-Lance Deco 1123
has a higher regenerative vibration frequency (1501-lz> in this 1-Lance decoder 22). The tit
speakers 24 and 24 are built into both ends of the headless 1 to 13 and the sound output is 1t ·
1 width by the amplifier 2j) ilT / l at both sides of the seater's ear: sound is It is supposed to be
supplied. TrK is connected to the transducer 21.22.23 and amplifiers 21b, 221+ and 23b are
connected from the signal source 26 through the active filter 2171 and the active filter 2171 and
2221 ° 23a, respectively, and the cutoff frequency of the active filter 21a, 22a and 23a The
respectively 901-1z, 120 H /. By setting it as 1501-1z, the desired regeneration vibration is
performed. For each active filter 21a, 22a, 23a; the freezing frequency is freely selected within a
certain range by using each active filter f + 1 k−, a variable resistor, and so on. And the
frequency of the reproduced sound by the Subino J24.24 and the elbow joint, the reproduced
sound and the vibration, and so on. At the extreme, nature 4 “regeneration 酉 を を 再 司 J J J J
J J J J で き る Next, the sensational state Js to the sensational sound -V 441 according to the
present invention is mu (brightened). A person 1111 dusts up on the sofa 10 to make 7 parts of
tf. Waist, back part 1 head fully supported (each 1 to 7 7-(drive 21.22.23), the most negative jI
mouth i1 is large because it vibrates There are 1 to 21 parts in the 41 part that feels the noise,
and this transformer 21 ”has a cut-off frequency of 9 (month -1z (fl The transducer 22 in the
lumbar region with a small load Φ or a slightly smaller lumbar region has an 11b cut-off
frequency of 1201 to 17 and is lower than the buttocks in vibration to the lumbar region (a
vibration 11j1 is propagated at a slightly higher frequency, For backs that are dull to vibration
because the load load is smaller than the lumbar region, the vibration of transformer 1.-4j23 + is
used by the akuffy 'filter 23a!
The point where i (l l -l Z is determined and the sense of vibration in relation to the posture of the
human body) is dull is 1 o C at a vibration frequency of 4-4. Therefore, it is not possible to give a
sense of ifl to the ill-sick person by means of 1.1 part of the body feeling-j 2 'I) r l; In addition, in
the above-mentioned profane I, although the 1 辰 1FjJ characteristic of the transformer 1-1 was
determined using the active filter and the like were described, the vibration characteristic 1 of
each transformer, for example, the lowest resonance frequency A plurality of different ones may
be prepared and incorporated in the sofa, or the vibration reproduction range may be forcibly
limited and the l-lance deco code may be used. In addition to the sofa 1, a trans-youy can be
incorporated in a chair, a bed, a car seat, etc. in addition to a sofa, or it can be set as a body
sensation sound by putting it on. As is apparent from the above description, the device for feeling
of absence according to the present invention is equipped with a plurality of 1-Lance de kers, but
it is an impression against vibration of each part of the human body in relation to the posture. In
accordance with that, it is set at a position corresponding to the part 1iI of i. [I-l + l-l s + ir + live
vibration characteristic f 1 is changed, and the whole body 7 is reproduced as a whole. J: Unable
to experience the vibration J: U)] From the lJ, it is possible to experience the playback vibration
η together with the reproduced sound.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is the so-called sensible sound training equipment conventionally known?
Figure 1 shows a J-inclined view, Fig. 2 shows the block guijaram, Fig. 3 1;) an embodiment of
this invention is an oblique view, Fig. 4 is the block guijalem 3 ° 10 · · · sofa, 11 · · · wear / Jj
portion, 12 · · · backrest portion, 13 · · · headrest portion, 21 22.23 · · · · · · · · Deyu, 21a, 22a. 23a7 filter filter, 21b, 22b, 231+ ... amplifier, 24 ... speaker, 25 ... amplifier, 2G ... signal source. Fig. 1
Fig. 4 L-One wheel----------------------
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